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1764 Demon Slaying Formation!

As he spoke, he walked to the coiling dragon pillar again and raised his right hand.

Purple-gold scales quickly emerged and covered the back of his hand; those scales were sharp and reflected a cold color. Then, he clenched his fists and threw a punch!


A powerful force slammed into the coiling dragon pillar!


Another loud bang came from the sky!

Chu Liuyue looked up. The commotion had stopped for a while. Thinking about it, Miao Yang and the others must’ve discovered something.

Sure enough, Miao Yang’s voice came next. “Rong Xiu! Shangguan Yue! How dare you!”

Chu Liuyue curved her lips slightly. I knew that this matter wouldn’t be hidden for long. Miao Yang isn’t stupid; he will understand everything if he thinks about it and goes to Seven Lotus Peak. However, we can’t go out yet.

Her gaze shifted slightly. Miao Zhen’s body has already been restored by more than half. At a rough estimate, it will take some time to complete. Before that, I have to ensure that Rong Xiu won’t be affected by the outside world. Otherwise, it will be a huge loss.

Chu Liuyue held her breath and focused, strengthening the surrounding God Realm again.

In the holy hall, Miao Yang looked at the unresponsive coiling dragon pillar in front of him. The anger in his heart almost rushed out of his chest!

His eyes were bloodshot.

“Clan Leader, it seems that they’re determined to stay inside forever,” Miao Fushan shook his head and said. “We’re outside, but they’re inside. Unless they come out themselves, I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult for us to force them out.”

The coiling dragon pillar contained the power of their ancestors. It was noble, holy, and immovable. Even if all of them joined forces, they would be helpless.

In the current situation, they could only wait.

Miao Yang said nothing.

Another elder whispered, “That’s strange… The two of them are humans. Logically speaking, they shouldn’t even be able to enter this hall. How did they quietly enter the coiling dragon pillar?”

His question immediately attracted the attention of the others.

“That’s right! Aren’t only our clansmen allowed to enter here?”

“Not to mention the humans, it’s very difficult for our own clansmen to successfully enter this coiling dragon pillar. How did they do it?”

“…Not to mention anything else, but these two people are really scheming…”

Miao Yang suddenly sneered. “Isn’t that simple? Don’t forget that Shangguan Yue still has the bones of an ancestor!”

As for the legendary three-eyed eagle, it has used those bones to reconstruct its body! With this, what is so strange about them being able to enter the coiling dragon pillar?

Everyone was silent.

They had all underestimated the strength of those two people and thought that everything would be fine as long as they were locked up. Who would’ve thought that they actually had such abilities?

Miao Fushan asked, “What are your next plans then, Clan Leader?”

If we really wait like this, it will be too aggrieving. Who knows when they will come out?

Miao Yang closed his eyes. “Activate the Demon Slaying Formation!”

Miao Fushan and the others’ expressions changed.

The Demon Slaying Formation was a top-notch formation of the great phoenix dragon clan and required more than ten elders to work together. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t easily activate the Demon Slaying Formation.

Miao Fushan said hesitantly, “Clan Leader, the Demon Slaying Formation consumes a lot of strength. The clan has just finished the Thousand Summit. If we activate the Demon Slaying Formation now, won’t it be a little inappropriate?”

Miao Yang asked, “Does Elder Fushan have a better way then? Now that they’ve already entered the coiling dragon pillar, nobody knows what they’ll do. If things blow up—”

Miao Fushan fell into deep thought. Miao Yang has a point. Such a thing has never happened in the clan, so we indeed have to be on full alert. One can never be too careful.

“Then, we’ll do as you say.” Miao Fushan nodded.

The elders spread out and formed a circle with the coiling dragon pillar in the center.

“Condense!” Miao Yang was the first to make a move.

Purple-gold light flew out of his palm! At the same time, a totem quickly appeared between his eyebrows!

The other elders present followed closely behind! In an instant, several lights flew up and landed on the coiling dragon pillar!

A rich purple-gold color quickly dyed the white jade dragon pillar!

The dragon body carved on it gradually lit up, and a vast pressure gradually spread!

Miao Yang shouted, “Demon Slaying Formation—activate!”

After a few sounds in the sky, it stopped again. This time, even Miao Yang’s voice stopped.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand slightly and gazed at the sky with a frown. Did Miao Yang stop? Definitely not. This time, we have stepped on Miao Yang’s bottom line; it is equivalent to giving him a heavy slap. How could he let it go so easily? Perhaps it is because they can’t enter, so they are simply waiting outside?

Miao Yang and the others will only make a move when we get out of here…

Just as this thought flashed through her mind, she suddenly sensed that something was wrong.

A strange sound came from behind.

She turned around.

The sound seemed to come from deep in the woods. However, the lush forest obscured her vision, so she couldn’t see what was happening.

But the voice was getting closer. Gradually, Chu Liuyue could tell that it seemed to be… the sound of trees falling!

At this moment, she finally saw a shadow spreading toward them from afar.

Under the heavy shadow, the thick and lush towering trees collapsed!


A tree crashed down!

Fallen leaves flew, and the ground shook!

Her heart skipped a beat. This power is—

Hong hong hong!

The same sound came from her right.

Chu Liuyue quickly looked around and instantly gasped.

That shadow was coming from all directions, surrounding them!

Biting cold pressure and killing intent filled the air!

Chu Liuyue instantly understood something. Miao Yang and the others have still taken action in the end! Even if they can’t enter this place, they still have other methods to deal with us!

Chu Liuyue glanced at Rong Xiu.

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