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1866 Together with You

Actually, when he saw Mo Yun coming over in such a formation, San San knew that they couldn’t leave. But hearing this, he still acted shocked. “Why? Deputy Sect Master, didn’t we previously agree that you’d let us off after you settle the matters at Blue Peak?”

Mo Yun’s expression was cold and nonchalant.

His one sentence decided whether they left or stayed.

Originally, he left the few of them here because he was worried that they would spread the news of Blue Peak. Later on, he then realized that his worry was unnecessary. That was because the situation’s development had long exceeded their predictions!

Just a few days had passed, but everyone in the entire Peach Blossom Dock already knew that a fire suddenly started on Blue Peak. There wasn’t much meaning if they hid it further.

Realizing this, he did think of letting them go. But before he could do so, something else happened. This was also the matter that caused him to return to this place and personally find them.

“Boss San, follow me first. You’ll naturally understand when we reach Blue Peak.”

San San was shocked. Go to Blue Peak again? Weren’t Mo Yun and the rest very fearful of this before? Now, why did they…

Seeing that Mo Yun had already turned around to leave, San San didn’t dare delay as he glanced at Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu. Then, he hurriedly followed him.

At this point, Mo Yun didn’t seem to care that San San had brought his two servants. He just looked cold and stern, with a sinisterly cold aura around him.

The intense bloody aura spread from his body, and it made one’s heart tremble.

San San knew that the situation was bad and didn’t dare ask further as he stood behind obediently and quietly, terrified that any word would cause this person to rage.

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu tried to lower their presence to the maximum at the back.

As she walked, Chu Liuyue secretly thought to herself. It seems like Mo Yun specifically came back to look for San San? What exactly happened that caused him to make such a trip?

They were quiet the entire way, and the atmosphere was suppressing.

When they were still a distance away from Blue Peak, Chu Liuyue saw the fire rushing toward the sky from afar.

That was the dark-blue fire burning on Blue Peak.

She knitted her brows slightly.

It has only been a few days. However, not only is the fire on Blue Peak not controlled at all, but it even became worse and burned so terribly.

It was currently evening, and the sky was darkening. The light from the fire shone on the layers of clouds with a strange light.

One could faintly see that there were a few people around Blue Peak. Among them were people from the Black Sword Sect, but most of them rushed over from all parts of Peach Blossom Dock.

With such a major event, those who could come all came.

The group of them walked forward.

When they finally arrived in front of Blue Peak and saw everything before them clearly, Chu Liuyue then realized why Mo Yun wanted to specifically invite San San over.

At this point, the trees had collapsed, and the rocks on Blue Peak were broken. It was filled with debris.

The more important thing was that the dark-blue fire had already formed a circle in the middle of the mountain and completely surrounded Blue Peak.

Standing here and looking over, everyone could see a crack in the mountain rocks on that mountain clearly.

That fire rushed out from within.

At first glance, it seemed like a dark-blue water current as it surrounded the middle of the mountain and flowed across.

However, that wasn’t the main thing. The most important thing was that as the fire burned, the upper side had even formed a translucent barrier that covered the large Blue Peak!

It was almost exactly the same as San San’s small space! But judging from the current situation, half of the mountain was within the barrier, and it started from the blazing fire in the middle of the mountain to form a semicircle.

From the outside, it was bizarre and brilliant.

When San San saw this, he was also stunned. “H-how did it become like this?”

When we were previously here, wasn’t it just a line of blazing fire? It actually became like this in a few days?

Mo Yun pointed toward the front. “Boss San, I will have to trouble you to make a trip there and see what’s going on.”

It wasn’t a discussion or a question. It was an irrefutable command.

The corner of San San’s lips twitched. I knew that calling me over meant nothing good!

He knew very clearly why Mo Yun only called him. Wasn’t it because he was the owner of that small space?

Seeing that the fire on Blue Peak was gradually becoming similar to the small space, other than him, who had the most confidence to go over and see what was going on?

Quite a few people looked over from the surroundings.

Surprise, doubt, excitement…

Clearly, they also wanted to see if the famous Boss San could handle the current situation.

San San was on the brink of tears.

He knew that he had no way to do it, but he had no reasons to reject him. He could only accept it.

“Then… Since you said so, I’ll go over to take a look…” San San took a deep breath in and clasped his two hands tightly together.

Mo Yun was very satisfied with his sensibility. “Boss San, you don’t need to feel that you’re in a difficult spot. Once you feel danger, you can just retreat.”

San San couldn’t die just yet. The Black Sword Sect still needed the herbs and pills he provided.

San San nodded. Of course, I know this! I am now Master’s little bank! I can’t sacrifice myself in such a place!

After making sufficient mental preparations, he finally raised his foot—

“Boss, let us go with you,” said Chu Liuyue suddenly.

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