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1874 Interrogation

Even though they didn’t personally see the incidents that happened at Blue Peak, given what Chu Liuyue just said, the Black Sword Sect’s people would definitely place all their doubts on San San.

“San San is the owner of a small space. The Black Sword Sect still needs the treasures he provides; they won’t take his life for now,” said Chu Liuyue calmly. “Besides, after this incident, they will only be more curious about San San. Before they obtain a satisfactory answer from San San, they definitely won’t do anything to him.”

However, ‘doing something’ meant killing him.

As for whether they would use methods to deal with San San, nobody could say this for sure. After all, Mo Yun was…

Chu Liuyue recalled that pair of sinister and cold eyes filled with murderous intent, and she furrowed her brows slightly. I’m not worried about San San’s life and death but whether he can endure the torture. The Black Sword Sect is very evil. Nobody knows how they will treat him…

“T-then, are we just going to wait like this?” Hearing Chu Liuyue’s words, Thirteen became slightly more at ease. However, he recalled that the Black Sword Sect took San San away because of the Blue Peak incident, and he still felt uneasy.

Even though he was young, he was extremely smart.

The incident during the God Foreseeing Tribulation was still fresh in his mind. In his impression, the people from the Black Sword Sect were very dangerous.

Now that San San was trapped, it was really hard for one to be completely at ease.

Chu Liuyue didn’t speak as she knocked against the chair armrest lightly. Actually, I have been thinking about this problem the entire way. If we just wait without doing anything, it is too passive. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything suitable in such a short time…

Mo Yun is determined to get an answer out of San San. He will never let San San go so easily.

“Master!” At this point, a melodious voice sounded.

Following this, a charming and curvy figure suddenly floated in from the door. “Master, you’re finally back! I miss you to death!”

As Xiao Ba spoke, she twisted toward Chu Liuyue and was about to pounce straight into her arms.

The corner of Chu Liuyue’s lips twitched.

Rong Xiu looked up slightly.

Xiao Ba’s nape felt cold, and she instinctively stopped her actions. Hiss… Why did I forget that he’s here too!?

However, Xiao Ba returned to normal very quickly. She turned around and curtly kept her legs.

A rainbow thread flew, and the crisp jade bumped into each other.

Revealing an eye-catching white waist, she swiftly came to Chu Liuyue’s side. “Master, I missed you so much—”

Chu Liuyue looked at her and kindly reminded, “Xiao Ba, there are two marks on the side of your face that you were sleeping on.”

Even though it was very light, it was too obvious on that mesmerizing face.

“Ah!” Xiao Ba was stunned and instantly widened her eyes as she covered her cheeks. “Really?!”

Chu Liuyue raised her chin. “Ask Yan Qing.”

Yan Qing was currently standing opposite and could see it once he looked up.

Actually, Chu Liuyue said this with some motive. After all, from a certain perspective, Xiao Ba and Yan Qing were already considered ‘mortal enemies.’

Xiao Ba could disregard her image in front of the Thirteen Yue Guard, but she could never be embarrassed—even a little—in front of her own ‘enemy.’

As expected, when Xiao Ba heard Chu Liuyue’s words, her gaze became even more horrified as she instinctively looked up at Yan Qing.

Yan Qing was scanned by this gaze and detected the dangerous warning within.

He thought for a moment and then said gently for once, “The wooden pillow has a gentle texture, and it’s useful for having a good sleep. Miss Xiao Ba, if you’re worried that there will be a mark left behind if you sleep for too long, you can use cotton to cover it. Cotton is very intricate. I believe—” It won’t harm your skin, Miss Xiao Ba.

Yan Qing couldn’t say the remaining half of the sentence. That was because Xiao Ba seemed to be greatly agitated as she held her heart with one hand and kept moving backward.

“I… You win!” Xiao Ba threw this sentence behind in disbelief and quickly turned around to run away.

Before the crowd could even say anything, she flew away like a butterfly, disappearing without a trace.

She couldn’t stay in this place for another moment!

It was totally silent in the room.

Yan Qing’s lips moved slightly, and his handsome and cold brows rose slightly. I said my words rather politely. Why do I seem to have offended her again?

Chu Liuyue glanced at Yan Qing in sympathy and admiration. It’s also my first time meeting a man that can anger Xiao Ba until she runs away. It is amazing.

Wu Yao and the others looked over with admiration.

Xiao Ba was always the one bullying them, and they had never seen Xiao Ba being stumped time and time again.

Lord Yan Qing is indeed His Grace’s confidant. His skills, his intelligence… is indeed extraordinary!

Chu Liuyue shot Rong Xiu a look. Your Highness, you’ve always been amazing at courting your wife, but why did you bring up such a foolish and ignorant man?

Rong Xiu was calm and composed. I’m not only good at courting my wife. However, Yan Qing has always been a block of wood in this area. You shouldn’t have harbored any hopes for him.

Chu Liuyue was speechless. Sometimes, people have to be more humble.

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly and was rather suspicious. Am I not humble enough? Perhaps I can help you recall it, Yue’er?

Chu Liuyue choked and retreated in failure. I really can’t beat some people. I should’ve long known that I couldn’t compare to Rong Xiu in this aspect…

She coughed and sensibly changed the topic. “The Black Sword Sect sent a few people to secretly observe us from outside Yue Manor. These few days, everyone should wait patiently in the manor. As for San San… we’ll react to the situation.”

The few of them exchanged glances. Judging from the current situation, this does seem like the best option.


At the Black Sword Sect.

Inside the study, Mo Yun sat behind the desk, leaned against the chair, and closed his eyes. He seemed like he was resting.

However, there was someone in front of him saying something respectfully with a single knee on the floor.

After a while, Mo Yun finally opened his eyes. “Just this?”

That person immediately said, “Deputy Sect Master, just this. There’s a barrier outside Yue Manor, so our men can’t go close just in case we alert them.”

Mo Yun nodded, and his expression became even colder.

After coming back this morning, he asked San San quite a few questions. However, San San’s answers made him very unsatisfied.

As long as he asked what exactly happened inside the barrier, San San’s descriptions were very vague.

No matter how Mo Yun asked, San San insisted that he didn’t know and said that he didn’t do anything from start to end. He was just dragged in for some reason and later flung out. As for the reason behind the changes that happened later, he didn’t know a single thing.

San San clearly was not telling the truth.

Mo Yun wanted to find out about the situation from Yue Manor. However, it sounded like Yue Manor was normal, and there was nothing wrong.

“You can go down first. Also, continue watching them. If there’s anything strange, report it to me immediately.” Mo Yun waved his hand.

That person acknowledged it. Then, he suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh right, Deputy Sect Master, the few people that arrived at Peach Blossom Dock a few days ago seem to have an unusual relationship with Boss San.”

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