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1817 Say It

These words were like an extremely sharp knife that pierced through the last of Nan Yifan’s concealment! It peeled off his flesh, revealing his bloody insides!

He swayed, but his face turned even paler. However, even he had to admit that the other party was right.

Over the years, he seemed to dote on Nan Yiyi more on the surface. But in reality, he had always placed his hopes on Nan Yuxing to inherit the heavy responsibility.

If Nan Yuxing died, all his hard work in the past few decades would be in vain! So now, he finally made this extremely difficult decision.

Nan Yifan fell to the ground as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out of him. Soon, his entire body was enveloped in a gray aura of despair.

“You made a wise decision,” the other party praised.

Nan Yifan panted and said weakly, “I… I want to go back and talk to Yiyi…”

“Why go through so much trouble?” The other party interrupted him. “I know you’re a smart person, so… I’ve already brought Nan Yiyi over.”

Nan Yifan suddenly raised his head!

A gust of wind shook the reeds.

In the depths of the black swamp, a person wrapped in black fog was flying over!

Nan Yifan recognized at a glance that the person inside was his daughter—Nan Yiyi!

“Sect Master! This—” After the shock, Nan Yifan could not help but feel furious. Did he already have designs on Yiyi?

“Calm down. Your precious daughter is very scheming. When I found her, she wasn’t in the Nan family but on a mountain peak not far away from the Sky-Cloud Empire. At this point, she still thinks she can take revenge with her own abilities.”

Nan Yifan pursed his lips tightly and said nothing. This is indeed something Nan Yiyi could do. When she was arrogant and willful in the past, I would at most criticize her a little and never really take it seriously. It was probably because of this that she is so naive and even foolish.

He looked at Nan Yiyi, who was trapped in the black fog.

At this moment, her eyes were closed as if she was still unconscious.

Her eyebrows knitted together as if she had sensed something. Then, her lashes fluttered.

She was about to wake up.

“Do you want to talk to her?” the voice asked.

Nan Yifan clenched his fists, his bones creaking. Finally, he loosened his hands dejectedly. “There’s no need.”

These few words seemed to take all his strength to say it.

The next second, the black fog quickly entered Nan Yiyi’s body!


Instantly, blood splattered everywhere!

Nan Yifan blacked out.

The Sky-Cloud Empire.

That small setback didn’t attract everyone’s attention.

The appearance of Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen had greatly changed the atmosphere in Tongshen Palace. Most people became more reserved.

Actually, there were many people here who wanted to take the opportunity to get close to Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen and even build a relationship with them. After all, they didn’t even have the chance to see these two usually.

Now that the two were here, these people naturally didn’t want to waste the opportunity. However, this matter was easy to say but extremely difficult to do.

There were too many people in Tongshen Palace. Those who could appear here were basically all famous figures in the God Residence Realm.

They all knew very well who would be the first to step forward. Besides, even if someone dared to risk it and go forward to say a few words in front of everyone, they would still face a very serious problem.

Yi Zhao and Miao Zhen sat facing each other. Who should they look for first?

Although the atmosphere between the two sides looked very harmonious at this moment, everyone present was smart. They wouldn’t really think that the great phoenix dragon clan and the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan would be as close as family from now on!

If they tried to please one party first, they would inevitably offend the other.

Both sides were evenly matched, and neither of them was someone they could afford to provoke! Hence, everyone fell into a dilemma.

In the end, nobody moved.

Many people looked at Chu Liuyue eagerly. They wondered what method she had used to build a good relationship with both clans at the same time!

In a slightly remote corner of the hall, Cen Yi and the others sat together.

They were also invited to this banquet.

Originally, Chu Liuyue planned to arrange for them to be seated at the front. After all, there weren’t many people here to begin with. Moreover, Cen Yi and the others had followed her through life and death for many years.

In her heart, the Thirteen Yue Guard was no less important than her family. No, it should be said that she had long treated them as her family.

She wanted to give them the best. However, this suggestion was rejected by Cen Yi.

When Chu Liuyue asked for the reason, Cen Yi only replied indifferently, “I don’t like noise.”

Chu Liuyue knew the few of them very well and knew that they didn’t like to attract too much attention. If they stayed at the back, they would probably be more at ease. After thinking for a moment, she agreed.

“Sigh, when will my vegetables grow…” Shi Fang stared at the various delicacies in front of him, but he had no appetite at all and even had a bitter expression.

Wu Yao and Yu Jiu ignored him and ate happily at the side.

Xiao Ba stopped eating after eating a little.

Shi Fang was very touched. “Eighth Sister, you also think my cooking is the best, don’t you?”

Xiao Ba rested her chin on one hand and said lazily, “No. I’m on a diet.”

Shi Fang: “…”

Cen Yi’s expression was always indifferent and distant. He never cared much about these small matters.

Thirteen took a bite of the snack and couldn’t help but lean closer. “Big Brother, when do you plan to tell Master about that?”

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