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1954 Want It?

“Great Azure Sun Axe!”

With Yi Wentao’s shout, the sky quickly darkened.

The winds were blowing, and a huge black spatial rift appeared! The ground also began to crack, and gullies spread!

Immediately after, the sharp power of the battle axe quickly transformed into a dazzling green ball of light that approached Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier like the sun!

The transparent barrier—which was glowing with a faint colorful light—began to tremble violently! Ripples formed and spread in all directions.

Cen Yi quickly turned around and was about to move when he was stopped by Chu Liuyue. “Cen Yi, just watch Nan Yifan first.”

He immediately retracted his leg that was about to step out and nodded in response. “Yes.”

Then, he walked in front of Nan Yifan and waved his sleeve. Nan Yifan’s body suddenly flew back.

Cen Yi moved and followed.


Nan Yifan finally fell in front of Peach Blossom Dock’s city gates.

Nan Yifan was already at the end of the rope. Cen Yi’s attack directly made his body tremble, and he completely fainted.

Actually, to be precise, he had landed inside the city gates.

When the people in charge of guarding the city gates saw this, not only were they not shocked, but they also had looks of admiration and admiration.

They had seen clearly how strong Nan Yifan was just now. But in the end, he still lost to Cen Yi!

In fact, from beginning to end, Cen Yi’s body was almost not stained with any blood!

Thirteen stood at the side, very close to Nan Yifan. He carefully sized up Nan Yifan, mainly to check his injuries.

As he did so, he recalled the move Cen Yi had used previously.

Soon, Cen Yi walked over.

“Big Brother!” Thirteen looked faintly excited.

It had been a long time since he had seen his big brother take action personally. Now that he saw it, he was indeed powerful!

The guards beside him also hurriedly bowed. “Greetings, Lord Cen Yi.”

As people who had experienced the chaos at Peach Blossom Dock, they knew that Cen Yi was also very powerful. However, they didn’t know that he was so powerful!

As expected of Master Yue…

The world admired strength. Once Cen Yi displayed such great strength, it naturally made them even more convinced.

Cen Yi nodded slightly and walked over. He then threw a jade bottle to Thirteen. “Feed him the pills inside. Master said to keep him alive.”

Thirteen hurriedly caught it. “Yes!”

Although he didn’t know why his master wanted to keep Nan Yifan alive, he would do as his master said!

Thirteen walked over, forced Nan Yifan’s mouth open, and fed him the pill.

His still youthful face was calm, and his movements were decisive.

The surrounding people were terrified. Isn’t this Thirteen… only in his teens? Why does he look so familiar with such things?

Besides, although Nan Yifan has fainted, he is still a legendary warrior who intimidated a region. Ordinary people would probably still be a little afraid. However, there is no fear on Thirteen’s face…

This courage is really rare.

Those who can follow Master Yue are probably… not ordinary people…

Cen Yi quickly looked away, a flicker in his eyes. Master seems to… finally be planning to make a move?

The two sides were fighting fiercely!

At a certain moment, a crack finally appeared on the barrier!

Chu Liuyue muttered, “The Great Azure Sun Axe… is one of the top ten holy weapons. It’s indeed extraordinary…”

Rong Xiu’s heart skipped a beat. He glanced at her and indeed saw a familiar expression in her eyes.

He couldn’t help but smile and ask in a low voice, “You want it?”

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