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1819 Married

She was wearing a red wedding dress and a phoenix crown. Her eyebrows were like a painting, and her skin was like ice and jade.

All the light around seemed to fall on her, making her look charming and mesmerizing.

Cen Yi smiled and looked away.

This wedding banquet lasted for a long time.

After Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen sat for a while, they left one after another. They had never interacted much with the human race. It was already very rare for them to come once for Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue.

Yi Zhao didn’t like such a crowded and lively scene. Seeing that Tuan Zi was indeed fine, he was relieved and bade farewell alongside Elder Yi Yu.

Miao Zhen was better. He had been trapped in the coiling dragon pillar for a thousand years and had been very lonely. Coupled with the fact that he had been busy dealing with many problems left behind by Miao Yang on Godly Dragon Island recently…

He had a rare moment of leisure, so he stayed here for a while longer.

He didn’t leave until late afternoon.

After the two of them left, the atmosphere in Tongshen Palace returned to normal.

Many people heaved a sigh of relief, but they were also regretful.

It was rare to see these two, but they couldn’t even say a word, let alone build a relationship.

Obviously, they were here to support the two newlyweds. In the face of such a situation, what else could they do but be envious?

Later, everyone bade farewell one after another. It was about evening when all the guests left.

There was also a grand fireworks display at night. Everyone gathered in the square in front of Tongshen Palace.

In the black night sky, countless dazzling fireworks bloomed.

The entire Sky-Cloud Empire was brightly lit and immersed in the enthusiastic atmosphere of cheers.

Chu Liuyue looked up at this scene.

Rong Xiu glanced sideways at her.

The fireworks illuminated her face, which was as bright as jade, making her dark jade-like eyes look like thousands of stars were inside.

He gripped her hand tightly and interlaced his fingers with hers. “Yue’er, what are you thinking about?”

Chu Liuyue looked back at him. “I’m thinking of you.”

Her red lips curled into a smile, and her eyes curved upward. “Husband, I’m thinking of you.”

Rong Xiu’s heart stopped for a moment. There was nothing more touching than her words.

A moment later, his eyes flickered, and he leaned closer. “What did you say?”

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly but refused to say anything. She just looked at him with a smile.

Rong Xiu’s slightly rough fingers caressed her hand gently as he coaxed, “Yue’er, say it again. Your husband didn’t hear you clearly just now.”

Chu Liuyue’s smile was even deeper. If he hadn’t heard me, would he call himself my ‘husband?’

Seeing that she was unwilling, Rong Xiu’s eyes darkened. Immediately, a meaningful smile appeared on his handsome and devilish face.

He took her hand and turned to leave.

Yan Qing, who was standing at the side, saw this and immediately went forward to ask, “Your Highness?”

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows and said calmly, “I’m drunk, so I’ll go back and rest first.”

Chu Liuyue’s face instantly turned red. How is he drunk!? Yes, Rong Xiu had drunk a lot previously, but he was still talking to me with clear eyes just now. Who would believe him if he said that he was drunk in the blink of an eye?

Yan Qing wanted to ask more, but Yu Mo suddenly pulled him back. He turned around and saw the latter frantically giving him a look.

What are you doing? Can’t you tell what’s going on!?

Yan Qing immediately came back to his senses. A rare hint of embarrassment appeared on his ice-cold face. I really forgot…

“Pfft.” A woman’s coquettish laugh suddenly sounded from the side. “So there are times when Lord Yan Qing’s brain doesn’t turn.”

Yan Qing turned around.

The person who spoke was a woman in a colorful dress. He remembered that this woman was one of the princess consort’s subordinates.

Hearing the other party’s mockery, he thought nothing of it and quickly looked away.

His ice-cold face returned.

Xiao Ba snorted in her heart. Then, she simply walked forward and waved her hand in front of his eyes. “I’m talking to you!”

As she approached, a fragrant wind blew. Her arms, as skinny as jade lotus roots, swayed in front of his eyes, and the colorful string bells on her slender wrists tinkled.

Yan Qing frowned and took half a step back. “Miss Xiao Ba, the mountain wind is cold at night. Remember to put on more clothes.”

Xiao Ba was furious. Is he insulting my outfit? I have always dressed like this, and I look beautiful. What is wrong?!

When ordinary men see me like this, their eyes will widen, and they will be seduced. However, not only did Yan Qing directly ignore my question, but he also ignored my figure!

“I’m fine! You don’t have to worry about me!”

When Xiao Ba was angry, she was still beautiful and enchanting. Even when she glared, she still had a hint of seductiveness. Therefore, this gaze didn’t harm Yan Qing at all.

He nodded. “In that case, I’ll take my leave first. Miss Xiao Ba, have fun.”

With that, he really turned around and left.

Xiao Ba was left alone in the wind.

“Eighth Sister, this is the first time a man has ignored you, right?” Shi Fang leaned over and looked at Yan Qing from afar with admiration. “As expected of His Highness’s trusted aide. He’s clear-headed and strong-willed. Sigh, Eighth Sister—”


Xiao Ba backhanded Shi Fang’s face.

Shi Fang groaned and almost died.

“If you don’t speak, nobody will think you’re mute!” After saying this, Xiao Ba floated away like a colorful cloud.

Shi Fang’s eyes stung. Tears welled up in his eyes from the beating, and he sounded very aggrieved. “Eighth Sister…”

I was just saying it casually…

Yu Jiu patted his shoulder sympathetically. “Shi Fang, let’s go back and farm properly. Eat more vegetables and talk less. Oh right, I forgot that you can’t eat for a month.”

Tsk, how pitiful.

Cen Yi walked past slowly, his green clothes fluttering in the wind. “If you’re done playing, go back and cultivate.”


Rong Xiu brought Chu Liuyue back to Jishen Palace.

The mountain breeze blew on her face and finally blew away some of the heat.

However, Chu Liuyue’s heart was still beating rapidly. Fortunately, not long after the fireworks started, Ancestor and the others went back separately. Otherwise, this scene…

“Rong Xiu—”

Because of the wedding, Jishen Palace was decorated luxuriously and exquisitely.

Glazed palace lamps hung from the ceiling. Faint light scattered down, reflecting a brilliant light.

“Greetings, Your Highness, Princess Consort!” The black-armored guards bowed.

Chu Liuyue swallowed the rest of her words and obediently followed Rong Xiu to the main hall of Jishen Palace.

This was Rong Xiu’s residence. She had also stayed here for a while before, so she was quite familiar with this place.

Except… she wasn’t familiar with this side of Rong Xiu.

The room had long been redecorated.

On the bed were long-prepared dragon and phoenix blankets with gauze curtains hanging down.

The red candles burned brightly as light and shadows intertwined. Everything seemed to be shrouded in an indescribable ambiguity.

Chu Liuyue was dazed.


The door was unlocked.

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