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1852 Leaving Him in the Lurch

There was no wind around.

Everyone was waiting quietly.


The cracking sounds came one after another, and the cracks on the ground quickly expanded like a spider web.

The flames below danced even more violently. Like a trapped beast that had been restrained for too long, it finally smelled freedom and began to fret.

San San’s expression was solemn, and cold sweat quickly broke out on his forehead. This was because he realized that the situation seemed to be worse than he had expected.

His force was being consumed at an alarming rate, but the flames below still hadn’t come out. What worried him even more was that he could vaguely sense that the aura and pressure of the dark-blue flames suppressed below seemed to be superior to his!

Even if he barely managed to save the people inside, he would probably have to pay a considerable price!

Thinking of that scene, San San’s heart ached again. Wasn’t I just lucky enough to obtain a small space?

Do these people have to torture me like this? It’s fine if they ask me for so many natural treasures, but now, they even handed such a matter to me… I just want to open a small business and earn some money!

Unfortunately, Mo Lin and the others were staring at him from the side. Moreover, his master and His Highness were also there, giving him no chance to escape.

San San sighed in his heart. I have to settle this matter today no matter what. Otherwise… Master and the others will probably be implicated by me!

Thinking of this, he took a deep breath and circulated the force in his body even more crazily!

The flames in his palm burned even more fiercely.


With a flip of his wrist, the flames in his hand flew out and transformed into a fire whip in midair. Immediately after, the fire whip swung down!

It hit the transparent mountain rock!


In an instant, the stone shattered!

The flames suppressed inside began to sweep out crazily! They quickly twisted into a ball with the fire whip that San San used!


Sparks flew everywhere!

The two sides fought fiercely!

Everyone present was shocked.

They were clearly identical flames, but they were mutually incompatible!

At this moment, Mo Lin finally believed what San had said. It seems that the flames buried in the mountain really have nothing to do with him, and they are indeed not something he can control.


San San gritted his teeth and threw out another fire whip, pressing down again!

The strength of both sides was barely equal at this moment!

“Quick!” he shouted anxiously.

The few people trapped in the circle of fire were already stunned by what they saw. Hearing this, they finally reacted and rushed out.

But just as they were about to step out, a dark-blue flame suddenly broke through the seal of power and burned fiercely!


The flame burned rapidly and instantly reached the height of a person!

“Ah—” The young man at the front was caught off-guard and was hit by the heat wave of the flames. He screamed and took a few steps back, covering his face as he fell to the ground.

Chu Liuyue glanced at him.

Most of the young man’s body was already tainted by the dark-blue flames.

The intense burning pain swept over him, almost consuming him.

He beat frantically at the flames around him, trying to get out of the pain. However, this flame wasn’t ordinary. How could it be extinguished so easily?

The people beside him quickly retreated. Seeing this, they seemed to hesitate and wanted to step forward, but nobody really moved.

Clearly, they were also afraid of being implicated.

It was too late to dodge, so why would they go forward and die?

Mo Lin frowned and tightened his grip on the sword at his waist, but when he saw the young man’s miserable state from the burn, a hint of hesitation flashed across his eyes. In the end, he pressed down.

There was no point in saving him now that things had come to this.

The young man’s heart-wrenching cry of pain was almost enough to make one’s heart tremble. However, the people from the Black Sword Sect actually chose to ignore him, be it inside or outside the circle of fire.

Chu Liuyue lowered her eyes to hide the mockery in them. The Black Sword Sect is really like San San said. They are all unreasonable, cruel, and bloody people. Just because they were worried that it would affect them, they all chose to stand by without hesitation. It is really…

After a while, the young man’s voice gradually softened. His entire body was already frozen in place, easily engulfed by the blue flames.

This was what it meant to be burned alive!

Chu Liuyue frowned and suddenly had a question. Mo Lin and the others don’t seem to care about the lives of these people. Then, why did they spend so much effort to invite San San over? They even said that he had to save these people?

Her gaze landed on the flames that emerged from under the rocks again. Their real goal has probably never been humans…

San San gritted his teeth and circulated the remaining force in his body again. He waved a ball of fire, wanting to suppress the cluster of flames that suddenly appeared.

However, his strength was limited. After entangling for a while, his flames were devoured by the other party.

His heart turned cold. I’m really no match for this flame!

Seeing this scene, the remaining people didn’t dare to step forward rashly.

The previous one had already died miserably! They didn’t want to follow in his footsteps!

The scene fell into a stalemate.

San San was angry and anxious. I really can’t save these people! They missed such a good opportunity just now, and now, they are even more timid and didn’t dare to come out. How can I easily bring them out with my own strength?!

However, he didn’t dare to rush Mo Lin either.

Anyway, these are their people. As long as they see that I have done my best, it will be fine. As for whether it will work… Mo Lin didn’t even make a move just now. As an outsider, what is there to care about?!

Thinking of this, San San hurriedly took out a pill and consumed it to replenish his force. Then, he tried to suppress the flames again!

The result was, of course, failure.

Not only did the aura and pressure of the flames that emerged from the rocks not decrease as time passed, but they seemed to have become stronger!

San San was only barely on par with the other party to begin with. Now that the enemy was stronger than him, the scales of victory naturally began to tilt.

Waves of exhaustion came from his body.

San San finally couldn’t help but say, “Lord Mo Lin, I’m afraid… I can’t hold on much longer!”

Mo Lin’s expression turned even colder. I thought that bringing him over would successfully resolve the matter, but I didn’t expect it to still not work…


Another cluster of flames rushed out!

San San’s defense line gradually collapsed.

As the flames burned crazily, the few people trapped inside suffered.

Finally, one of them seemed unable to take it anymore. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

The next moment, a cluster of flames suddenly exploded from his body!

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