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1902 Something Happened

The second phase of the Blood Tribute Formation had already been activated. Other than the attacking area that kept expanding, the lightning it activated had also become stronger. This was also why they eventually chose to stay and watch temporarily, even though they wanted to go over.

Who knew whether Chu Liuyue and the others would directly settle the lightning or not However, Chu Liuyue’s method had far exceeded their expectations.

Luo Yan stood with two hands behind his back and did not speak.

He had personally seen the combat skills executed by Chu Liuyue in the God-Killing Tumulus. He knew very clearly that this woman… would never do things she was not confident of. If she dares to do this, it proves that she is confident. But… the Black Sword Sect is bent on killing her this time, so they have used all of their forces with no reservations! Can she really handle it?

Also, there is Rong Xiu—Luo Yan’s gaze turned to the white and tall figure beside Chu Liuyue. Rong Xiu did not move, and it seems like he plans on letting her do whatever she wants…

Luo Yan felt uneasy for some reason. At this point of time, these people still look so calm and collected. Could it be… they have some trump card they didn’t pull out…

“Let’s wait and see,” commanded Luo Yan.

Upon hearing this, the few elders nodded.

Perhaps this battle would end soon…


The shocking thunder sounded!

The terrifying sword aura and the lightning force hit each other harshly!

Silver force spread toward the surroundings, and Chu Liuyue’s figure had long been swallowed by the sharp light!

Mo Yun laughed coldly and spat out a mouthful of blood. “You don’t know your limits!”

He knew that perhaps Chu Liuyue was rather capable, but the second phase of the Blood Tribute Formation was already activated.

It was formidable! Even if she had all the abilities in the world, it would be hard for her to escape this!

First, I will kill Chu Liuyue. Then, Rong Xiu next! If I can get rid of both of them here… Not only can I redeem myself, but I can even receive a substantial reward from the sect master. This thought made Mo Yun faintly excited.

He didn’t control the Blue Peak incident well and caused the entire Peach Blossom Dock to be in chaos. This was undoubtedly a death penalty!

Now, only Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue could help him out of the dead end! Hence, he was willing to bet the entire Black Sword Sect!

No matter how many died or were injured, nothing else mattered if he could achieve the results he wanted!

But just when Mo Yun was waiting for Chu Liuyue’s soul to be destroyed, a figure suddenly flew out from the lightning in the sky!

She stood upright with a slim and curvy figure—it was Chu Liuyue!

Sword aura rushed to the sky, and it slashed the ball of shining white light from the middle!

“H-how is that possible?!” Mo Yun widened his eyes, which were filled with shock!

Just as his lips curled up in delight, they suddenly stiffened.

He looked very awkward, but he couldn’t care so much at this point. There was only one thought left in his mind: Chu Liuyue actually slashed that lightning?! Isn’t she a true god? Why would she have such formidable combat power?!

Before he could even think through it, he saw a figure riding on the lightning! It rushed toward the overwhelming dark clouds in the sky!

Countless people gasped. Those clouds have many lightning bolts accumulated in them. Isn’t she courting death by going over?

To the average person, Chu Liuyue doing this was akin to being tired of living. Who could survive after rushing into the sea of lightning?

But when Mo Yun saw the figure going over without hesitation… Not only was he not relieved, but he became even more nervous.

Ever since they made up their minds to kill them both, Chu Liuyue’s series of actions exceeded their previous expectations and caused them to have their eyes wide open and mouths agape.

Every time they thought that she was bound to die, she could survive peacefully again.

This time, will she—

As Mo Yun thought, he suddenly felt that something was amiss. Following this, he looked over and saw a lightning bolt suddenly striking.


The loud sound spread far and wide, and it was deafening!

Lightning striking wasn’t anything shocking, but the key was: this lightning bolt actually flew toward Mo Yun and the rest!

When he first saw it, Mo Yun was still in disbelief. It was only until the lightning bolt approached rapidly and the terrifying suppression crushed the space bit by bit that the Black Sword Sect crowd finally realize the danger.

Chu Liuyue used some method to cause these lightning bolts to turn around and attack them!

The shock and disbelief in Mo Yun’s heart quickly turned into shock and anger! What the hell! We are clearly the ones who triggered the lightning bolts, so why did they attack us instead? What exactly is Chu Liuyue doing!?

“Quick! Urge the Blood Tribute Formation’s defense!” urged Mo Yun hurriedly.

The lightning was very shocking. There was no need to mention it when he was in his prime, but the key was that the Blood Tribute Formation exhausted one’s force and energy a lot! After the previous series of torture, he could no longer unleash all his strength.

The only way was to activate the Blood Tribute Formation!

But once he said this, a painful moan came. “Ah—”

This sound was hurried and brief, appearing for only a moment before disappearing quickly.

Mo Yun’s heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly turned around to look.

Beside the Blood Tribute Formation, one of the Black Sword Sect’s guards suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed because he couldn’t take it anymore.

But before he even landed, force suddenly gushed out from the Blood Tribute Formation and swallowed him!

That person detected something amiss and immediately wanted to escape and break free. But at this point, all the force in his body had been exhausted, and he didn’t even have the strength to lift his arm, so how could he escape from the Blood Tribute Formation?

In the blink of an eye, his figure completely disappeared!

Everyone fell silent, and they looked panicked. They knew clearly that this person’s outcome had to be the same as Mo Lin!

At this point, another slight shattering sound came from the Blood Tribute Formation.

Mo Yun immediately looked over and saw a crack in the gigantic Blood Tribute Formation! His heart immediately sank. The Blood Tribute Formation doesn’t have enough force!

One had to continuously provide force to maintain the Blood Tribute Formation’s circulation.

After this period of stress, the people present had basically exhausted their force, and they were just maintaining it forcefully.

Now that someone suddenly died, the entire Blood Tribute Formation was affected

“Why haven’t they come yet?” Mo Yun couldn’t help but scold angrily.

Before I came, I had already sent out a summon. Logically speaking, the people in charge of support in the Black Sword Sect should already be here! However… nobody is here!

Mo Yun looked toward the city.

It was empty and had no commotion.

Suddenly, realization struck him, and he narrowed his eyes. The Black Sword Sect is in trouble!

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