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1901 Don’t Want to Live!

He nodded lightly. “The people from the Black Sword Sect must all be eliminated and none left behind.”

His voice was the usual icy nonchalance.

“Yes!” That person acknowledged the order. We have been waiting in ambush for so long, just for today. We won’t let you down.”

Yan Qing’s brows moved slightly. “In the beginning, it was His Highness who chose you, so you’re naturally dependable.”

That person laughed. “Originally, we had to wait for a while longer. We didn’t expect His Highness and the princess consort to come over so quickly. It’s all thanks to Boss San.”

If San San didn’t start a business here and had taken the initiative to write to Cen Yi and the rest, they probably still had to wait.

Yan Qing paused for a moment. “Do the people in Yue Manor know you?”

“I don’t think so. We spend most of our time scattered in Peach Blossom Dock. Even when taking action against the Black Sword Sect this time, we are taking action separately. Even the Black Sword Sect people didn’t notice it, so Yue Manor naturally won’t know.”

That person chuckled. “Don’t worry. When we came here previously, His Highness had instructed that if the princess consort’s people appeared, we wouldn’t have to be there. In the end, Boss San came and quickly started his business, so we didn’t join in.”

If it weren’t to settle the Black Sword Sect, they wouldn’t even see Yan Qing.

“Originally, we still thought that Boss San came here alone and wouldn’t have support, so we wanted to assist him secretly. We didn’t expect Boss San to be so capable. He didn’t need us at all, and he set up Yue Manor in such a short period of time.”

He showed a thumbs-up. “He’s indeed the princess consort’s person. Very amazing.”

Upon hearing this, Yan Qing squinted his eyes slightly, and a domineering figure appeared in his mind.

He then raised his brows slightly. “The Thirteen Yue Guard… is indeed different.”

That person didn’t notice the slight change in expression in Yan Qing’s eyes and continued to ask, “Lord, we’ve already controlled most of it on the Black Sword Sect’s side. His Highness and Princess Consort’s side… Do you think we should send someone—”

“There’s no need.” Before he could finish his sentence, Yan Qing directly denied his suggestion. “Cen Yi and the rest have already gone over, and His Highness and Princess Consort did this on purpose. Therefore, there’s no need to worry.”

That person looked up hesitantly. “But… Lord, look at the commotion there. It’s going to spread to the city…”

Do we really not need to help?

Yan Qing looked up slightly at the sky.

Dark clouds gathered, and the winds howled.

The void collapsed, and large patches of darkness spread across like a huge fiend that was going to swallow everything!

Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier trembled intensely as if it would collapse at any point!

A bright and sparkling silver-red God Realm surged up like a clear river!

A woman straightened her back and floated in midair! She held a shield with her left hand and her sword with her right, looking like a god of war that just descended!

Yan Qing’s heart shook slightly, and he softly muttered, “We don’t know who needs help…”


A bright lightning bolt suddenly struck!

Chu Liuyue looked up, and there was a cold gleam in her eyes.

She had already shifted her position and was rather far from Blue Peak. However, the Black Sword Sect pursued relentlessly, controlling the Blood Tribute Formation and triggering the lightning to land here!

The wind howled in one’s ears.

The space silently collapsed everywhere.

From afar, Peach Blossom Dock’s barrier faltered.

Chu Liuyue felt that a boundless amount of force in the surroundings was crazily pulling her. It was as if she were being shredded!

A thought appeared in her mind, and the gold armor quickly covered her body!

“Are you done playing!?” she reprimanded as her gaze turned cold. Even if Mo Yun and the others aren’t annoyed, I have lost my patience!

Hearing her voice, Mo Yun was dazed at first. Then, his face turned cold as he snorted, “What, you don’t want to escape anymore?”

Even if she escaped, she had to waste a large amount of force and energy.

Chu Liuyue clearly looked like she wanted to fight with them to the end. She stopped in the blink of an eye and asked such a question; she most likely couldn’t hold it any longer.

The two parties were a distance away. However, Chu Liuyue could still hear the arrogance in Mo Yun’s voice.

She couldn’t help but sneer in her heart. “Yeah, I don’t want to waste time with you anymore.”

If Peach Blossom Dock completely collapsed, even she didn’t dare to predict what the situation would be. Hence, she could not waste time with these people any longer.

Mo Yun loudly said, “It’s too late! Shangguan Yue, Rong Xiu, if you had kneeled down and surrendered from the very beginning, we might be able to leave a whole corpse for you! But now… it’s impossible!”

In order to pursue these two people, the Black Sword Sect paid a huge price.

Even though Mo Yun didn’t care about those people’s survival, he cared about the Black Sword Sect’s reputation. He had to take revenge on the two of them for the grudge of being slapped!

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips suddenly curled up into a smile. Her smile was extremely cold and did not reach her eyes. “Very good. That’s what I was thinking too.”

As she spoke, she slowly held the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands tightly.

Rong Xiu—who wasn’t far away—saw her current expression, and his heart tingled.

Thirteen asked uneasily. “Big Brother, why do I feel that Master is planning on doing something…”

Yu Jiu nodded and softly said, “I think so too…”

They had followed Chu Liuyue for many years and knew her temperament very well. Master rarely revealed such an expression.

Cen Yi suddenly said, “Everyone, prepare yourselves and watch for your safety. If there’s a need, we’ll evacuate immediately.”

The meat on San San’s cheeks trembled. “Big Brother, you… Are you saying it too seriously?”

It sounds really scary, okay!

Cen Yi glanced at him nonchalantly. “I almost forgot. You can stay here stably. After all, you have that small space. If Master needs anything, you mustn’t drag her down, understand?”

This was not a question but a command!

San San’s face instantly collapsed. I didn’t forget! I remembered it the whole while!


Thirteen struggled to ask, “Big Brother, you mean… You really want to let Master take action herself? I think that the few people from the Black Sword Sect aren’t easy to deal with…”

Shi Fang patted his shoulders emotionally. “You’re a kid and are still young. Later on, you’ll know that the one who is truly not easy to handle isn’t the Black Sword Sect but our master!”

When Master wants to unleash her anger, it is without any hesitation or care. If we retreat early, it will ensure our safety.

Thirteen nodded in a seemingly understanding manner. Even Tenth Brother has said that, then… Perhaps I can relax?

At this point, the lightning had struck heavily!

Chu Liuyue squinted slightly and went on her toes, rushing to the lightning!

At the same time, a sword aura landed ferociously!

“Chi Xiao Sword!”

The rainbow light was bright and stunning!

Luo Yan and the rest—who were spectating from afar—looked shocked when they saw this scene.

“Is she endangering herself? Even a legendary warrior has to be careful of that lightning. Does she not want to live anymore?”

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