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1873 Danger

San San really wanted to say that it wasn’t convenient. However, he didn’t wish to die so quickly, so he still nodded. “Yes, yes! Deputy Sect Master, if you have any instructions, just say it directly. Don’t need to stand on ceremony—”

Mo Yun laughed. This laughter was very strange as it had emotions and contained sarcasm. “Who is Boss San? How can we offend him? Perhaps in the future, we all have to rely on Boss San. We should be more courteous to you.”

This rendered San San speechless. Mo Yun is already set that everything is related to me, so how can I argue? Many pairs of eyes were on me. After I went in and out, the barrier’s strength was indeed reduced and could be slashed with one sword! I really can’t clear my name no matter what!

However, compared to Master being discovered, it is still slightly better for Mo Yun and the rest to suspect me alone… Thinking of this, San San felt better.

He looked down slightly, and his expression was awkward and helpless. “Um… I’ll listen to the Deputy Sect Master’s arrangement for everything.”

Mo Yun turned around and planned to return to the Black Sword Sect. The moment he walked out, he paused and turned around. “Blue Peak’s matter has already ended. Everyone… go your own way!”

This voice was low and stern, with high and mighty authority. It seemed as if everyone should listen to him, and they couldn’t refute him.

The surrounding spectators had varying expressions.

Previously, the Black Sword Sect still tried to hide it. Now that the incident had blown up, they swiftly decided not to care and even directly chased them away.

The Black Sword Sect wanted to occupy the entire Blue Peak. But even if the crowd was upset, nobody really dared to stand up and go against Mo Yun.

These few days, many people from the Black Sword Sect died or were seriously injured. However, Mo Yun didn’t even bat an eyelid, which showed how much he wanted to get Blue Peak!

If anyone planned to go head-on against them, they would have to pay a painful price!

After Mo Yun said this, he ignored the crowd’s reaction and turned around to leave.

He really didn’t care about these people. At this point, he only wanted to find San San and ask clearly about what exactly happened within that barrier!

San San braved himself and went over. “…Deputy Sect Master, I-I can just go back with you. However, my two servants were tortured during this period of time. May I know if they can go back first…”

Mo Yun did not turn around and waved his hands. It’s just two irrelevant people; they aren’t important. As long as I bring San San back, the truth will come to light!

San San heaved a sigh of relief and said to Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, “Okay, you can go back first and report our safety to the people in the manor. I will naturally go back after a while.”

Chu Liuyue’s lips moved slightly. She originally wanted to say something, but eventually nodded lightly when she saw San San’s gaze. “Okay.”

The incident at Blue Peak finally came to an end. Other than those people from the Black Sword Sect who continued guarding the area, the others slowly left.

However, this incident didn’t truly end for the crowd in Peach Blossom Dock. After all, Blue Peak’s fire still continued to burn.

The secret buried within wasn’t yet revealed.

Everyone was watching to see the Black Sword Sect’s next course of action.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue silently returned to Yue Manor.

Yan Qing was already waiting at the main entrance.

Seeing the two of them return, Yan Qing’s tense expression finally relaxed slightly. “Your Highness, Princess Consort.”

Rong Xiu nodded. “Close the door.”

Yan Qing acknowledged the order and closed the door.

Chu Liuyue turned around. “Cen Yi.”

The air moved, and a figure walked out—it was Cen Yi, who previously went to Blue Peak to check on the situation.

When he saw Chu Liuyue and the rest coming out of the barrier, he wanted to go forward. However, Mo Yun was staring at them closely. After some thinking, he still decided to wait and quietly observe the changes.

As Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu pretended to be servants, it wasn’t convenient for him to go and welcome them, so he swiftly disguised himself and secretly accompanied the duo back.

“Master, Your Highness.” Cen Yi bowed.

Chu Liuyue glanced at the closed door, and her gaze deepened slightly. “It seems like the people from the Black Sword Sect won’t easily leave in such a short amount of time.”

Other than Cen Yi, there were still quite a few people in the Black Sword Sect who secretly followed them back.

During the whole trip back, she and Rong Xiu pretended that they didn’t discover them. But even when they returned, those people didn’t leave and just hid themselves around Yue Manor.

Clearly, Mo Yun was still very guarded against them.

“They’re just three true gods. Nothing to worry about.” Cen Yi said lightly, “I’ve already left markings on them. Once they take action, we’ll know immediately.”

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly. She was always assured in whatever Cen Yi did.

Upon hearing this, Yan Qing took another glance at Cen Yi. They’re just three true gods. Nothing to worry about… To be able to say such words, Cen Yi’s skills are probably more shocking than I expected…

Rong Xiu said, “Let’s go in first and discuss again.”

Knowing that the two of them had come back, Wu Yao and the rest rushed over.

The living room quickly became lively.

“Master, you didn’t get injured these few days at the Black Sword Sect, right? What did those people do to you?”

“Master, Your Highness, you’re back. Did the Blue Peak incident end?”

“The Black Sword Sect seems to be severely damaged this time. How could they let you off so easily?”

Once Wu Yao and the rest saw Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, they hurriedly asked questions.

Thirteen was the first to realize that something was amiss. “…Where’s Third Brother? Master, didn’t he come back with you?”

Once he said this, Wu Yao and the rest then realized that San San was indeed not around.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Thirteen in comfort. Probably only Thirteen can remember San San at this moment.

“Mo Yun brought him back to the Black Sword Sect.”

Everyone was dazed.

Then, Chu Liuyue briefly recounted whatever had happened in the past few days to them. She also included how they were dragged to Blue Peak’s barrier on the last night and the incidents that happened thereafter.

Of course, she didn’t bring up the incident of the black shield being scraped in the barrier.

Hearing this, the few of them were completely stunned.

“…Then, isn’t Third Brother in grave danger?” asked Thirteen rather helplessly.

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