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1770 Showdown

Miao Yang is the clan leader! How could he be chased out of the holy hall in such a sorry state?! Also, who is that man?

Countless gazes gathered.

The man looked to be in his 40s. He had a square face, a burly figure, and an astonishing aura.

It was actually a great phoenix dragon!

Only his two sleeves were empty as if he was missing two arms… However, this didn’t affect his dignity at all. Just by standing there, he could already make people subconsciously look up to him and submit!

There was dead silence on the square. Everyone watched this scene in a daze.

After a moment, an older person finally reacted. “That, that’s…”

His lips trembled, but for a long time, he did not say the name.

At this moment, Miao Yang finally stood up and stared at the person in front of him with bloodshot eyes. He clenched his fists so tightly that he almost crushed his bones!

“Miao Zhen, it’s really you!” He spat out each word as if it were squeezed from between his teeth. “You’re actually… still alive!”

There was undisguised hatred in his eyes!

When the surrounding people heard this, they were all dumbfounded. Miao Zhen? Could it be that Miao Zhen from a thousand years ago?!

Miao Zhen laughed. “You’re not dead yet, Miao Yang, so how could I be dead? I still have to live well and settle all the debts from back then with you!”

Miao Yang’s heart seemed to tighten, and his eyes flickered. However, he wasn’t an ordinary person after all.

To be able to fight his way out of the encirclement under the circumstances back then, the position of clan leader was enough to show how powerful he was. Therefore, the guilt only lasted for a moment before he controlled his expression.

He laughed and slowly wiped the blood from his mouth. “The debts from back then? Miao Zhen, although I remember our relationship back then, you were the one who did something to let the entire clan down. Now that I’m the clan leader, I really can’t help you intercede, let alone stand on your side.”

“All these years, everyone thought that you had died, but they didn’t expect you to actually hide secretly. You even hid in the coiling dragon pillar of the holy hall! Staying there day and night, don’t you feel any guilt toward your ancestors and clansmen!?”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was in an uproar!

“I see… I see! Not only did Miao Zhen not die back then, but he even hid in the holy hall!”

“I didn’t expect him to be Miao Zhen… He’s so arrogant and insolent; it’s exactly the same as the rumors… Oh right, didn’t they say that he had already died and that his soul was destroyed back then? Why did he… Also, the people in the clan can only enter the coiling dragon pillar once in their lives. Didn’t he go there in the past? How did he hide there for a thousand years?”

“That’s true! Besides, we’ve held many Thousand Summits in the past thousand years. Why haven’t we sensed his existence?”

“He’s a sinner of the clan. It wasn’t easy for him to survive and live to this day. How could he casually expose himself?”

In the square, many people were discussing something in low voices. It could be seen that their attitude toward Miao Zhen was filled with disgust and anger.

Those who killed their own clansmen and betrayed them deserved to die!

Miao Zhen heard those words clearly.

He also saw their gazes clearly, but there was no anger on his face. Instead, he smiled.

This scene was too familiar. A thousand years ago, it was also here that those people convicted him, sentenced him, and sent him to hell.

He actually couldn’t remember many details from that time, but he still remembered deeply and clearly the anger and unwillingness at that time, as well as the huge sense of betrayal and injustice.

After a long time, he was no longer affected in the face of such a situation again.

Miao Yang saw the smile on Miao Zhen’s face and immediately found it blinding. What is he laughing at? Can’t he tell how these people are treating him? Even if he is still alive and has returned, the entire great phoenix dragon clan will no longer accept him! He can actually smile in such a situation?

Miao Yang couldn’t help but say, “Miao Zhen, don’t you have anything to say to everyone?”

With the support of these people, Miao Yang suddenly felt much more confident. He knew that Miao Zhen wanted to settle scores with him, but after his initial shock and panic, he thought about it carefully and did not panic.

What am I afraid of? Everything that happened back then was flawless. Miao Zhen definitely doesn’t have any evidence. If he did, why would he wait until now to take it out?

Besides, after so many years, everything was settled and buried by the dust of time. Miao Zhen… How could he still have a chance to turn things around?!

Thinking of this, Miao Yang straightened his back. Even the way he looked at Miao Zhen became aggressive!

Everyone gradually fell silent, waiting for Miao Zhen to answer.

But in the face of Miao Yang’s question, Miao Zhen didn’t seem to care about any of this. He snorted a laugh as if he had heard a joke.

Then, he suddenly turned around and looked at the holy hall. “You guys come over too!”

These words were full of energy, and each word was like a hammer that smashed into everyone’s hearts.

Everyone’s gazes followed. Who is he calling?

The door to the holy hall was still open. The elders who had been inside had already walked out one after another when Miao Zhen beat Miao Yang out. Logically speaking, there should be no one in the hall at this moment.

Suddenly, Miao Yang seemed to have thought of something, and his expression changed. Hang on! There are indeed people who have yet to come out!

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, Miao Zhen saw two figures walking out of the holy hall side by side!

When he saw the two of them clearly, Miao Yang suddenly clenched his fists! Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue—it really is them!

Almost instantly, Miao Yang connected the dots. No wonder Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue could enter the coiling dragon pillar silently! No wonder Miao Zhen, who had already died back then, has a physical body again! They are clearly working together!

After figuring this out, Miao Yang almost threw his head back and laughed. Miao Zhen is really crazy! In order to reconstruct his body and return for revenge, he actually hooked up with the human race! Not to mention him, even the entire great phoenix dragon clan won’t let this matter rest easily! This is simply another crime that confirms the shame of the race!

I don’t believe that the great phoenix dragon clan, which has been arrogant for tens of thousands of years, will accept such a thing!

But just as he was about to sneer and mock them, he saw a small figure behind them.

It looked like a three or four-year-old girl. She was cute and wore a pure-gold lotus leaf dress.

She wore her hair in two buns. When she walked, the bells on her head would tinkle crisply and pleasantly.

At this moment, she was hugging a purple-gold ball of light and following behind.

Miao Yang was stunned for a moment before he gasped!

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