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1920 Choice

Nan Yifan shook his head. “No.”

There were many rumors about Chu Liuyue in the God Residence Realm, especially after her wedding with Rong Xiu. The related rumors caused an uproar.

In the beginning, everyone thought that she came from a lowly background. However, a series of events later let everyone know that she actually had several backers!

Although Nan Yifan had seen Chu Liuyue before, he had never seen her totem.

“Brother Yi, why are you suddenly asking this?” Nan Yifan felt a little strange.

Yi Wentao smiled and lowered his eyes. “Nothing much. I just suddenly thought of this and felt a little curious… I heard that when she tested her bloodline power at the Sky-Cloud Empire, the result was actually the same as His Grace… If she was really from outside the ordinary God Residence Realm, how could she have bloodline power?”

It had to be known that only when one’s ancestor had broken through the shackles and reached that peak level would his descendants possess bloodline power. It was impossible for people outside the God Residence Realm to do this.

“Didn’t they say that Shangguan Jing was her ancestor?” As Nan Yifan spoke, he suddenly stopped. Something is indeed wrong. Although Shangguan Jing is a legendary warrior and had once been in the limelight, he seemed to have established the Tianling Dynasty when he came to the God Residence Realm. Moreover, he encountered trouble in the God Residence Realm later on.

His soul flew away, and he slept for a thousand years. It was only when Chu Liuyue came here that he came back to life.

No matter how I think about it, the bloodline power in Chu Liuyue’s body doesn’t seem to have been inherited from him…

Nan Yifan frowned and glanced at Yi Wentao. “What, Brother Yi seems to be quite interested in this Shangguan Yue?”

Yi Wentao smiled. “I’m just a little curious. Since Brother Nan doesn’t know either, then… there’s nothing else to ask.”

He was always stubborn, causing Nan Yifan to gradually lose his patience. “Brother Yi, put these things aside for the time being. I’ll only ask you one last time: Do you agree to my previous suggestion?”

Yi Wentao fell into deep thought.

There was silence in the room.

Time slowly trickled past.

Every minute and second was torture for Nan Yifan, but he could only wait.

After a while, Yi Wentao finally nodded. “I agree. However, I have one condition.”

Nan Yifan and Yi Wentao talked for a long time in the room. About an hour later, the door opened again.

Nan Yifan cupped his hands and bade farewell. “Brother Yi, please wait. I’ll return soon.”

Yi Wentao knew that it would be uncomfortable for him to stay here, so he didn’t ask Nan Yifan to stay and only nodded. “Brother Nan, be careful.”

Nan Yifan responded and turned to leave, his figure quickly disappearing into the distance.

Yi Wentao only looked away when his figure disappeared.

A footstep sounded.

Yi Wentao’s expression returned to normal, and he looked up calmly.

It was his second brother, Yi Wenzhuo.

“Big Brother, that person just now… was Nan Yifan?” In front of Yi Wentao, Yi Wenzhuo’s attitude was much more restrained.

On the surface, Yi Wenzhuo looked older than Yi Wentao, but in fact, Yi Wentao was ten years older than him. It was just that Yi Wentao was extremely talented, and his cultivation was very smooth, so he looked even younger.

He nodded.

“What’s he doing here?” Yi Wenzhuo frowned.

The Nan family rarely interacted with them. As the family head, it was difficult not to think too much about it when Nan Yifan suddenly came personally.

Yi Wentao smiled faintly. “He came here for a reason.”

Yi Wenzhuo felt a little uncomfortable. Big Brother clearly doesn’t want to say anything.

This is nothing much to begin with. After all, the two of them have extraordinary identities. What they are discussing together must be important and can’t be easily revealed. But… I am Big Brother’s biological brother. Do I not have the right to know?

The reason Yi Wenzhuo was so concerned about this was that this wasn’t the first time such a situation had happened.

The head of the Yi family was Yi Wentao; almost all major matters were decided by him. Here, he had absolute authority!

Yi Wenzhuo had never coveted the position of family head, but over the years, his big brother would often not tell him anything. Many times, even though many elders knew, he still knew nothing.

Yi Wenzhuo kept feeling that he had been marginalized in the Yi family. How could there be no resentment and dissatisfaction after a long time?

But other than that, his big brother treated him well in other aspects. This made Yi Wenzhuo’s thoughts very conflicted.

And this time, it was still the same.

He swallowed his anger and changed the topic. “I’m here to tell Big Brother something good: Jiuqing has broken through!”

“So quickly?” Yi Wentao raised his eyebrows in surprise. Just now, I had instructed him to cultivate well. It has only been two hours, but he has actually broken through…

“As expected of someone you personally taught,” Yi Wentao praised in satisfaction.

These words finally improved Yi Wenzhuo’s mood.

“Not at all. After he returned, he has been cultivating at Big Brother’s place. With Big Brother’s guidance, this child naturally broke through quickly.” As he spoke, he paused slightly. “Big Brother, no matter what, half of our Yi family’s blood flows in Jiuqing’s body. Regarding the position of young master…”

This was what he had been thinking about from the beginning!

Yi Wentao had no children. In the future, he would definitely choose an heir from this younger generation, and Jun Jiuqing was the most suitable one!

Yi Wentao put his hands behind his back and didn’t prevaricate like before. Instead, he thought about it seriously for a long time. “You’re right. It’s indeed time to choose a young master… Inform everyone to hold the family meeting tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Yi Wenzhuo was a little surprised, but joy surged and washed away these emotions.

He nodded immediately, unable to hide the excitement in his eyes. “Okay! I’ll go now!”

Peach Blossom Dock, Yue Manor.

Chu Liuyue put down the teacup in her hand and looked at Rong Xiu in surprise. “Two major families?”

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