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1772 Evidence

Once Miao Zhen spoke, he had a strong suppression that caused the surrounding crowd to stop in their tracks unwittingly.

“Back then, you cruelly murdered seven clansmen. That’s your first crime! Then, you attacked me when I was at an important stage of breaking through, pushing the deaths of those seven clansmen to me. Finally, you took advantage of me being locked up at Seven Lotus Peak to steal my bloodline power and strengthen your own talent—that’s your third crime!”

“Miao Yang, which of these things did you not do? Every single incident concerns the lives of many clansmen, yet you have to cheek to question me?!”

Miao Zhen’s appearance was cold, and his gaze was like a knife that stared deep into Miao Yang, not hiding his mockery at all. “I want to ask you: After so many years, how stable has it been after you ascended the clan leader position by riding on your clansman’s bones and blood?!”

Miao Zhen’s voice spread around the square, landing in everyone’s ears clearly!

It was dead silent!

Everyone instinctively looked at Miao Yang. This… Wasn’t Miao Zhen the one who did all of this back then? What does it have to do with Miao Yang?

Detecting those gazes, Miao Yang almost crushed his teeth. In the end, I couldn’t stop Miao Zhen and allowed him to say such words.

But luckily, he was already sufficiently prepared earlier on, so he perfectly controlled his expression and reaction.

As if hearing an incredulous joke, he coldly laughed. “Miao Zhen, what nonsense are you saying? Those seven clansmen did die in your hands, and there was concrete evidence back then. You can’t deny it at all! This matter will be concluded sooner or later, yet you say that I killed them? That’s too laughable!”

“Besides, what reasons do I have to spend so much effort to scheme against you?”

Miao Zhen raised his sharp brows slightly. “Don’t you know the reason most clearly? Back then, you were just mediocre. Even without me, there were still others who were stronger than you in the clan. However, you became the clan leader now?!”

Once he said this, quite a few people had a change in expressions.

Actually, some of them had been very curious about this.

At that time, Miao Yang wasn’t the top existence in the clan. His talent tested in the Thousand Summit was better than average at best, but after the Thousand Summit, his talent and skills improved greatly.

Everyone thought that it was because Miao Yang had received a good heirloom after entering the holy hall during the Thousand Summit. In the past, there were also some exceptions in the clan, but his change was the most obvious one.

He started exceeding his peers in the clan. Additionally, Miao Zhen met his demise then, so he undoubtedly became the most outstanding one in the clan!

Later on, the position of clan leader naturally fell to his hands.

Now, Miao Zhen said that Miao Yang stole his bloodline power back then… Upon deeper thought, that seems to be… possible?!

Miao Yang sharply detected the change in the atmosphere. He panicked in his heart, but he still looked strong as he coldly smiled and said, “You said that I stole your bloodline power? Then, how did you live to this day?!”

Without the support of bloodline power, he should be long dead!

Miao Zhen laughed out loud. “That’s naturally because… I split my bloodline power into a few parts! You thought that you had stolen all of my bloodline power, but you didn’t know that it was just a small portion of it! It’s such a small portion, yet you treated it like a treasure… Miao Yang, your bloodline power is too cheap. Thus, your worldview is ridiculously narrow!”

Miao Yang’s face instantly stiffened, and there seemed to be fire burning in his chest!

Actually, he had long discovered something amiss. After receiving Miao Zhen’s bloodline power, his increase in talent wasn’t as strong as he had predicted. However, he faintly felt that it was decent.

On the one hand, his talent and skills had indeed improved by quite a bit. At the very least, he could crush the other clansmen.

On the other hand, he wouldn’t arouse too much suspicion in this way. If someone asked, he would say that he received quite a decent heirloom.

As long as he could rely on these things to get what he wanted, there was nothing to mind or calculate. Hence, all these years, he didn’t spend much time thinking about this—that was until he heard Miao Zhen say this!

The reason why he was so furious and maniacal wasn’t because of what Miao Zhen said but because of Miao Zhen’s forever high and mighty tone! It was as if he would always keep others beneath his feet and not let them make a comeback!

He hated this feeling the most!

In the past, Miao Zhen was the pride and the brightest existence in the entire clan. However, he is now just a sinner that has betrayed the entire clan! Relying on Shangguan Yue’s broken skeleton, he forcefully reformed his body and doesn’t even have wings! Yet, he is still so arrogant and prideful…

How ridiculous! This world has long changed!

“What nonsense! Miao Zhen, I think you’re insane!” As Miao Yang spoke, he looked at the surrounding crowd and sharply berated, “Why are you still standing around? Did you not hear my previous command?!”

Miao Yang rarely threw his temper in front of the crowd, but at this point, he seemed to have become an entire other person as he revealed a chilling aura that sent chills down one’s spine.

Some people secretly exchanged glances and knitted their brows. At this point, it wasn’t only Miao Fushan; even they could also feel that Miao Yang was a little anxious.

He was anxious to settle Miao Zhen as if he could’t wait any minute longer.

Just as the surrounding people planned to take action, Miao Fushan suddenly said, “Hold on!”

He was highly respected in the clan. Thus, those people stopped when he said this.

Miao Yang had a cold face and asked, “What? Elder Fushan, are you really intending to speak for him?”

Miao Fushan stroked his beard and slowly said, “Clan Leader, you’ve misunderstood. This is for your own good! Miao Zhen has insulted you like this and ruined your reputation severely. If you directly kill him now, it will make you look guilty and prove his accusations toward you. In my opinion, why don’t we thoroughly investigate this matter so that it will be the best for you and the entire clan. What do you think?”

Even though Miao Fushan used an inquisitive tone, his expression was stubborn. He clearly planned on doing it.

Miao Yang was so angry that his teeth became itchy. This Miao Fushan is also troublesome! If he stood at the side obediently, the matter would be resolved! Yet, he had to jump out and insist on checking this incident!

He took a deep breath in and forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart. “Okay! Since Elder Fushan wants to investigate, then… go ahead!”

I don’t believe that Miao Zhen can really defend himself and make a comeback.

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