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1864 Heart Ache

Yan Qing looked up and could only see that brilliant color—which was like a butterfly—rapidly disappearing into the courtyard.

Did I… anger her and chase her away? Yan Qing knitted his brows and reproached himself. No matter what, it isn’t good to misunderstand a young lady like this. It seems like I can only find an opportunity to apologize to her later.

Xiao Ba hurriedly returned to her own room.

She fell head-first onto her soft bed and prepared to sleep, but the moment she closed her eyes, the previous scene kept replaying in her mind.


“… I was indeed worried that Miss Xiao Ba was taken advantage of.”

Yan Qing had always been a man of few words. Normally, even after she teased him on purpose repeatedly, she would rarely receive his reply. In most circumstances, he always replied with silence or chased her away with a few words.

Today was the day when he talked to her the most. Besides, it didn’t sound like anything good.

Xiao Ba lifted her blanket in frustration and covered her head.

The surroundings were pitch black, and it was so silent that she could only hear her own breathing. But for some reason, she thought of that icy face that revealed embarrassment and that pair of usually nonchalant and calm, yet especially clear and genuine eyes today…

“How annoying!” Xiao Ba suddenly lifted her blanket and sat up. This Yan Qing actually misunderstood me—


The door was pushed open.

Xiao Ba was taken aback and hurriedly looked over. When she saw that it was Cen Yi, she relaxed and angrily said, “Big Brother, why didn’t you knock when you came in?! You scared me!”

Cen Yi knocked on the door. “Your door wasn’t locked.”

Xiao Ba glanced at it and realized that she had entered in too much of a hurry and had only closed it. “…But I want to sleep! I didn’t sleep the entire night!”

Cen Yi walked over and raised his brows slightly upon hearing this. “I came over because I thought you couldn’t sleep.”

Xiao Ba was stifled.

She really couldn’t say anything against her conscience to her big brother. At this point, she really had no hint of lethargy at all.

She helplessly leaned against the head of the bed. “But I wanted to catch up on my sleep…”

Cen Yi knocked against the desk. “It’s not too late to sleep after you explain what happened.”

Originally, he wasn’t so anxious, but he saw Xiao Ba’s situation and knew that she couldn’t sleep in a short while. Hence, he came over early to solve the matter.

Xiao Ba glanced at him with grievances. “Big Brother, you’re really not letting go of any chance to pressure me—”

Cen Yi leaned against the chair, and his expression was nonchalant as the corner of his lips curled up. “Yeah. I’m not like Lord Yan Qing, who will have his heart ache for you.”

“Big Brother!” Xiao Ba instantly felt like a cat whose tail was stepped on as she jumped down from the bed. “You heard all of it?!”

We had clearly walked to the side at that time! That’s not right—that isn’t the main point! The important thing is: what nonsense is Big Brother saying?!

“No, I really didn’t hear what you said.” Cen Yi looked relaxed. “Thirteen and the rest didn’t hear it either.”

Xiao Ba glared at him warningly.

“Yan Qing came to me himself and apologized.”

The corner of Xiao Ba’s lips twitched as she collapsed onto the bed hopelessly. I knew it…

Cen Yi sized her up. In his impression, Xiao Ba had always been charming and flirtatious, and he had never seen her so frustrated.

“Okay, I won’t tease you anymore. Let’s talk about yesterday’s situation.” Cen Yi changed the topic back.

Xiao Ba spent a long time accepting the information contained in his few sentences. It seems like some people are really born stupid. He can’t be saved at all!

She sat up with much difficulty, and her entire person was not well.

After sitting quietly for a while, she energized herself with much difficulty. “…After you came back yesterday, I went to the Black Sword Sect…”

Of course, she didn’t use the main entrance but the side one. The guards at the side entrance were more relaxed and easier to target.

At the very beginning, those two guards were still very alert when they saw her. However, Xiao Ba was really pretty, and with her flirtatiousness, she just had to reveal a slightly aggrieved expression to easily make those people let their guards down.

In actual fact, it wasn’t the first time they had seen such a scene.

The Black Sword Sect was on the crest of a wave in Peach Blossom Dock. Even though they had many haters, there were also many people who wanted to join them and be a part of the Black Sword Sect.

Even if one couldn’t enter, it was good if one could be related to the people in the Black Sword Sect. Hence, even though these guards didn’t have high status in the Black Sword Sect, many people still yearned to be them.

Quite a few people exhausted all means just to make them happy. Among them, there were also many beautiful women that weren’t talented enough and took the initiative to find them.

When they saw Xiao Ba, they naturally thought that she was such a person and weren’t very guarded.

One just had to think to know the ending.

Xiao Ba curled her fingers slightly and used some herbs to charm those men to say everything.

“From yesterday onward, the Black Sword Sect sent many people to Blue Peak, but they couldn’t return in the end. All died. Later on, Mo Yun seemed to realize that this was wrong and didn’t send any more people over. However, he didn’t return and is still guarding Blue Peak.” Xiao Ba held her chin. “With such a huge matter, everyone in the Black Sword Sect is quite panicked, and nobody cares about Master and the rest.”

Although she didn’t go in, she also found out quite a bit of relevant information. After all, it was the first time Black Sword Sect allowed San San to bring people in and even grounded them in the residence.

Additionally, the matter was chaotic. The news spread quite quickly in private, and one could easily know about it.

“I think that at the very least, Master and the rest won’t be in much danger for now,” said Xiao Ba definitely.

Cen Yi nodded.

This was about the same as they had predicted. The only thing they didn’t expect was that Blue Peak’s fire was even harder to deal with than expected, and it troubled Mo Yun for so long.

“That’s great. Now that the Black Sword Sect can’t take care of themselves, and Master and the others are there, we’ve saved on quite a bit of trouble.” Cen Yi pondered for a moment and muttered, “Blue Peak’s fire will probably cause Mo Yun’s head to ache…”

Xiao Ba strangely asked, “Oh, right. Speaking of this, Big Brother, do you know what’s with the fire? I heard that quite a few people in Peach Blossom Dock went over. Why don’t we—”

Cen Yi shook his head. “There are already enough people crowding there. Let’s just silently observe the changes.”

After all, that fire was extremely similar to the one in San San’s body, and San San and the others were trapped in the Black Sword Sect because of that. At this point, they had to steer clear of all relations with Blue Peak.

Xiao Ba was slightly disappointed but felt that he made sense after deeper thought. “Okay then.”

Cen Yi stood up. “Okay, you should rest first. You don’t have to care about the remaining matters.”

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