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1912 3,000 God Realms!

It was indeed a stone. It was about the size of a fist and was grayish-white in color.

It gently rolled out of the brilliant flames as if someone had accidentally thrown it.

Many people were stunned. Under such circumstances, the appearance of this stone is really inappropriate. Why would such a thing appear out of nowhere?

But soon, a second stone tumbled out unsteadily.

At this moment, the wild power of the God-Destroying Tribulation had already disturbed the surrounding space completely. The crazy spatial turbulence intersected back and forth as if it wanted to tear everything apart!

However, the two stones didn’t seem to be affected by this fluctuation at all. They only rolled away.

At a glance, it was no different from flat ground.

Before anyone could react, a third stone appeared and headed in another direction.

At this moment, time seemed to flow exceptionally slowly.

Countless eyes were fixed on this strange scene in the sky.

With the ball of fire as the center, more and more stones tumbled out and scattered.

Under the brilliant light, these stones looked ordinary. It was precisely because of this that their appearance was especially strange.

“These stones… rushed out underneath the God-Destroying Tribulation’s power. Why aren’t they broken?” someone muttered.

Many people were stunned. Yeah! The God-Destroying Tribulation has descended, and even the mountains below have collapsed one after another or are even completely destroyed! Why do these small stones… seem to be fine?

“No. Aren’t you curious about where these stones came from?”

Of course, they couldn’t be from the God-Destroying Tribulation. Then, the only explanation was… Chu Liuyue!

These stones must be hers! However, this is even more confusing. She is trapped in the God-Destroying Tribulation, and her life and death is unknown. How could she still have the time to throw these stones out?

“…No! Look, something seems to be coming out of those rocks!”

The exclamation was like a stone thrown into the originally calm lake, causing ripples.

Everyone looked over. The crowd quickly became noisy again.

“It really seems to be… What’s that blue area?”

“Hey, it’s green beside it! Why do these stones seem different?”

As time passed, various lights surged out of the gray, inconspicuous, and even ugly stones. Although it couldn’t compare to the gorgeous light of the God-Destroying Tribulation, they were scattered and quite eye-catching.

The void collapsed, and there were black holes everywhere. The appearance of these streamers lit up the darkness like stars.

Suddenly, someone exclaimed in shock, “That seems to be… not an ordinary stone! That flowing light… That flowing light is from a God Realm!”

Once he said that, the crowd was stunned!

They were actually very familiar with the words ‘God Realm.’ After all, most of the people who could survive in Peach Blossom Dock were legendary warriors.

When they sparred with each other, they had more or less seen the various God Realms of other cultivators. But at this moment, it was still far beyond their imagination to connect these stones to God Realms!

“God Realm? How is that possible! Only legendary warriors can condense a God Realm. No matter how powerful these rocks are, they’re still dead objects! How can they unleash God Realms?”

“That’s right! Don’t tell me you were too afraid and made a mistake?”

The crowd partook in heated discussions. However, everyone clearly didn’t believe this.

It wasn’t that they had any objections to the person who said this, but in their opinion, this matter was very ridiculous. Therefore, they subconsciously chose to refute.

“No, look carefully! They really seem to be God Realms! Why would I lie to you at this time?” Seeing that nobody believed him, the person was a little anxious.

He raised his hand and pointed at the stones scattered in the sky. “Look for yourselves! If those streams of light aren’t God Realms, what are they?”

Under his repeated defense, some people looked up in disbelief.

At this moment, those stones were basically surrounded by various streams of light.

From below, balls of light flickered.

The light wasn’t blinding, but it seemed to be faintly wrapped in a vast aura!

Some people’s expressions changed. This aura… They are indeed God Realms!

“It seems, it really seems to be…” The person who had just sworn to object was also stunned and stammered.

The noisy crowd quickly quietened down because this matter had a huge impact on them!

After a while, someone muttered in a daze, “How… is that possible?”

“Could it be that I’ve seen too little? There’s actually a God Realm without cultivators in this world?”

“No… It’s not your problem… I’m afraid such a situation has never happened in the entire God Residence Realm!”

“It seems that this Peach Blossom Dock is really over! A true god summoned the God-Destroying Tribulation, and the broken stones also have God Realms… Mad! They’re all crazy!”

So many unbelievable things had happened that people began to wonder if everything in front of them was real or fake!

But while most people were in shock, there were still a few who retained their last bit of rationality.

A childish voice suddenly came from the crowd. “…Father, these stones are scattered like this. It seems… It seems…”

It was a little girl no more than seven or eight years old who spoke.

She looked up with a pure expression and a hint of doubt in her eyes. She kept finding this scene familiar, but she couldn’t remember.

When Duan Qingquan—who was standing not far away—heard this, a white light suddenly flashed across his mind. “Xuan formation!”

After his reminder, the little girl finally revealed a look of realization. “Yes, yes! It’s like a Xuan formation! Father, look, this is very similar to the Xuan formations you showed me in the past!”

She was seven or eight years old and had already started cultivating, but she still maintained her true views on everything. The moment she saw the scattered stones in the sky, she felt that they were familiar.

However, how could the middle-aged man she was pulling care about this? He just thought that his child’s words were harmless.

It was already strange enough that those stones had unleashed God Realms. Now, they were even talking about constructing some Xuan formation…

It was obvious that it was impossible!

He didn’t say anything, but his heart ached as he held his daughter in his arms. The poor child is still so young. This time, I will—

However, Duan Qingquan stared fixedly at the sky and said word by word, “It’s not ‘like a Xuan formation…’ It is a Xuan formation!”

Every word was powerful!

Many people, including the middle-aged man, subconsciously looked up.

In the sky, countless stones scattered with the God-Destroying Tribulation’s ball of light as the center.

At a glance, it was a mess. But if one observed carefully, they would discover that there was indeed a certain pattern to the arrangement of the stones!

The horizontal lines intersected with each other, but they fused perfectly!

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