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1913 I Fight With the God Realm!

In those rocks were God Realms. As if summoned by some power, these God Realms surged out of the dusty stones at this moment, connecting and fusing with each other!

The dots connected.

The lines connected to form a face.

In the black sky, these seemingly chaotic God Realms began to condense silently!

On their own, the individual God Realms of these stones weren’t powerful. In fact, because of the wear and tear of 10,000 years, these powerful God Realms—which once belonged to countless powerful cultivators—were only left with some remnant power.

This remnant power might be insignificant, and these God Realms might not be a concern when alone. But when they gathered, layers of power accumulated into a shocking vast pressure!

The sky collapsed, and the entire Peach Blossom Dock fell into a long night. However, there were still stars flickering in the night sky, emitting a sparkling light!

The God Realms of countless stones were connected to each other, forming a dazzling and flexible huge net. The most dazzling thing was the ball of brilliant light in the center of the huge net!

It was as if a wind was blowing, gently lifting the huge net. In an instant, the sound of tidal waves came one after another.


Abundant natural energy surged! Even the huge ball of light seemed to be affected, swaying gently back and forth in the huge rising and falling net.

Everyone at Peach Blossom Dock watched this scene in a daze. That is… Someone shook the God-Destroying Tribulation? But at this moment, who else can do this other than Chu Liuyue?

A ridiculous and crazy thought surged in countless people’s hearts, but they forcefully suppressed it. Impossible… The terrifying energy of the God-Destroying Tribulation has bombarded the area, and even the God Realms of the Nan family’s legendary warriors were powerless to resist it. Moreover, isn’t Chu Liuyue just a true god?

Countless people held their breaths.

The entire Peach Blossom Dock seemed to fall silent. At this moment, every pair of eyes was gazing at the gorgeous light.

It swayed gently, and the power in it seemed to be constantly decreasing.

The surrounding God Realms were crazily devouring its power!

All kinds of light streams flew and surged quickly in the night sky as if they were knitting a beautiful silk scarf.

“She’s crazy… She actually dares to snatch the power of the God-Destroying Tribulation?!” Luo Yan finally couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

He, who had always kept his emotions to himself, couldn’t help but look shocked.

After they took back the Flying Cloud Painting previously, they retreated far away. But standing here, he could still see the situation on Chu Liuyue’s side clearly.

In addition, they were all legendary warriors and were most sensitive to the fluctuations and changes of power. Therefore, after watching for a while, they were shocked to discover that the God-Destroying Tribulation’s power was constantly being dispersed!

Chu Liuyue is really crazy to dare to do this! This is simply snatching food from the tiger’s mouth!

The elders were also in disbelief. That is the God-Destroying Tribulation! Others can’t dodge in time, but she is actually so bold! Could it be that she still wants to resist the Heavenly Dao with her mortal body?!

“How powerful is the God-Destroying Tribulation? How can it allow her to be so impudent…” Luo Yan gasped. He felt like he had seen all kinds of scenes he had never seen in the first half of his life today!

Not long after he finished speaking, the God-Destroying Tribulation suddenly lit up!

His heart skipped a beat, and he retreated again! “Run!”

The remaining three elders also sensed that something was wrong and followed closely behind!


A shocking bang suddenly came from the sky!

An extremely gorgeous firework bloomed in the black night sky!

The God-Destroying Tribulation completely exploded! The endless power accumulated inside surged in all directions like a tide—it was overwhelming and grand!

The beautiful light was like a torrent that poured down, destroying everything!

The vast and deep sky was instantly shrouded by this brilliant color!

Cen Yi reinforced the barrier in front of him again, but the God-Destroying Tribulation was too powerful. It destroyed his barrier almost without stopping!

In a moment of desperation, San San also hurriedly attacked! A dark-blue flame instantly formed a ball that surrounded them!

The ball quickly moved to the side and avoided the attack!

The edge brushed past a colorful stream of light, emitting an ear-piercing sound!

San San suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

The others hurriedly stepped forward and injected their strength into San San’s body! Only then did San San’s expression improve.

But at this moment, he couldn’t care less. He took a deep breath and hurriedly looked up in Chu Liuyue’s direction. “Master—”

Unfortunately, they couldn’t see anything clearly under the envelopment of thousands of lights!

The people in Peach Blossom Dock were also in deep panic.

The stream of light quickly surged to the sky above the city wall of Peach Blossom Dock!

This gorgeous light was so eye-catching as if the most moving and richest color in the world had gathered, making one’s heart sway. But at this moment, nobody was in the mood to appreciate this beautiful and shocking scene. They knew very well that once this stream of light fell like a waterfall, the entire Peach Blossom Dock would be destroyed, and they would no longer exist!

The atmosphere was cold and stagnant!

“Father… are we going to die?” The little girl—who had been quite excited about her discovery—finally sensed that something was wrong and asked timidly.

Her father hugged her tightly. “Don’t be afraid… Daddy is here.”

Duan Qingquan’s heart seemed to be clenched tightly by something, and he couldn’t breathe.

Hurried footsteps suddenly sounded from behind.

He turned around.

It was Yan Qing!

“Yan—” Duan Qingquan was about to speak when Yan Qing shook his head imperceptibly, and his gaze was fixed on the scene in the sky.

Duan Qingquan seemed to sense something and turned around again.

A tall and slender white figure had appeared in front of the stream of light!

Rong Xiu crossed his hands in front of him, and two balls of flames burned in the depths of his deep phoenix eyes!

One was sparkling gold!

One was intensely dark!

A huge golden barrier appeared! It looked like it had blocked all the streams of light!

The torrent didn’t stop and surged over!

Just as the two sides were about to collide fiercely, a clear voice suddenly sounded. “Stop!”

With this voice, the endless colorful light streams—which were originally surging over—actually stopped in front of the golden barrier!

Everyone was stunned and subconsciously looked in the direction the voice came.

An exquisite figure stood in the air! In her hands was a shield held in front of her.

Nobody could see her face, only her fluttering black hair!

Bright light flickered on the shield.


She suddenly slammed the shield down!

Under her feet, the 3,000 God Realms rumbled! It was as if the vast pressure from ancient times surged in all directions!

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