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1872 Advise

“Those… are Boss San’s two servants? They actually came out too?” someone muttered in shock.

It was no wonder that they were shocked. This matter was… too strange!

They could understand if San San did not die. After all, he was the owner of the small space at Clear Water Cliff and had a fire of his own, which seemed like it had the same origin as the one on Blue Peak.

The crowd might be shocked that he could protect his life, but upon deeper thought, it was rather normal.

However… What was with the two servants? They actually came out in one piece?

Of course, these two people didn’t look like they were in good condition, and they seemed injured. But compared to the many people that died under the dark-blue fire, this was… too strange!

The moment Mo Yun saw them come out, he squinted his eyes. At this point, he was very suspicious of these few people!

He walked forward.

After being flung out, San San regained his stability with much difficulty.

The moment he stood still, he immediately detected the surrounding gazes sharply. This caused his heart to tighten.

Without looking, he also knew what feelings these people had when they looked at him!

San San looked down, and his eyes turned as he immediately reacted.

At this point, Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu seemed to have rushed out of that barrier simultaneously.

At first glance, the three of them were harshly flung out by the fire that hung onto them. However, San San knew clearly that it wasn’t so simple to get the people present to believe this completely.

“Boss San?” A familiar and cold voice sounded from behind.

San San’s heart trembled as he turned around to look.

His face had a few hints of weakness and confusion, as if he hadn’t reacted to what was going on. “…Deputy Sect Master?”

Mo Yun stared at him closely and tugged at the corner of his lips. “Boss San, it seems like you’re really blessed. So many people tried going in previously, but they lost their lives before they could even get close. Not only did you go in… but you even came out in one piece after one night…”

Even though he was smiling, there was no smiling intent in the corner of his eyes.

That pair of eyes… Probably because he had stayed here for a few days without sleeping or resting, but his eyes were bloodshot and totally red, looking even more cold and sinister.

With this look, San San felt a gust of coldness rush up from the bottom of his feet! His heart trembled. “T-thank you, Deputy Sect Master. I-I was just lucky…”

Mo Yun looked behind him and said carefully, “It is lucky for you to come out alone, Boss San. But now that the three of you have safely escaped, it’s not something the word ‘lucky’ can explain, right… It seems like Boss San is much more capable than we thought.”

Even though he found the scene before him very strange, he didn’t connect it to Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue. After all, from head to toe, the two of them looked exactly the same as ordinary servants.

Mo Yun instinctively attributed the cause of this to San San.

Actually, it was normal for him to think this way. After all, San San was the owner of the small space at Clear Water Cliff.

With the twist of fate there, it was normal for him to be more confident than an average person.

San San laughed awkwardly. “Uh… Deputy Sect Master, to be honest, I don’t know what’s going on as well…”

Luckily, Mo Yun doesn’t suspect Master and His Highness, but Mo Yun’s attention is clearly on me now.

San San knew very clearly that it wasn’t so easy if they wanted to make it past this stage.

As expected, Mo Yun didn’t have much of an expression upon hearing San San’s words. He clearly did not believe it.

“Deputy Sect Master, the fire seems to be smaller!” A voice came from the side.

San San glanced over.

The person speaking was Mo Lin.

Previously, he had been standing at the side quietly and looked defeated as he wasn’t in the spotlight at all. San San guessed that it was probably because he didn’t handle the Blue Peak incident well, so Mo Lin was punished by Mo Yun.

However, Mo Lin was clearly indignant, so he rushed over instantly.

Following his voice, Mo Yun knitted his brows slightly.

The fire—which was blazing previously—clearly did not continue spreading.

Could it… also be because of San San? Countless guesses flashed across Mo Yun’s heart.

“Go over and take a look.” Mo Yun thought for a moment and made this decision.

Mo Lin was first shocked before he clenched his teeth tightly. “Yes!”

He knew that this was very dangerous, but this was also his only chance to make a comeback. He had to grab it!

Without hesitation, Mo Lin turned around and went toward the barrier on Blue Peak.

When he reached that barrier, he rapidly circulated his inner force, whipped out his dagger, and held the hilt tightly as he slashed down!

This move gathered all of his strength!

A greenish-black sword light sliced through the air and went for the barrier!


The originally hard barrier was suddenly sliced open!

The spectating crowd gasped instantly! Wasn’t that barrier previously indestructible, and nobody could open it? Now, it was actually sliced open so easily?

One had to know that though Mo Lin was strong, he was previously injured. Thus, the strength he could unleash now was only seventy or eighty percent of his prime.

“It’s not that Mo Lin has become stronger, but the barrier’s force has become weaker!” Someone noticed something and gasped softly.

The people present weren’t silly. When they saw this scene, they just had to work their brains to guess what had happened. However, the key was: when did this barrier suddenly become weak?

It wasn’t hard for people to associate this with San San, who had just come out.

Mo Yun glanced at San San and said with deep meaning, “Boss San, it seems like you’re really our lucky star. A hard problem that so many people in the Black Sword Sect couldn’t solve was done easily in one night by you. If I knew of this earlier, I should’ve invited you over in the first place.”

This way, so many people didn’t have to die for nothing.

Mo Yun did not feel regret or heartache because of those people. He just felt humiliated. So many people in the Black Sword Sect can’t even be compared to San San! We spent so much effort the previous few days! So many people are watching here, and they will only think that the Black Sword Sect is useless!

Hearing this, San San broke out into a cold sweat. He wasn’t stupid enough to think that this was really genuine praise.

On the other end, after Mo Lin sliced open the barrier, it rapidly disappeared.

In just 15 minutes, only the dark-blue fire was left on Blue Peak. However, the fire seemed to be getting weaker.

Under everyone’s stares, the fire slowly returned to the cracks of the mountain and burned slowly as a small fire.

Mo Yun’s expression was cold and stiff. “Mo Lin, continue guarding here!”

Mo Lin knew that this was considered as him using his merits to make up for his wrongdoings. As he escaped an ordeal, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. “Yes!”

Mo Yun turned to look at San San. “Boss San, there are some things I wish to seek your guidance in detail. May I know if it’s convenient?”

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