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1803 Marry Rong Xiu

Chu Liuyue’s heart tingled slightly.

She and Rong Xiu indeed knew each other before they went to Ling Xiao Academy. At that time, she had just ended her training at Dahuang Swamp and came to the God Residence Realm due to a twist of fate. In the end, she directly met Rong Xiu.

At that time, the two of them were being pursued respectively. Out of desperation, they chose to make an alliance. With this, they got to know each other.

Then, she said she wanted to go to Ling Xiao Academy to cultivate. Without hesitation, Rong Xiu also agreed.

Chu Liuyue subconsciously thought that Rong Xiu was also going for Ling Xiao Academy, like her. After all, although she wasn’t familiar with the God Residence Realm then, she had stayed in Dahuang Swamp for quite some time and had heard quite a bit of such news.

Ling Xiao Academy was the top academy in the entire God Residence Realm. Who didn’t want to go there?

“Actually, the people in the Sky-Cloud Empire didn’t know about your existence at that time and thought that His Highness just wanted to go to the academy to cultivate. It was only until later on, when His Highness said that he wanted to go back to Country Yao Chen, that I realized something was amiss.”

When 36 Respected Elder Ming spoke of this, he paused for a moment. “You should know that His Highness doesn’t care about Country Yao Chen at all. Unless there’s a special reason, he would definitely not go there.”

Before that, Rong Xiu had always claimed that he was sick and cultivated at Mingyue Tianshan. In actual fact, he only stayed at Mingyue Tianshan for a very short amount of time. Most of the time, he still stayed at God Residence Realm.

“And His Highness didn’t return for a long while when he went. Later on… I met you.”

In the beginning, 36 Respected Elder Ming thought that His Highness was falling head over heels for a woman and was displeased. However, he later discovered that this woman caused His Highness to start becoming a normal person with feelings and emotions.

At that time, 36 Respected Elder Ming felt that this woman had to be different.

Later on, he found a chance and finally met Chu Liuyue. At first glance, he liked this girl—smart, sharp, and genuine.

He had met many people in his lifetime, and he had very keen insight about people. After he met Chu Liuyue, he really liked her, so he sent her many greeting gifts.

“All these years, I’ve never seen His Highness spend any effort on anyone except for you.”

All his emotions probably came because of her.

“His Highness had suffered quite a bit before and isn’t close to anyone. Now that he has met someone he loves, it’s really rare. In the future… I hope the two of you can grow old together,” said 36 Respected Elder Ming solemnly, and he lightly patted Chu Liuyue’s hand.

Tears welled up in Chu Liuyue’s eyes as her lips curled up in a smile. “Okay.”

After 36 Respected Elder Ming left, Chu Liuyue sat in her room silently for a long time.

When she recovered her senses, she saw the agarwood box from the corner of her eyes. Her heart tingled.

She stood up and walked over.

The box wasn’t locked, but there was the Sky-Cloud Empire’s totem on it.

Chu Liuyue thought for a while and placed her Cosmic Ring on it.

The totem disappeared.

She reached out to open the box, and she saw a sea of fire-like red, looking like the red clouds in the evening sky that were intricately embroidered.

It was soft and light to touch, and it faintly had rays of golden light flashing across.

Magnificent, solemn, charming.

The phoenix coronet’s workmanship was complicated and intricate. It had a golden phoenix with its wings spread wide open, holding a red pearl in its mouth.

It was crystal clear, and its quality was top notch.

Its sides had tassels and looked even more extravagant.

Chu Liuyue gently brushed her hand against the phoenix coronet, and a thought suddenly popped up in her mind. I’m really going to marry Rong Xiu.

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