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1820 A Sleepless Night

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly skipped a beat along with the candle flame.

Footsteps approached from behind as if stepping on her heart, until a pair of arms wrapped around her waist from behind.

Rong Xiu pulled her into his arms and rested his chin on her shoulder as he sighed.

Their breaths met.

He did indeed smell of intoxication and alcohol. When mixed with that faint cold fragrance, it seemed to create an irresistible fatal attraction.

Chu Liuyue suddenly felt at ease. She reached out and folded her hand with Rong Xiu’s.

“Yue’er.” Rong Xiu’s voice was low and pleasant, even a little hoarse. “You’re mine.”

He was gentle, firm, and domineering.

Chu Liuyue’s heart seemed to be filled with something. She smiled warmly and said, “Yes. I’m yours, and you’re mine.”

They had each other. They belonged to each other.

“I’ve waited a long time for this day. A long time…” Rong Xiu whispered. He spoke very slowly as if he were really drunk or thinking back to something, enshrouded in distant longing.

Chu Liuyue’s heart suddenly softened.

“Call me that again.” Rong Xiu was almost whispering into her ear. Thus, every syllable and every breath fell clearly in her ears and in her heart.

Heat landed on her ears and neck, making her feel slightly itchy.

She couldn’t help but laugh and shrink her neck. “Husband? Husband? Anyway, from now on, there will be plenty of opportunities to call you that. You—”

Rong Xiu suddenly bit her delicate earlobe. The tip of his tongue curled slightly, and there was a scorching heat.

Her voice suddenly stopped and turned into a small murmur.

Rong Xiu hugged her tighter, his voice hoarse. Faint syllables scattered. “But I really want to hear it tonight…”

A sleepless night.

Ling Xiao Academy.

It was already late at night, and a bright moon was hanging high in the sky.

It flowed quietly like water.

In the room, a person stood alone by the window. The moonlight lengthened his figure.

His figure was upright. His face was hidden behind the shadow of the carved window, making it unclear.

Deep in his eyes, there was a thick coldness that couldn’t be dispelled.

Suddenly, the void behind him began to fluctuate! Then, a figure appeared in the room—it was Yi Wenzhuo.

“Hateful!” As soon as Yi Wenzhuo came out of the void, he could not help but curse.

The indifference on Jun Jiuqing’s face quickly faded. His eyebrows rose slightly as he turned and bowed. “Master, you’re back.”

His usual expression had returned to his devilish and flirtatious face.

Yi Wenzhuo did not notice this as he slammed the table hatefully. “This master and disciple are really extremely cunning!”

Previously, he had sensed Nan Suhuai’s departure and secretly followed him out. But not long after, Nan Suhuai seemed to have sensed his presence and used some tricks to shake him off. After that, he searched for a long time but could not find Nan Suhuai.

In the end, he heard that Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue were getting married! As her master, Nan Suhuai had personally gone to congratulate her!

What was even more hateful was that the clan leaders of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan and the great phoenix dragon clan had actually gone too!

From now on, the entire God Residence Realm would know that they had these two backers! It would be even more difficult to deal with them!

“I don’t know what method Shangguan Yue used… However, not only did she make Yi Zhao agree to her contract with that red-gold heavenly phoenix, but she also made Yi Zhao choose it as the young mistress!”

Yi Wenzhuo knew very well that the red-gold heavenly phoenix had broken through from the red-tailed phoenix, so the position of young mistress must have been added later.

What were Yi Zhao and the elders of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan thinking?! They actually chose a red-gold heavenly phoenix that has already contracted with the human race to be the young mistress!

Jun Jiuqing said indifferently, “Her luck has always been good.”

Yi Wenzhuo still could not accept this. With this relationship, it will be even harder for them to do anything to Shangguan Yue in the future.

“Did you know that Nan Suhuai personally gave away two green jade tokens at their wedding? Moreover, he said that she was his only disciple!” Yi Wenzhuo gritted his teeth. “He’s clearly trying to pass the position of director to her!”

Jun Jiuqing was silent for a moment.

Actually, they should’ve realized this long ago. Back then, Nan Suhuai did not hide his admiration and love for Chu Liuyue.

Now that she had returned again, her talent and strength were even greater than before. Of course, Nan Suhuai valued her even more, not to mention that she had several backers now.

Not to mention Yi Wenzhuo, even the various aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm would probably not dare to do anything to her in the future.

The room fell silent.

Yi Wenzhuo took a few deep breaths and tried his best to calm down. Then, he suddenly thought of something and looked up at Jun Jiuqing.

His eyes were sizing the latter up and probing. “You knew about their wedding today, right?”

Jun Jiuqing nodded his head and seemed to laugh. “The Sky-Cloud Empire sent out invitations widely. Other than those who have completely fallen out with them, they invited all the other famous figures. Now, who wouldn’t know about it?”

Yi Wenzhuo looked at him suspiciously. “You… don’t have any thoughts?”

Although he had always reminded Jun Jiuqing not to care about that woman, the latter was still his disciple after all. He could still guess what he was thinking.

Jun Jiuqing raised his eyebrows. “I don’t dare to forget Master’s teachings. Besides, they’re already married, so there’s nothing else to say.”

Yi Wenzhuo stared at him for a long time before nodding in relief. “It’s not bad for you to think that way. There are many women in the world. Jiuqing, as long as you can rise to the top, you can have any woman you want.”

Jun Jiuqing smiled and lowered his eyes to hide the emotions in them.

Yi Wenzhuo asked again, “Your aura seems to have strengthened a lot. Did you break through again?”

Jun Jiuqing nodded.

Yi Wenzhuo knocked on the table. “That’s good. Anyways, there’s no need to stay in the academy. We’ll go back tomorrow. You should snatch back what originally belongs to you!”

A dark glint flashed across Jun Jiuqing’s eyes as he nodded. “Yes.”

Jishen Palace.

It was still morning.

White mountain mist surged back and forth, making the entire Jishen Palace seem like an illusion.

Amidst the mist, a muscular and agile huge white figure leaped toward Jishen Palace—it was Xue Xue.

As usual, it headed for the window, only to find it locked and protected by a barrier. There was no other way in.

Xue Xue’s face fell, and it had no choice but to lie down under the window. It clasped its claws in boredom as it waited for the person inside to come out.

In the room, under the big red brocade blanket, Chu Liuyue’s hair was sprawled messily on the bed.

She opened her eyes in a daze. “Who…”

Her voice was very hoarse, and because she was still sleepy, it was especially soft.

Rong Xiu kissed her between her eyebrows and coaxed her in a low voice, “No one. You didn’t sleep well at night; get some sleep first.”

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