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1914 Holy Body!

The gorgeous light streams that almost covered the entire sky finally began to collapse inch by inch after a short pause!

The God-Destroying Tribulation shattered into countless fine stars that fell into the 3,000 God Realms that filled the sky!

Like a galaxy splashing down, countless brilliant lights flew up!

The wind blew, stirring the woman’s red dress.

A myriad of beautiful and brilliant lights flickered around her, but they were still not as dazzling as her!

The scene seemed to freeze, but she was a thousand times stronger than the faint ink!

Suddenly, it seemed to give people an illusion—the world had collapsed, and she was the only god!

Countless people looked up with stunned expressions, engraving this scene in their hearts forever. No matter how much time passed, someone would remember that there was once a woman who turned the tide alone in such a critical moment!

It was she who had sent the falling light streams back.

She was the one who made the surging torrent flow backward.

It was her who had really relied on her mortal body to resist the God-Destroying Tribulation!

The strong taste of blood filled her mouth.

Her heart was pounding so hard it seemed it might leap out of her chest at any moment. Her brain throbbed with pain as she hung onto the last string.

A numb, dull pain came from her arms as sticky dark-red blood seeped from her hands.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath and forced herself to swallow.


Somehow, an invisible hand seemed to be plucking the subtle strings in her body.

The zither note was bleak and solemn, but it quickly woke her up.

She looked up and around.

As far as the eye could see, it was brilliant.

The God-Destroying Tribulation had dissipated, forming countless gorgeous streams of light that surged back and forth above her. And under her feet were the 3,000 God Realms condensed from those rocks!

Chu Liuyue’s heart moved as she sighed softly. “The God Realm of the gods… can’t be underestimated…”

In the beginning, she really had no choice. Helpless, she finally chose to try this method.

She didn’t dare to hold out much hope. After all, when she brought these stones back from the God-Killing Tumulus, they didn’t look particularly powerful.

Although every stone contained a God Realm, it wasn’t considered powerful. At that time, she also felt that they were too clingy and couldn’t be dissuaded, so she chose to bring them away.

Although these stones were occasionally mischievous, they were very gentle and obedient most of the time. She never expected that the first time she used them to construct a Xuan formation, it would erupt with such great strength…

What surprised her the most was actually the surging battle intent that multiplied after these God Realms fused together!

She could even feel an unprecedented and invincible determination! It was madness and persistence she had never felt before!

It was a shocking will inherited from the battlefield 10,000 years ago!

For a moment, she even felt that… Not to mention the God-Destroying Tribulation, they could even completely overturn the sky!

At this moment, a colorful stream of light suddenly flew over.

The Thirteen Yue Guards, who had just relaxed, felt their hearts tighten again. “Master, be careful!”

However, Chu Liuyue shook her head gently, indicating that they didn’t have to worry.

She didn’t sense any threat from it. Instead, she sensed a faint stirring.

This feeling was very subtle and indescribable, but she knew it wouldn’t hurt her.

Soon, the stream of light flew in front of her. As if subconsciously, Chu Liuyue stretched out a hand.

When her hand blocked the God-Destroying Tribulation with her shield, it had endured immense pressure. At this moment, it was already a bloody mess.

Rong Xiu’s phoenix eyes darkened, and a trace of coldness flashed across them.

Immediately after, the stream of light flew to her hand.

The moment it touched her body, the stream of light quickly condensed into a translucent and gorgeous piece of soft armor that gently covered the back of her hand.

It was only half the size of a palm. Its shape was irregular, but it was extremely exquisite and luxurious.

A faint pressure spread from it!

Chu Liuyue was shocked. “This…”

Soon, a second stream of light flew over and clung to the first piece of gorgeous soft armor. At the same time, her injuries in the area covered by the soft armor actually began to heal at an astonishing speed!

In the blink of an eye, the shocking wound quickly healed and scabbed over. Soon, even the shallow scar was removed bit by bit.

The injured area had returned to its original state—it didn’t look like it had been injured at all!

This time, even Chu Liuyue was shocked.

She was a heavenly doctor. She knew all too well how difficult it was to restore such injuries to their original state. Besides, it was in such a short period of time!

More and more streams of light flew toward her.

Just as she was filled with doubts, a fluctuation suddenly came from her dantian.

She focused her gaze and was shocked to discover that a small illusory figure had appeared in her body at some point in time. It was under the music score that had transformed into a water droplet!

That figure was transparent, but its form and appearance were clearly identical to hers!

At this moment, a gorgeous light flickered in the transparent figure’s right hand. It was exactly the same as the soft armor on her body!

Stunned, a bold thought suddenly struck her. This is… my Holy Body!?

The moment this thought appeared, it immediately caused a huge commotion in her heart.

When she came to the God Residence Realm a few years ago, although she was in the limelight at Ling Xiao Academy, she hadn’t formed a Holy Body at that time.

After breaking through to the true god, she successfully condensed the God Realm. However, Holy Bodies were different from God Realms. Not every true god could cultivate a Holy Body.

There were all kinds of Holy Bodies in the world.

At Ling Xiao Academy, she had read countless books about cultivating Holy Bodies. She had tried more than once, but for some reason, she had never succeeded.

She had extremely outstanding talent on the path of cultivation; she encountered almost no obstacles along the way. It wasn’t until she began to form her Holy Body that she encountered failure after failure.

As Nan Suhuai’s only disciple, the Holy Body cultivation methods she had learned were definitely very outstanding. But no matter which one she tried, she couldn’t succeed.

In the end, even Nan Suhuai couldn’t stand it anymore. At that time, he said that since this was the case, it meant that she had a Holy Body belonging to her. Only when the opportunity arrived could she master it.

As for other Holy Bodies, they weren’t fated with her, and there was no need to continue trying.

Chu Liuyue had always been skeptical of these words and thought that her master was trying to comfort her, so she only nodded. Ever since then, she hadn’t tried to forcefully cultivate any Holy Body.

Unexpectedly, her Holy Body had formed on its own!

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