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1818 Drinking

Cen Yi glanced at him. “Eat your food.”

Thirteen shrank his neck and said obediently, “Yes.”

It seems that Big Brother doesn’t intend to say anything for the time being… However, Big Brother has always been a strategist and definitely has his own plans. It’s not my place to worry.

Thirteen’s gaze fell on the wine glass beside him.

Inside was clear wine that glowed.

He licked his lips, his eyes tinged with curiosity. “Big Brother, can I drink?”

Cen Yi didn’t turn around. “No.”

Thirteen had expected this outcome, but he still hesitated for a moment. “Then… just one sip?”

Cen Yi glanced at him. “If you can beat me, I’ll let you drink.”

Thirteen was instantly discouraged. Big Brother always says that!

In the past, Thirteen had no experience. Every time he felt that he had improved, he would think that he could win and excitedly run to compete with his big brother. However, he always faced a crushing defeat without exception.

If I want to outrun Big Brother… Who knows how long it will take!?

Seeing his rather disappointed expression, Shi Fang immediately couldn’t bear to see him like this. “Big Brother, Little Thirteen is still a child! It’s fine to let him take a sip! There are so many of us here!”

Xiao Ba’s beautiful eyes flickered as she gave Shi Fang a thumbs-up. A real warrior. Not only did he dare to raise his opinion with Big Brother, but he also dared to raise his opinion about letting Little Thirteen drink.

Shi Fang’s heart skipped a beat when Xiao Ba looked at him like that. Only then did he remember some tragic past and hurriedly said, “No, no. What I mean is—if Big Brother thinks it’s not suitable, then forget it! Forget it! Thirteen, if you really want to drink, how about I make you rice wine?”

Thirteen revealed a rare speechless expression.

Xiao Ba rolled her eyes again.

Wu Yao finally stopped eating.

Yu Jiu poked him. “Thirteen is in a daze. Shi Fang is also confused?”

Could it be that Shi Fang has become stupid from farming? How could he say that?

Wu Yao swallowed the last mouthful of meat and sighed. “This is delicious.”

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to eat it again today.

“Shi Fang,” Cen Yi suddenly called.

Shi Fang shuddered. “Yes, Big Brother?”

“No food for a month.”

Shi Fang’s face instantly fell. “No, Big Brother, I really didn’t mean that! Please just listen casually and don’t take it to heart! The vegetables I planted over there will be ready to eat in a few days!”

I have been hungry for a long time! How am I going to survive another month?

However, Cen Yi didn’t care if he lived or died.

“Tenth Brother, I’m sorry…” Thirteen looked guilty. If it weren’t for the fact that he was speaking up for me, Tenth Brother wouldn’t have been punished like this.

Thirteen felt aggrieved and guilty. I just wanted to give it a try…

“Master doesn’t like you to drink,” Cen Yi suddenly said indifferently.

Stunned, Thirteen looked up at him in surprise. “Really?”

I have never heard Master mention it before.

Cen Yi frowned. “The last time you accidentally drank, Master was worried for days.”

Cen Yi blushed.

Although this had happened several years ago, and he couldn’t quite remember what had happened at that time, if it made his master worry… It was better not to drink.

“Big Brother, I know my mistake.” Thirteen lowered his head and admitted his mistake obediently.

Cen Yi nodded in satisfaction.

This matter was finally over.

The remaining people looked at each other. Tsk, Little Thirteen is too pitiful. Master won’t even know if he drank, let alone dislike it. In terms of scheming, who can be a match for Big Brother?

Poor baby.

Cen Yi looked up at Chu Liuyue.

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