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1853 Wildfire

Upon seeing this, Chu Liuyue’s pupils constricted as she instantly understood something. No wonder their states looked very strange just now—it turned out that the power of the flames had already invaded their bodies.

The internal fire burns and not only consumes their force crazily, but it will also burn and devour their bones, tendons, and bloodline inch by inch. A normal person would probably not be able to endure such pain.

At this moment, the power of the flames rose again and broke through the limit that person could withstand. He naturally exploded and died. With this one dead, the remaining few… are obviously not far away.

Sure enough, just as this thought flashed through her mind, an explosion sounded again!

Another one died. This time, there wasn’t even the slightest time to react.


Mo Lin drew his sword from his waist.

The people behind him were originally in deep shock. Seeing his actions, they hurriedly drew their swords. However, their movements were a little weak, and their eyes were filled with panic and confusion.

Obviously, everything that happened had exceeded their expectations, and they were all stunned.

Wary, Chu Liuyue was about to take action when Rong Xiu suddenly pinched her hand gently. “There’s no hurry.”

These people’s goal isn’t the humans. Instead, it is this strange flame!

His movements were very light. Moreover, Mo Lin and the others were focused there, so they didn’t notice the exchange between the two of them.

Chu Liuyue quietly retracted her aura.

She looked at the ground again and suddenly thought of a problem. Where did this flame… come from? On the surface, the flames seem to be coming from the rocks, but… what about below? This is halfway up the mountain. If this flame was really suppressed below, then… Why did it suddenly come out now?

For some reason, she suddenly recalled the scene in the small space.

The black shield’s rust peeled off, and a ghostly blue flaming grotto-heaven came burning upside-down.


A loud sound suddenly echoed!

Shocked, she looked over and saw that the blue flames had suddenly erupted! It almost formed a huge wall of fire!

“Quickly retreat!” San San shouted anxiously. At the same time, he quickly turned around and headed straight for them.

His round hands quickly waved in midair, swiftly condensing a barrier! It protected the three of them!

A violent force swept over! The next moment, it slammed into the barrier set up by San San!

San San’s face turned pale, and he immediately spat out a mouthful of blood!

Chu Liuyue’s eyes darkened, and she immediately went forward.

However, Rong Xiu was faster than her. With a wave of his sleeve, a gentle force supported San San’s body.

With help, San San was able to catch his breath. He turned around and coughed up a few more mouthfuls of blood.

Chu Liuyue quickly went forward and handed over a pill. “Boss, are you alright?”

She grabbed San San’s wrist. A gentle and powerful force surged into his body and quickly suppressed the chaotic energy in his body.

San San looked up, flattered. Just as he was about to thank them, he remembered their identities and quickly swallowed the rest of his words. “I-I’m fine!”

He coughed and silently opened his mouth at her with his back facing Mo Lin and the others.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him.

Although San San looked disheveled and pale, his eyes were clear, and his breathing was relatively stable. Presumably, his internal force wasn’t injured.

Only then did she let go and take half a step back.

What she didn’t know was that the reason why San San wasn’t injured was that when the power of the flames collided crazily, it seemed to be… especially lenient to him. Even though the flames had been fighting him previously, they didn’t have any killing intent toward him.

This feeling was very subtle.

He hadn’t noticed at first. He only realized it later when he saw how easily the flames had ended the lives of those people.

San San thought about it carefully and guessed that the reason why the flames were like this was precisely because he was related to that small space and had a flame of the same origin in his body.

He was secretly glad, but he also knew that this couldn’t be seen through by Mo Lin and the others. Otherwise, it would really be hard to explain himself. Hence, San San took a deep breath and looked at Mo Lin and the others nervously. “Lord Mo Lin! Are you alright?”

Mo Lin and the others’ current situation was much worse than him. They all had seemingly serious injuries.

As the strongest among them, Mo Lin’s situation was slightly better, but blood was also flowing from the corner of his mouth. The hot flames had been so close to—

Hearing San San’s voice, he immediately looked up! His eyes were filled with undisguised anger! When San San fled just now, he didn’t care about us at all!

San San trembled under his gaze, but he cursed in his heart. What are you looking at? It’s only natural for me to protect my master! Do I have to risk my life to save you? Who do you think you are!?

“Lord Mo Lin… I was too anxious just now. I’m really sorry…” As San San spoke, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He looked miserable.

Mo Lin’s breath immediately choked in his chest.

Although he was angry, San San wasn’t one of them. When they were in danger, he naturally had no obligation to help them.

There was nothing to say about that, and he was in no position to even reprimand him.

“Hmph!” Mo Lin sneered and ignored San San. He just turned to look at the mountainside.

Just now, they had been overturned by the terrifying heat wave and retreated quite a distance. However, the few people trapped there earlier had already been engulfed by the flames and completely disappeared.

The blue flames were slightly restrained now. They surged out of the rocks and burned silently, about half the height of a person.

Cracks could be seen clearly on the ground!

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue’s heart sank because on the ground not far away, a piece of rock suddenly became transparent.

Below, another flame rose!

The flames were spreading!

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