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1854 Entering the Tiger’s Den

“Could it be that these flames really came from Blue Peak?” Mo Lin stared coldly at the spreading flames and muttered softly.

“My lord, what should we do now?” The people behind him looked worried and nervous.

Originally, they were here to save their people. Not only did they fail to do so, but they even made things worse…

Previously, the higher-ups had repeatedly reminded them that they had to be careful about all matters regarding Blue Peak. In the end…

Now that the mountain fire had started, it would definitely attract the attention of many people. In the end, they would probably have to bear the blame.

Mo Lin gritted his teeth. I didn’t expect things to turn out like this. It doesn’t matter if those people die, but if the flames continue to burn like this… Even I will have to bear the consequences!

“Return immediately!” Mo Lin made a prompt decision.

They had all experienced the power of the dark-blue flames just now. Even if all of them joined forces, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

Since that was the case, it was better to return immediately and ask for instructions. Even if they would be punished, it was better than making a scene.

The remaining people looked at each other secretly and saw the fear in each other’s eyes.

Mo Lin was fine; after all, his status was there. Even if he did something wrong, the deputy sect master wouldn’t do anything to him.

However, they were different—it was obvious what awaited them when they returned. But they didn’t dare to disobey Mo Lin’s orders and could only agree. “Okay.”

Mo Lin’s gaze turned and landed on San San and the others. “Boss San, please come with us.”

San San was more than half-involved in this matter. Of course, he had to follow them back to explain.

San San was extremely annoyed, but he knew that he had to go on this trip. He didn’t hesitate and nodded. “Of course, of course. It’s all because I’m not strong enough, so…”

He blamed himself and coughed as he spoke.

To others, he looked pale and haggard. He had really tried his best just now.

Mo Lin frowned. “Boss San, are you alright?”

San San quickly shook his head. “Cough—cough—cough—I’m fine. It’s just—cough—it’s just that my aura and blood aren’t smooth. I’ll be fine after I go back and recuperate for a while.”

As he spoke, he had reached Mo Lin’s side. “Lord Mo Lin, then… Then, let’s go now?”

However, Mo Lin didn’t move. He looked to the side at Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue, who weren’t far away.

San San’s heart skipped a beat. Then, as if he suddenly thought of something, he turned around and shouted at the two of them, “This is none of your business! Go back first—”

“Boss San.” Mo Lin interrupted him coldly. His tone was calm, but there was no room for rejection. “Since the two of them are also here, they naturally have to return with us to give the deputy sect master and the others an explanation.”

San San’s expression froze.

Just as he was in a difficult position, Chu Liuyue had already taken a step forward and nodded slightly. “Boss, since Lord Mo Lin has said so, let’s go together.”

San San’s hands tightened and relaxed, and his heart seemed to be clenched tightly by something. Sigh! Master still doesn’t know the personalities of these Black Sword Sect people! It’s easy to enter the Black Sword Sect, but it will be difficult to come out again! However, Mo Lin’s attitude is firm now. It’s obvious that he won’t let them go back easily.

He took a deep breath and pretended to be serious. “The Black Sword Sect isn’t a place you can go casually! Today, Lord Mo Lin gave you face! After we arrive, you must follow me closely and be careful with your words and actions! Don’t mess around! Don’t offend the lords! Do you understand?!”

With that, he looked at Mo Lin. “My lord, let’s go now? I think the fire is spreading quite quickly. We have to go back as soon as possible and report the situation!”

This sentence finally hit Mo Lin’s heart. He nodded and moved quickly in the direction of the Black Sword Sect.

San San turned around and gave the two of them a look.

The three of them followed at a moderate pace.

At Yue Manor.

The courtyard was silent.

Wu Yao was boxing.

Yu Jiu was swinging his sword.

Shi Fang went to the backyard to dig the ground.

Xiao Ba ran to the storeroom to look for herbs.

As for Thirteen, after breaking through, he had been cultivating in his room for the past few days. At this moment, he wasn’t around either.


Yu Jiu stabbed out and frowned. Then, he casually twirled his sword, put it away, and glanced in the direction of the door. “Fifth Brother, why aren’t Master and the others back yet?”

Wu Yao stopped and let out a long breath. “Didn’t Third Brother say that he brought Master and His Highness to Clear Water Cliff today? I heard that the small space is very big, so it’ll probably take a while to explore it. They won’t be back so soon, right?”

Yu Jiu shook his head. “Even so, there shouldn’t be zero movements until now… For some reason, I feel a little panicked.”

Wu Yao laughed. “It’s not the first time Master and His Highness have come to Peach Blossom Dock. With San San around, what are you worried about?”

Yu Jiu pursed his lips. Of course, I know this too. Except… I feel uneasy as if something is about to happen.

“Fifth Brother, why don’t I go take a look?”

Wu Yao hesitated. “Do you know how to get to Clear Water Cliff?”

Yu Jiu was instantly speechless.

Peach Blossom Dock was so big that even if one knew the general direction, the mountains were endless and would indeed waste a lot of time and energy.

“Anyway, Master and the others are here. I should be able to find them soon—”

As Yu Jiu spoke, he saw Cen Yi walking out of the house from the corner of his eye and hurriedly bowed. “Big Brother.”

Wu Yao also turned around. “Big Brother, why are you out?”

Cen Yi didn’t answer the two of them. He just stood under the porch and raised his head slightly to look at the distant sky.

His narrow, indifferent eyes narrowed slightly, as if he were thinking about something. That commotion just now…

“You don’t have to go,” Cen Yi suddenly said.

Yu Jiu was stunned for a moment before he realized that Cen Yi was talking about him. “Big Brother, are Master and the others coming back?”

Cen Yi pondered for a moment. “…I’m afraid they won’t be able to return for a while.”

This time, Wu Yao’s expression changed. What does he mean? Could it be that Master and the others are in trouble?

Cen Yi shook his head at the two. “All of you stay here for the time being. Everything will be fine. If anyone comes to investigate, as long as they don’t come in, don’t attack easily. I’ll go out for a while.”

With that, he disappeared without waiting for the two of them to ask any more questions!

Yu Jiu and Wu Yao looked at each other.

“From Big Brother’s reaction… I’m afraid there’s really going to be trouble!”

Wu Yao was silent for a moment. “Don’t worry. Master won’t suffer a loss. Let’s just wait here in peace!”

At the Black Sword Sect.

Chu Liuyue looked up at the three words on the plaque.

The strokes were powerful and filled with killing intent!

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