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1763 Extermination

He was so fast that he disappeared from the two guards’ sight in the blink of an eye.

“W-what’s going on?” The two people left behind looked confused.

One of the guards said, “Why did the clan leader suddenly come? Moreover… his expression doesn’t look good.”

He had never seen the clan leader so angry!

“Could it be that they feel impatient after waiting for so long?” The other man frowned, then suddenly realized something. “Oh no! Something must’ve happened on Seven Lotus Peak!”

At that moment, he couldn’t care less. He moved his feet and chased after Miao Yang!

The remaining guard quickly followed. “Hey—what’s going on? Wait for me!”

Miao Yang arrived at Seven Lotus Peak and headed straight for the cave halfway up the mountain!

As soon as he reached the cave entrance and saw the burn marks at the edge, his eyes twitched violently.

He quickly walked inside! By the time the two guards arrived, Miao Yang had disappeared into the cave.

The two of them looked at each other, but they didn’t dare to step inside. They could only wait outside.

The guard, who had been confused, now vaguely realized that something very serious had happened. His face was pale, and his voice trembled. “What could’ve happened? During this period of time, we’ve been standing guard here conscientiously, day and night… If there’s really an accident, we should’ve noticed something!”

The other guard said nothing, but there was panic and fear in his eyes too.

The clan leader’s reaction was too telling. As guards, they would definitely bear the brunt of anything!

At this moment, time seemed to pass slowly.

After an unknown period of time, Miao Yang finally walked out of the cave.

When the two guards saw his current expression, their hearts sank.

Miao Yang placed one hand behind his back. His cold gaze landed on the two of them, and he asked, “Where are they?”

Both of them were stunned. What does he mean? Where are they? Rong Xiu and Shangguan Yue… escaped?!

Miao Yang finally couldn’t help but shout, “I’m asking you—where are they!?”

The sound finally brought them back to their senses.


Both of them kneeled down. “Clan Leader, we—we really don’t know what has happened!”

As long as we sensed something, how could we not report it?!

Miao Yang gritted his teeth. Of course, he knew that these two people definitely didn’t know anything, but that was what angered him the most!

They are definitely the ones who have secretly broken into the holy hall! These two people have actually played their entire clan in the palm of their hands!

The two guards were trembling. It was obvious that after making such a big mistake, they would suffer even if they didn’t die this time!

“Have you really not noticed anything wrong during this period of time?” Miao Yang asked, unwilling to give up.

One of the guards suddenly thought of something. “A few days ago, there seemed to be a faint fluctuation in Seven Lotus Peak. But because the commotion was very small and disappeared very quickly, we only thought that it was caused by those two people and didn’t take it to heart…”

His voice trailed off as deep despair washed over him. At this moment, even they realized that this was indeed their major mistake!

Just because of a moment of carelessness, the two of them had escaped—this was irrefutable!

Miao Yang laughed angrily. From the looks of it, that might really be the commotion caused by those two people! It’s very likely that they should’ve already escaped from Seven Lotus Peak and gone to the holy hall then!

Miao Yang glared at the two of them coldly. There seemed to be flames burning in his chest, almost driving him crazy!

The two men also sensed danger and were about to speak. “Clan—”


Miao Yang raised his hand, and a light blade flew out! It pierced through one person’s chest!


Bright-red blood quickly gushed out from the guard’s chest!

As for the guard, his eyes were bulging with deep fear. He was clearly dead!

When the other person saw this scene, he was shocked! The great phoenix dragon clan isn’t allowed to casually kill our own kind! Even if we have made a huge mistake and need to be executed, we have to be judged by the elders. Why did the clan leader attack directly?

He looked at Miao Yang and suddenly realized that the clan leader’s usually gentle face had become crazy and ferocious!

He knew that something was wrong and turned to run, but just as he took a step forward, the light blade quickly attacked from behind! It directly cut him in half!

His footsteps instantly stopped. After a short moment, his body fell heavily to the ground, and he stopped breathing.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye, and the two of them were killed by Miao Yang.

Miao Yang’s expression was cold. With a flick of his sleeve, the two corpses quickly burned!

In the blink of an eye, the two corpses turned to dust and scattered with the wind. Even the blood on the ground was burned away.

Miao Yang glanced over his shoulder, a shadow crossing his eyes.

Randomly, he took a step and instantly disappeared.

The holy hall.

In the hall, everyone was waiting in silence.

After some time, the door opened, and Miao Yang walked in again.

He walked in a hurry. His face was cold and dark, and his entire body was covered in frost.

Seeing his expression, everyone’s hearts sank.

Miao Fushan frowned and took a step forward. “Clan Leader, how’s the situation?”

Miao Yang stood in front of the coiling dragon pillar with a cold smile. “The two have already quietly escaped from Seven Lotus Peak. The ones inside… must be them!”

The atmosphere in the hall became even more solemn. “Seven Lotus Peak is heavily guarded. How did they… How did the people in charge of guarding not notice?”

Miao Yang’s expression was indifferent. “They’ve killed themselves to repent.”

The elders revealed shocked expressions.

Great phoenix dragons were all very proud. To them, committing suicide was very unpresentable. Therefore, almost nobody would choose to end their lives this way.

Miao Fushan was also stunned. “Then… what about their corpses?”

Miao Yang sighed. “They burned themselves to death without leaving any bones.”

The elders gasped.

Miao Fushan’s old face trembled. In the end, he sighed. “What a pity… Although this matter is serious, it shouldn’t be like this…”

Without even leaving a skeleton, their names will be erased from the family tree. There is nothing to commemorate them in the future. This is definitely the most tragic punishment.

Miao Yang lowered his eyes. “At that time, I was thinking about Rong Xiu and the others and didn’t notice it for a moment, so…”

“Forget it. Now that things have come to this, it’s useless to say anything else.” Miao Fushan half-turned and looked at the coiling dragon pillar. “The most important thing now is to get them out of there!”

Miao Yang nodded. “I’ll do it myself.”

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