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1919 Have You Seen Her Totem?

“I’m here to form an alliance with you,” Nan Yifan said word by word.

Every word seemed to carry an indescribably heavy stench and resentment.

Yi Wentao was stunned for a moment before he smiled. “Brother Nan, are you joking?”

One had to know that the Yi family and the Nan family had never been close. At this moment, Nan Yifan suddenly came alone and asked for the alliance… How could Yi Wentao not be surprised?

But Nan Yifan’s expression didn’t change. “As long as Brother Yi is willing to agree, feel free to state your conditions.”

Yi Wentao’s smile gradually faded. He stared at Nan Yifan and carefully sized up the latter’s expression, thinking to himself.

It’s extremely rare for Nan Yifan to say this. At the same time, it can be seen how determined Nan Yifan is this time. Is he really here to rope in the Yi family? However, the Nan family and the Yi family are of equal status. Why did he do this?

After thinking about it, Yi Wentao decided to ask clearly first. “Brother Nan, don’t be anxious. If you really have encountered difficulties, my Yi family will definitely not stand by and do nothing. I wonder… What exactly is it that requires Brother Nan to worry so much?”

Nan Yifan paused. “My Nan family wants to fight the Sky-Cloud Empire!”

Yi Wentao’s expression finally changed. “The Sky-Cloud Empire? You want to go against His Grace?”

Nan Yifan nodded. “That’s right!”

“Brother Nan, I’m afraid I can’t agree to this.” Yi Wentao frowned. Is Nan Yifan crazy?! Why does he want to start a war with Rong Xiu?

Nan Yifan wasn’t surprised by Yi Wentao’s response. In fact, he wouldn’t have expected to make such a decision a day ago, but things changed.

At this point, he had nowhere to go.

The moment Yuxing’s jade pendant shattered, he knew that it was impossible for him to endure any longer! He couldn’t completely blame them for Yiyi’s death, but Yuxing… All his years of hard work had been in vain!

“I’ve already said that I’ll agree to any of Brother Yi’s conditions,” Nan Yifan repeated, his tone much heavier.

Yi Wentao frowned even more. Nan Yifan knows how dangerous it is to go against Rong Xiu. Why does he still have to do this? He is even… willing to pay a huge price for it!

Yi Wentao shook his head. “Brother Nan, you know very well that this matter isn’t that simple.”

In the end, he didn’t want to offend Rong Xiu for the Nan family.

“Brother Nan, you know how difficult it is to deal with that person. If you choose to oppose the Sky-Cloud Empire, there won’t be a good outcome. Brother Nan, why do you have to do this? If there’s a misunderstanding between you and the Sky-Cloud Empire, I can step forward and make peace. Perhaps—”

Since Nan Yifan has personally come looking for me, Rong Xiu will definitely know about this. Then, no matter what I say, it is impossible for me to walk out of this quagmire cleanly. Rather than being secretive and arousing suspicion for no reason, it is better to be honest with him. This way, I can also give the Nan family a favor.

In Yi Wentao’s opinion, this was the best choice.

But Nan Yifan interrupted him. “There’s no possibility of reconciliation between the Sky-Cloud Empire and me.”

Yi Wentao looked at him suspiciously. “Brother Nan, you mean—”

Nan Yifan took a deep breath and looked straight at Yi Wentao. “Yiyi and Yuxing both died at their hands.”

Yi Wentao was shocked at first, but he immediately understood. No wonder! Nan Yifan’s children are his lifeblood, especially Nan Yuxing, who was basically confirmed to be the next head of the Nan family.

Because these two people were very outstanding, as the family head, Nan Yifan has always been smug. Now that the two of them are dead… Not to mention that Nan Yifan has no descendants, the position of family head will probably be unstable in the future!

Even Yi Wentao knew that there were many people in the Nan family who secretly coveted the position of family head.

Nan Yifan is taking revenge for his children and also protecting his position as family head! These two things are what he values the most. No wonder he is here today…

In fact, what Yi Wentao didn’t know was that there was another very important reason why Nan Yifan chose to do this.

Even if I don’t do this, Rong Xiu won’t let me off! With Rong Xiu’s intelligence and methods… Since he has already killed Nan Yuxing, he will definitely find out that I had secretly instructed him to do those things. How could he let this go?

After the matter at Peach Blossom Dock is over, he will definitely take action! At that time, the others and I will be moved!

Instead of sitting and waiting for death, it is better to leave first! There might even be a chance of survival!

Nan Yifan really had no choice.

Wasn’t he filled with reverence for Rong Xiu? If not for the fact that there was no way out, he wouldn’t have burned his bridges!

After knowing that Nan Yuxing had died, he stood in the study for a day. He seemed to have done nothing, but he had actually thought a lot.

He regretted it. Even he didn’t know how he had tacitly allowed Nan Yuxing and the others to go to Peach Blossom Dock quietly.

It was as if she had made that decision!

Perhaps… he still felt guilty toward Nan Yiyi and hated Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue.

He thought that sincethey didn’t bring anyone with them to a place like Peach Blossom Dock, it was really the best time to attack!

What if he succeeded?

It was this ‘what if’ and those unfair thoughts which made Nan Yifan make this decision that he would regret for the rest of his life!

At this point, it was useless to regret. He could only counterattack!

Yi Wentao didn’t know this. But in his opinion, the reasons Nan Yifan gave were enough to support him in making such a choice.

He was silent for a long moment, still unwilling to agree. “Brother Nan, others might not know, but you know very well. That person is really not easy to deal with…”

Nan Yifan might really only have this choice, but what did this have to do with the Yi family? Not only would he not gain anything from getting involved in this matter for no reason, but he would also only cause trouble!

Yi Wentao never did business at a loss.

Seeing his troubled expression, Nan Yifan sneered in his heart but didn’t show it on his face. He then said suddenly, “Brother Yi, do you know that Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue went to the God-Killing Tumulus back then and took something from the black wall?”

Yi Wentao suddenly looked up! “Oh?”

He restrained his expression, but Nan Yifan was also sharp-eyed. How could he not see the ripples in Yi Wentao’s eyes?

“As for what it is… I think Brother Yi should know without me saying, right?” Nan Yifan suddenly laughed.

“His Grace’s consort isn’t a simple person either. The Heavenly Square Cauldron and a Heaven-Wrecking Holy Seed… are in her hands. In addition, there’s a black shield of unknown origin in her hand. Although it looks ordinary, it’s not inferior to any supreme Yuan instrument!”

When Nan Yifan said this, he didn’t notice that Yi Wentao quickly frowned when he heard ‘black shield.’

“…It’s strange. I heard that this Shangguan Yue is from outside the God Residence Realm, but she seems to have very pure bloodline power… Brother Nan, have you seen her totem?”

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