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1865 His Confidant

After talking about these things, Xiao Ba’s lethargy rolled in again.

She lazily waved her hand. “Big Brother, leave slowly. I won’t send you. Oh right, Big Brother, could I trouble you to help me lock the door?”

As she spoke, she closed her eyes and really prepared to rest.

Cen Yi acknowledged it and walked outside.

There was one thing that was very good about Xiao Ba—magnanimous. She seemed like she would never have anything that troubled her, and she didn’t know how to be worried or anxious.

Every time something happened, Wu Yao and the rest would panic, but she would not.

After doing what she wanted to do, she could always sleep at the highest speed. When she woke up again, she would be fully energized.

She was a rare type of carefree. She seemed like a butterfly that never knew what exhaustion was as she was forever relaxed, free, and happy.

That was good too.

Cen Yi thought of something. He walked to the door and suddenly stopped in his tracks. “As for Yan Qing—”

Xiao Ba covered her ears in frustration and turned over to have her back facing him. I’m not listening!

Cen Yi smiled. “It was an honest mistake on Yan Qing’s part. Besies, he genuinely apologized, so you don’t have to be hung up about this. After all, you also caused him quite a bit of trouble previously, and he didn’t do anything to you—”

“What can he do to me?!” Hearing this, Xiao Ba was upset as she instantly sat up and glared at Cen Yi angrily.

Her pair of beautiful eyes became increasingly charming and brilliant because of anger.

Cen Yi reminded, “He’s stronger than you. Even when compared to me, he is probably on par.”

Xiao Ba was instantly stunned.

Actually, she didn’t know very clearly how strong her big brother was. However, she knew that if her big brother took action, he could definitely end her in three moves.

Now, Big Brother actually personally said that Yan Qing’s abilities are on par with his…

“…How is that possible?” Xiao Ba knitted her brows and was very doubtful. It isn’t that I have never interacted with Yan Qing before, but the other party’s cultivation level and abilities don’t seem as strong as what Big Brother said…

“How can a simple character stay beside Rong Xiu?” Cen Yi raised his brows slightly.

Xiao Ba’s thoughts ran wild. Big Brother has no need to lie to me about this. Could it be… Yan Qing is indeed so strong?

“He didn’t hold it against you, and you should let him off too.”

Xiao Ba grinded her teeth and didn’t speak. Let this matter go as it is? I can’t do it!

“He owes me!”

Cen Yi didn’t seem surprised at her answer as the corner of his lips curled up. Without saying anything, he walked out.

He even closed the door on his way out.

Xiao Ba glared at the door grumpily and slept after some time. When I have the chance… I have to get my face back!

Cen Yi left Xiao Ba’s room and walked forward.

After leaving the courtyard and turning in the corridor, there was someone waiting—it was Yan Qing.

“Brother Cen,” he greeted politely.

Cen Yi shook his head. “I’ve said all that I could, but… Xiao Ba has always been very stubborn.”

Yan Qing’s heart tightened.

Originally, he thought that the situation would be slightly better with Cen Yi putting in a good word for him. However, it now seemed rather hard…

“It’s all my fault. It’s normal that Miss Xiao Ba can’t dispel her anger in such a short amount of time. Thank you for today, Brother Cen. I will personally apologize to Miss Xiao Ba later.”

Cen Yi nodded.

“I still have something on, so I’ll leave first.” Yan Qing didn’t stay longer.

Your Highness was trapped in the Black Sword Sect, and he did have other matters to handle.

Cen Yi smiled. “Please…”

Yan Qing turned around to leave, and his figure quickly disappeared.

Cen Yi looked in the direction he left and changed his tracks. With that person around, I really didn’t have to worry about Master’s safety…

Three days passed in a flash.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu—who were trapped in the Black Sword Sect—peacefully passed the three days.

With her supervision, San San spent most of his time and energy on cultivation, and it became much quieter.

It was only until the fourth evening that they finally heard some messy and hurried footsteps from outside.

Chu Liuyue was originally playing chess with Rong Xiu. Hearing the commotion, they looked up in unison and exchanged a glance.

Rong Xiu whipped his sleeves, and the chessboard and chess pieces instantly disappeared.

San San was also rudely awakened as he opened his eyes in a daze. “What’s going on?”

Chu Liuyue had already stood up.

Just in case, she and Rong Xiu were still wearing their previous servant disguise these few days.

“It’s probably because… trouble is here.” Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes slightly, and the corner of her lips curled up.

San San’s heart sank as the meat on his cheeks trembled harshly. Master! Is this something good?! How could you still laugh?

However, San San couldn’t say these things in time as he could already tell that people were rapidly approaching them from outside.

He immediately stood up, tidied his appearance, and pinched his waist with much heart ache. These three days, I didn’t sleep or eat well and had to cultivate diligently. I have become much thinner—

“Where are they?” Mo Yun’s cold voice came from outside.

The servant standing guard said hurriedly, “Deputy Sect Master, they’re inside!”

“Open the door!” commanded Mo Yun.


Seeing that the situation was amiss, the few guards didn’t ask further and hurriedly opened the door when they heard this.

In the end, before they could even rush in, the door was opened from the inside.

San San’s round and smooth face appeared in front of everyone.

“Deputy Sect Master? You’re finally here!” San San was elated as if he had seen his own relative.

However, his expression suddenly changed. “You’re… injured?”

Mo Yun stared at him closely and ignored his words.

The atmosphere was cold and stiff.

The uneasiness in San San’s heart became increasingly stronger.

Mo Yun raised his chin slightly. “Boss San, I can’t let you leave this time.”

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