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1875 Overwhelming

“Oh? How is it different?” Mo Yun immediately became interested and asked in a low voice.

That person thought for a moment before saying, “When those few people came to Peach Blossom Dock a few days ago, it seemed like Boss San personally went to fetch them. At that time, Yue Manor even held a welcome ceremony. Quite a few people already know about this, and… Boss San seemed to especially respect the two of them.”

Mo Yun spent most of his time in the Black Sword Sect normally and didn’t really pay attention to other matters. Or perhaps, he didn’t even take those people seriously—including Yue Manor.

Even though he thought highly of San San, it was mainly because of that small space. As for Yue Manor… Mo Yun previously felt that it was for San San’s self-entertainment.

As long as it didn’t affect the Black Sword Sect, he would not care.

When San San did all of this that day, he didn’t hide it on purpose. Hence, some people in the Peach Blossom Dock knew of this. As long as one went to ask around, they could know briefly what happened.

“Say it. What exactly is going on?” Mo Yun was slightly suspicious and continued asking.

Even though he didn’t really know about Yue Manor, he knew that it was San San’s personal residence. Other than those that San San especially trusted, others were rarely invited into Yue Manor.

Now, he actually welcomed those few people in such a lavish manner. It showed that they were really different.

If it were in the past, he couldn’t be bothered with this. But since he wanted to find answers from San San, he naturally couldn’t let go of any clues.

That person hung his head even lower. “Um… Yue Manor is guarded very strictly, and Boss San seems especially protective of those people. After they went in, they didn’t come out again. As for their specific identities, we couldn’t find out.”

They basically heard whatever he just reported from other people.

Mo Yun sneered and stood up. “I’ll go and ask personally!”

San San was locked into the previous room again. Compared to the uneasiness during the previous time, he felt more relaxed and open-minded. As long as Master and the rest are safe, I can temporarily put down the rock in my heart. As for myself…

With the small space as his trump card, he knew that Mo Yun would definitely not kill him.

Besides, in these one or two years, he and Mo Yun had interacted numerous times. Thus, he knew how he could argue for the best benefits for himself.

Hence, after Mo Yun left when he failed to find out about anything, San San briefly packed up and directly went to sleep. I’m exhausted these few days!

In the end, he didn’t expect that Mo Yun actually came back again not long after he slept!

Mo Yun directly pushed open the door to enter.

Seeing that San San was sleeping, he was speechless for once. “Boss San, you’re really leisurely. In such a crude place, you can actually sleep?”

San San—who was woken up—was filled with grumpiness, but he didn’t dare to throw his temper as he rapidly stood up and bowed with a smile. “U-um… Deputy Sect Master, you’re too humble. If this is considered crude, won’t my place be considered a grass house? I was really tired, s-so I slept…”

Mo Yun ignored his words as he sharply stared at San San and kept thinking in his heart. San San could actually sleep in this place. Is he too confident, or is his conscience clear?

“Boss San, why are you so humble? I heard that your Yue Manor is also very extravagant. Oh right, I heard that a few of your friends came a few days ago? Why didn’t I hear you mention them?”

San San’s heart sank. So Mo Yun came for this! He has clearly started to suspect Master and the others’ identities. If not, he wouldn’t have asked such a question.

San San’s thoughts whirred, but his expression was still very natural as he smiled and said, “Oh, you’re talking about my Big Brother and the rest? Yeah, I specifically invited them over this time! Didn’t I manage to build up a small business with your help after coming to Peach Blossom Dock? I thought of inviting them over to take a look and let them know that I’m doing quite well here…”

These words were basically the truth. Hence, San San said it very sincerely—even Mo Yun couldn’t tell what was wrong.

It was originally normal to invite one’s family and friends to come over and gather after they made it big in life.

Mo Yun thought for a moment. “Those few people are all your siblings?”

San San smiled widely. “We are sworn—sworn! However, we’re on very good terms!”

Mo Yun squinted his eyes and suddenly laughed. “But why did I also hear that two of them have extraordinary statuses and that even Boss San has to be respectful toward them?”

Yue Manor.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu returned to their rooms.

Chu Liuyue thought for a moment and still chose to summon the black shield. Unexpectedly, the shield had become much heavier.

Chu Liuyue could almost confirm that when the rust completely peeled off and the engraved secret text was fully revealed, the item would show its true appearance!

Now that a few pieces of rust had dropped off, it had already become much heavier. It was hard to imagine how it would feel to hold it when all the rust had disappeared.

Chu Liuyue even suspected that if she was still at her current cultivation level, she might not… be able to lift it!

“Rong Xiu, do you recognize the secret text on it?” Chu Liuyue looked up and asked.

Rong Xiu walked over. His deep phoenix-like eyes stared at the light dents for a moment, and he shook his head. “I can’t really tell.”

Chu Liuyue was quite disappointed, but this was also within her expectations.

“Why? Is there… something wrong with this shield?” Seeing her deep gaze and the light worry in her eyes, Rong Xiu reached out and gently smoothened the creases at her brows.

Chu Liuyue was quiet for a moment and then seriously noded.

She pointed at the black shield with a headache. “I feel that… I have to flip the entire Peach Blossom Dock upside down.”

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. “Literally?”

Chu Liuyue nodded with difficulty. “Literally.”

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