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1771 Calculating Debt!

“Red-gold heavenly phoenix?” I definitely won’t mistake that girl’s aura. She is the red-gold heavenly phoenix without a doubt!

Very quickly, the people in the entire square felt Tuan Zi’s presence and gasped in shock. “That’s a red-gold heavenly phoenix!”

“How did a red-gold heavenly phoenix appear in Godly Dragon Island?!”

“No! She looks pretty young… How did she turn into human form?!”

The entire square was silent.

However, Miao Yang suddenly recalled something and narrowed his eyes slightly. That’s Shangguan Yue’s legendary fiend! However, wasn’t this red-gold heavenly phoenix stopped outside Godly Dragon Island? How did it appear here again?!

Countless thoughts flashed across his mind messily. Miao Yang gradually realized that many matters had already spiraled out of his control! Everything… is developing toward an unpredictable danger!

He immediately took a step forward, pointed at Miao Zhen, and sharply yelled, “Miao Zhen, you’re too overboard! Not only did you collude with the humans and casually allow them to enter the coiling dragon pillar, but you even allowed a red-gold heavenly phoenix in there! What exactly were you thinking? Ask your conscience—can you face our ancestors? Face our entire great phoenix dragon clan?!”

At this point, Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue had already walked to Miao Zhen’s side.

Tuan Zi followed them, still holding the purplish-golden ball of light in her arms—it was Zi Chen.

This ball of light was larger than her body, but luckily, she wasn’t an ordinary human child but a red-gold heavenly phoenix. Hence, it wasn’t considered tiring for her to hold this ball of light.

Walking to the place, Tuan Zi placed the ball of light down again and sighed deeply. For some reason, Zi Chen hasn’t come out of that place until now.

The purplish-golden light had already covered Zi Chen’s entire figure. Even Tuan Zi, who was standing so near, couldn’t see the inside situation clearly.

Chu Liuyue smiled and stroked her head. “It’s been hard on you, Tuan Zi.”

Originally, I planned to bring Zi Chen over personally. But before I could do it, Tuan Zi took action before me.

“It’s no trouble at all! I should take care of my little brother!” Tuan Zi broke out into a wide smile.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows slightly, and her gaze swept past that ball of light again.

At this point, Zi Chen’s figure couldn’t be seen, and the aura rumbling on that ball of light had calmed down.

She smiled and did not speak.

Miao Zhen asked, “How are you?”

Rong Xiu smiled and said, “With Senior Miao Zhen around, we’re naturally safe and sound.”

Miao Zhen then relaxed.

He now saw that Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue’s attitudes were greatly different from before. Even though he had been busy merging with that physical body, he knew what was happening in the surroundings.

These two people were indeed more amazing than he predicted.

Actually, him being able to come out from the inside was all thanks to the two of them. Hence, he had long treated them as his own family.

“Don’t worry. As long as I’m around, nobody will dare to touch you in Godly Dragon Island!” Miao Zhen’s voice was low and domineering!

Upon hearing this, the other people exchanged glances and couldn’t conceal their shock. What exactly is Miao Zhen doing? The great phoenix dragon clan’s attitude toward humans has always been cold and with a hint of contempt, not to mention toward these two! However, Miao Zhen is so arrogant and wants to publicly protect them?!

Miao Yang almost laughed out loud. Miao Zhen doing this is undoubtedly cutting off his own path. The clan definitely wouldn’t accept such a person again. Death is still waiting for him!

He snorted. “Miao Zhen, it seems like you’re bent on rebelling?”

Miao Zhen then turned around and laughed out loud. “Miao Yang, I should be asking you these questions instead! Are you not guilty for saying such words in front of the ancestor and the clansmen?!”

Miao Yang’s heart sank.

Just as he was about to speak, Miao Zhen interrupted him again. “Oh, I almost forgot. Isn’t that what you’re best at? You could do these things back then, and you naturally can do it again now!”

Miao Zhen’s words confused everyone.

Miao Yang had a cold face and said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! Miao Zhen, you luckily managed to evade the severe sins you committed back then, and you’re doing it again! This time, no matter what, we have to punish you to console the souls of our ancestors in the heavens! Someone, take all of them down! Their lives or deaths don’t matter!”

The square fell silent for a moment.

Miao Fushan knitted his brows and said, “Clan Leader, their identities are all extraordinary, especially with the red-gold heavenly phoenix. If we really directly kill them, I’m afraid we’ll be in endless trouble… Besides, there are many things that haven’t been investigated properly…”

Miao Yang glanced at him. “Elder Fushan, I know that you doted on Miao Zhen a lot previously, but I hope you can see clearly the things he has done! We’re already being kind by directly killing him! Do you want to let him stay and harm the clan again?! As for those two people and the red-gold heavenly phoenix… they trespassed into our Godly Dragon Island and even used some means to barge into our holy hall. They should die!”

Nobody has the right or stance to beg mercy for them!

Miao Fushan knitted his brows even tighter. I did admire Miao Zhen quite a bit back then, but I know what I should and shouldn’t do for major matters. Now, I just want to investigate some matters. For example, how did Miao Zhen step into the holy hall again and stay in the coiling dragon pillar for a thousand years? Also, what is with his physical body?

In addition, what relationship do Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue have with Miao Zhen and this entire matter…

Many doubts don’t have answers, but Miao Yang doesn’t seem like he wants to check. I don’t know if it is my illusion, but Miao Yang seems to want to kill Miao Zhen’s group immediately and can even be said to be anxious. I have just advised him a little, yet Miao Yang’s reaction was intense. It is indeed strange.

Miao Zhen is in the wrong, but as the clan leader, it is inappropriate for Miao Yang to be doing that…

Seeing that Miao Yang treated Miao Fushan angrily… Although the others felt that something was amiss, they all fell silent.

Miao Yang coldly surveyed his surroundings. “Why are you still standing around?!”


The surrounding elders rushed forward! They prepared to join hands to take these people down!

Miao Zhen grunted. “Miao Yang, I haven’t settled my grudge against you yet. Why are you so anxious? Coincidentally, everyone is here today. Let’s talk about it clearly!”

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