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1918 Join Forces

The elder was shocked. “Master, do you mean… now?”

Nan Yifan nodded.

“But…” It is already nighttime!

The elder didn’t say this because Nan Yifan looked up at him.

In just a day, Nan Yifan looked like he had aged more than ten years. Under the faint moonlight, the elder could even see the gray hair at his temples.

Nan Yifan’s usually high-spirited face was now filled with haggardness.

Despite the dim light, the elder could see Nan Yifan’s bloodshot eyes.

The moment he met Nan Yifan’s gaze, he was instantly speechless. He couldn’t say the rest.

He didn’t know how to describe the feeling—desolation, vulnerability, regret, and resentment… It was as if all the negative emotions had gathered.

A heavy and oppressive aura spread from Nan Yifan. It was almost suffocating.

“Immediately.” Nan Yifan was determined.

The elder’s heart skipped a beat. He instinctively felt that something had happened. I have never seen Master like this… Could it be that Eldest Young Master and the others—

He quickly lowered his head and whispered, “Yes! With me around, please rest assured, Master!”

Nan Yifan nodded and walked past him.

A cold killing intent was faintly discernible.

The elder’s heart skipped a beat. When he came back to his senses and wanted to turn around to say something, he realized that Nan Yifan had already disappeared.

“…” The elder who was left behind frowned. His heart was beating rapidly, as if it were gripped tightly by something.

A growing sense of unease surged through him. When Nan Yiyi died, although Master was very sad, it didn’t reach this state. It’s obvious what has happened!

After a long while, he finally sighed. “…I’m afraid the God Residence Realm… will be in chaos again…”

Nan Yifan was very fast. It took him the entire night to reach Meihe County.

This was the Yi family’s territory. Unlike the mountainous terrain of the Nan family, Meihe County was a vast plain.

On the verdant land, a wide and clear river meandered past. By the river were meandering plum blossoms.

Behind the forest stood an imposing and luxurious city. Above the city gate was a golden plaque that read ‘Meihe County.’

There were guards guarding the city gate.

It was just dawn when Nan Yifan arrived.

There was almost nobody at the city gate. Therefore, when he appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of the guards.

“Who are you?!” The guards immediately became vigilant and held their knives in front of them.

Meihe County was the Yi family’s territory. Usually, only the Yi family members entered and left.

It was indeed suspicious that someone would suddenly come over so early in the morning.

Nan Yifan directly revealed his identity. “Go and inform your master that the Nan family’s Nan Yifan is here to visit.”

“Nan Yifan? Why is he here for no reason?” In the Yi residence, the head of the Yi family—Yi Wentao—looked up from his book in surprise. “How many men did he bring?”

“Clan Leader Nan didn’t bring anyone with him; he came alone. Moreover… he’s in a hurry as if he has something important to do.” The guard who came to report asked respectfully, “Then… Master, do you want to see him or not?”

“Of course.” Yi Wentao stood up, closed the book, and put it aside.

He was tall and looked to be no more than 36 or 37 years old. His facial features were handsome and elegant.

Dressed in a long stone-green robe, he looked even more refined and scholarly. Anyone who saw him would find it difficult to imagine that he was the current head of the Yi family.

There were very few rumors about Yi Wentao in the God Residence Realm. In everyone’s imagination, Yi Wentao should be fierce and ruthless.

It seemed that this was the only way he could suppress the entire Yi family. But in fact, he was very different from what most people imagined him to be.

“Invite Clan Leader Nan to the living room. I’ll come later.”

“Okay.” The guard received the order and quickly retreated.

Yi Wentao watched the guard leave in a hurry and frowned. There isn’t much interaction between the Nan family and the Yi family. Moreover, I know a little about Nan Yifan.

This person is proud by nature. Now that he has suddenly come personally, something must’ve happened.

Yi Wentao’s heart was pounding. He didn’t know what had happened that made Nan Yifan drop his pride and come personally.

He thought for a while, but there was no answer. Finally, he decided to meet Nan Yifan first.

“Cultivate here in peace. Nobody will disturb you,” he suddenly turned around and instructed.

A figure was vaguely reflected behind the eight screens at the base of the rosewood.

“Okay.” His voice was low and slightly hoarse, but there was also a hint of laziness.

Yi Wentao nodded and walked out, locking the door himself.

After instructing the servants to guard this place, he turned around and left in relief.

Not long after Nan Yifan was led into the living room, Yi Wentao arrived.

“Haha, Brother Nan, what brings you here today?” Yi Wentao walked in with an earnest smile.

Nan Yifan looked up.

The two of them gazed at each other for a moment, silently exchanging blows.

A hint of surprise flashed across Yi Wentao’s eyes.

In his impression, Nan Yifan was always high-spirited and proud. But when he saw Nan Yifan this time, the latter was visibly haggard. There were a few traces of white frost on his hair.

What has he… experienced?

Just as Yi Wentao was guessing, Nan Yifan said, “I’m naturally here to discuss something with you, my brother.”

With that, he paused for a moment.

Yi Wentao quickly reacted. He then waved his hand and dismissed the servants. “All of you can leave first.”

“Master—” His confidant was a little hesitant. Nan Yifan doesn’t look good. What if he goes crazy and does something…

“Go.” Yi Wentao’s voice turned colder. This is the Yi family! Nan Yifan dared to come alone. Do I not even have the guts to talk to him alone? Isn’t this making a fool of myself?

Everyone underneath him knew his temper and didn’t dare to say anything else. They quickly retreated.

Before they left, they even closed the door carefully.

Nobody dared to eavesdrop here.

Yi Wentao walked over and sat opposite Nan Yifan. His expression had returned to its usual gentle and calm state. “Brother Nan, if you have something to say, just say it.”

Nan Yifan stared at him. “I’m here to form an alliance with you.”

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