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1804 I Came to Marry You

That night, Chu Liuyue slept very well. She even had a very long dream.

In the dream, it was mostly scenes of her getting to know Rong Xiu and falling in love. Those scenes kept flashing across her mind, and every single one of them looked fresh as if it had just happened the day before.

At this point, Chu Liuyue then recalled that she and him were once more than miles apart. Yet, they still ended up together in the end.

Those who were meant to be together would end up holding each other’s hands no matter what.

In the morning, knocks were heard from outside.

“Liuyue! Liuyue!”

Actually, Chu Liuyue was already awake. When she heard this, she knew that Mu Hongyu was here.

She walked over to open the door.

Mu Hongyu walked in excitedly and saw that Chu Liuyue’s hair was still loose. She widened her eyes slightly. “Liuyue, why haven’t you started getting ready?”

Chu Liuyue smiled rather helplessly. “What’s the rush?”

That was because she and Rong Xiu were both at the Sky-Cloud Empire, and Changyi Mountain wasn’t far from Suming Peak. Hence, they saved on quite a bit of complicated and miscellaneous procedures.

Besides, the wedding’s official ceremony was held in the afternoon, which was quite a few hours away.

Mu Hongyu thought about it and agreed, but it was probably because it was her first time going to her good friend’s wedding, so she had been very emotional. Her heart kept beating, and she could not calm down.

“You still have to prepare early! Bathing, putting on makeup, changing your clothes… All of this requires quite a bit of time!” As Mu Hongyu nagged, she forcefully dragged Chu Liuyue to the makeup desk and pressed her onto the chair. “Today is your wedding, Liuyue! Of course, you have to look good! You need to become the prettiest bride!”

Mu Hongyu looked at Chu Liuyue’s soft hair that lay down with flushed cheeks and bright eyes. “Let me help you!”

Then, she began to take action.

But very quickly, Mu Hongyu discovered a crucial problem—she didn’t know how to brush one’s hair.

Normally, she simply tied up her hair. However, it clearly would not do for such a formal ceremony.

“Sigh… I previously researched this for some time…”

During this period, Mu Hongyu spent quite a lot of time on this. But when it was really the time, she realized that she wasn’t very well-versed in it.

If it doesn’t turn out well—

“Pfft.” Petite laughter came in with the crisp sound of jade hitting each other. “Let me do this type of thing—”

Chu Liuyue and Mu Hongyu turned around to see Xiao Ba walking over with a smile.

Xiao Ba naturally took the wooden comb from Mu Hongyu’s hands. Her voice was soft and flirtatious, almost able to charm one’s bones. “Little sister, take a closer look.”

Mu Hongyu paused.

The other party didn’t look much older than her, but when compared to her flirtatious appearance, they really did seem worlds apart.

Mu Hongyu instinctively nodded and obediently acknowledged it.

Xiao Ba smiled and glanced at her before she stretched out her hand to pinch Mu Hongyu’s cheeks. “How obedient!”

Mu Hongyu was never teased by a woman like this, and she instantly blushed.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Xiao Ba speechlessly. She really eats both men and women.

Xiao Ba retracted her gaze and calmly glanced at Chu Liuyue in the mirror. Then, her lips curled up in a smile. “Master, don’t worry. Nobody will be prettier than you today.”

Then, she started to help Chu Liuyue brush her hair.

The soft hair seemed especially obedient in Xiao Ba’s hands.

They didn’t see clearly how she took action as her white and thin fingers flew around. Then, a beautiful and elegant hairstyle was formed.

“Little sister, bring the phoenix coronet over,” said Xiao Ba softly.

Mu Hongyu reacted and hurriedly agreed.

Chu Liuyue pointed at the seat.

Mu Hongyu walked over and opened the wooden box. Then, she gasped. “Liuyue, this phoenix coronet… is too pretty!”

She had seen quite a lot of precious accessories, but nothing could be compared to this phoenix coronet.

She couldn’t use words to describe it. The moment one saw it, the first feeling people got was—beautiful!

It even had a hint of shock to it!

The Sky-Cloud Empire is still an aristocratic family after all, so their spendings are incredible… Just as Mu Hongyu sighed, she carefully took the phoenix coronet out and brought it to Chu Liuyue’s hand.

Xiao Ba glanced at it, and a satisfied smile was revealed on her face. This is the only thing that can be worthy of Master.

She did not hurry to help Chu Liuyue put it on, instead helping the latter change to her bridal dress.

This time, Mu Hongyu still helped her take out the bridal clothes meticulously.

After seeing the phoenix coronet earlier, Mu Hongyu’s tolerance became much stronger. After helping Chu Liuyue change, she just covered her mouth and tried her best not to scream again.

However, her pair of surprised eyes revealed her current emotions.

Xiao Ba raised her brows delightfully and helped Chu Liuyue with her makeup.

Her hand was very agile, and such a matter was simply a piece of cake to her. Besides, Chu Liuyue was born as a natural beauty.

After busying herself, Xiao Ba then scrutinized Chu Liuyue’s face in satisfaction. “This is right!”

On her wedding day, she has to be the prettiest!

Then, Xiao Ba took the phoenix coronet and seriously helped Chu Liuyue put it on.

Mu Hongyu could not help but say, “Liuyue, I’ve never seen a person prettier than you.”

Chu Liuyue looked at herself in the mirror.

She raised her brows lightly, and her eyes sparkled with her red lips.

Decked in the red bridal gown, she seemed like the hues in the sky—charming and elegant.

At one moment, she was also dazed. Indeed, even she hadn’t seen herself in such a state…

At this point, a low and melodious voice came from outside. “Yue’er, I came to fetch you.”

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