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1805 Come With Me

That was a voice she was ever so familiar with.

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses and turned around to look.

The door was currently tightly shut, but the outside had already become lively.

The melodious music floated in and became an earworm.

She heard many people’s laughter. However, only his voice was clearest amidst the hustle and bustle of the mortal world.

He said he came to fetch her.

Chu Liuyue stood up and walked to the door.

She placed her hand against the door. It was cold to the touch, yet her palm was burning hot.

She took a deep breath in and gently pushed open the room door—

The bright light instantly poured in!

She squinted her eyes slightly and saw a very familiar face.

She was slightly dazed.

The current Rong Xiu was decked in a red robe for once.

A black jade belt circled his waist, which easily outlined it, clearly showing that his shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow with a tall figure.

The usual deity-like appearance seemed to be tainted with some mortal fire, lightening his usual distance.

The elders fell silent for a moment.

Burning passion also flashed across Rong Xiu’s eyes.

The woman decked in red bridal clothes walked out from behind the door.

She was extremely beautiful and charming.

Breathtakingly beautiful—these words were probably used to describe such a beauty, right?

Actually, many people present had seen Chu Liuyue before.

She originally had an extremely pretty and peerless appearance, but she usually faced the crowd with her bare face. Now that she was decked in her phoenix coronet and was meticulously dolled up, it instantly made one feel that she had become another person.

There was actually such a woman in this world.

When she appeared, it seemed as if everything in the surroundings had darkened. She was the only one who was lively, bright, and dazzling!

The so-called troublemaker was just like this.

Perhaps a deity with such an appearance shouldn’t even be in the mortal world.

The entire hall was silent. Everyone held their breaths in as if they were afraid that speaking would disturb someone.

Chu Liuyue blinked. Instantly, there seemed to be thousands of stars circling in them.

“Rong Xiu,” she softly called out.

Rong Xiu stared at her closely, as if he wanted to engrave her appearance in the bottom of his heart.

The scorching temperature almost caused Chu Liuyue’s entire body to burn.

After a moment, he finally stretched out his hand. “Yue’er.”

Chu Liuyue looked at his hand. It was thick and powerful, and his palm was covered with a thin layer of calluses.

Only she knew how warm that hand was.

She passed her hand over.

Almost immediately, Rong Xiu held her hand tightly. It was as if he were terrified that the person would immediately disappear when he blinked.

He only felt relieved when he confirmed the petite and soft temperature in his hands.

He suddenly leaned over and softly whispered in her ear, “Yue’er is really… very beautiful.”

Chu Liuyue’s face blushed slightly, yet her hand had an indescribable stability and warmth. I’ve finally… walked to his side.

Rong Xiu held her hand tightly. “Yue’er, come with me.”

The wedding was held at Tongshen Palace.

At this point, Tongshen Palace was filled.

Everyone from the respective aristocratic clans in the God Residence Realm had gathered here. They were all waiting for the wedding’s main characters to come over.

At the innermost positions were Shangguan Jing, Shangguan You, Chu Ning, as well as 36 Respected Elder Ming.

When the crowd saw them, they couldn’t help but partake in heated discussions.

“Shouldn’t those few positions be left for His Grace and the princess consort’s parents? Why is 36 Respected Elder Ming sitting there? I don’t even know the ones at the side.”

“Didn’t you hear? Ever since the Sky-Cloud Empire’s clan leader caused that scene, he fainted a few days later and hasn’t woken up yet! All of us know what kind of background His Grace has. Since the clan leader is unconscious, the only person worthy of sitting here is really only 36 Respected Elder Ming! After all, all these years, he treats His Grace like he is his mentor and father…”

“Your words do make sense. However, what’s the background for the three people at the side? Could they be… the princess consort’s family?”

“That… Hah, that’s a long story! Do you see the person in the middle? That’s the famous Shangguan Jing, a true supreme Armory Refinement Master! I heard he’s the princess consort’s ancestor. The other two people seem to be the princess consort’s fathers?”

“I heard that the Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort was born in the Tianling Dynasty outside of the God Residence Realm. But after a few struggles, she managed to come to the God Residence Realm with much difficulty… Since these two are her fathers, it’s normal for them to be able to sit there.”

“Normal? The one on the left is fine as he’s a demigod, but the one on the right is only a stage-four warrior! Hmph, it’s hard for us to even see such a person normally, yet they’re sitting in front of us and are more distinguished… This princess consort is really amazing!”

“You can’t say that. Did you see the elder at the side? That’s Nan Suhuai—Ling Xiao Academy’s director! However, he’s the princess consort’s mentor. I heard that he dotes on the princess consort a lot and even spoils her. Be careful of him hearing you! You will be in trouble!”

Some people were nonchalant about it.

“So what? Most of the people are here to give the Sky-Cloud Empire face! Besides, even if they really hear it, can they really cause a scene here?”

For a Shangguan Yue? It really isn’t worth it.

Nan Suhuai slowly clenched his fists in his sleeves and glanced at the people talking.

Shangguan Jing looked up slightly and then quickly looked away.

At this point, the announcement clearly sounded with the accompanying music—

“His Grace has arrived! The princess consort has arrived!”

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