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1765 Puppet

Chu Liuyue made a prompt decision and looked at Tuan Zi.

Tuan Zi had a connection with her, and she immediately nodded with a firm expression. Then she stepped forward and waved a small hand.

Red-gold flames instantly rose and surrounded everyone!

The trees were still collapsing. The black shadow continued to advance, destroying everything!

Only then did Chu Liuyue see that it was actually a purple-black fog with faint golden stars.

An indescribable pressure filled the air!

Soon, the purple-black fog collided fiercely with the red-gold flames!


The two forces collided and intertwined fiercely! In an instant, sparks flew!

Tuan Zi’s face turned pale.

This Demon Slaying Formation condensed the power of the great phoenix dragon elders. Tuan Zi was naturally not its match.

Chu Liuyue mobilized the force in her body and injected force into it, causing the flames to surge.

The speed of the purple-black fog finally stopped, and the two sides fell into a stalemate. However, Chu Liuyue’s heart was in her mouth. Tuan Zi and I are probably not a match for this thing. We might be able to hold on for a while, but it is impossible for us to last longer. I wonder if we can last until Miao Zhen’s physical body is reconstructed…

Right at this moment, the purple-black fog seemed to have sensed the obstruction ahead and quickly gathered!

Chu Liuyue narrowed her eyes and saw that the fog had actually formed Miao Yang’s appearance!

His appearance and figure were exactly the same as the real Miao Yang! However, his eyes were empty like those of stiff puppets.

He opened his mouth, and it was also Miao Yang’s threatening voice that sounded. “Rong Xiu, Shangguan Yue, do you really want to go against my great phoenix dragon clan to the end?!”

The voice was very gloomy, completely different from the reaction he had when he first saw them. It could be seen that Miao Yang had completely lost his patience and had a strong killing intent toward them!

Chu Liuyue actually didn’t care about this.

Miao Yang had never thought of talking to them properly from the beginning; he had always been high and mighty and had never taken them seriously. From that moment, Chu Liuyue knew that Miao Yang was deeply hostile to them.

Now, he just couldn’t pretend anymore.

Chu Liuyue smiled and said, “Clan Leader Miao Yang, we were just bored staying at Seven Lotus Peak and came out to take a look. Why are you in such a hurry? We’ll naturally go out after we’ve seen and played enough.”

Chu Liuyue’s voice clearly came from the coiling dragon pillar and echoed in the entire hall.

Miao Yang’s expression darkened. They were bored and came out to take a look? What kind of place do they think this is that they can enter and leave freely?! Shangguan Yue is indeed as Miao Yao said—arrogant to the extreme!

Miao Yang laughed angrily. “Alright! Since you want to play, I’ll accompany you to the end!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly sat on the ground and closed his eyes.

The totem between his eyebrows flickered! At the same time, the puppet in the coiling dragon pillar—which looked exactly like Miao Yang—also had the same totem flash between its eyebrows!

An extremely dangerous aura emitted from the puppet’s body!

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat.

Following this, the puppet stomped heavily on the ground and headed straight for them!

Without hesitation, Chu Liuyue quickly flew out and chose to fight it.


A sharp sound tore through the air.

The snow-white and sharp Chi Xiao Sword had already appeared in her palm! The next moment, she rushed out of the barrier formed by the golden flames and the silver-red God Realm!

“A’Yue!” Tuan Zi shouted worriedly, her small face full of worry.

Chu Liuyue didn’t turn around and only shouted, “Tuan Zi, watch the barrier!”

Leave the rest to me!

Although Tuan Zi was worried, she still nodded involuntarily. The flames in her eyes burned even more fiercely!

On the other side, Chu Liuyue and the puppet were already engaged in close combat.

“Chi Xiao Sword!” The sword moved as she held it with both hands and quickly slashed down.

The puppet raised its arm. Purple-gold dragon scales gradually grew on it, hard and gorgeous!


The blade landed on the scale armor with a crisp sound!


A thin crack bloomed on the scale armor, but the puppet’s expression didn’t change. The next moment, the purple-black fog covered the crack, returning the puppet to normal in the blink of an eye.

Chu Liuyue’s pupils dilated. The repair ability of this puppet’s body is actually so heaven-defying!

Miao Yang’s voice came from the puppet’s mouth. It was dark, cold, and filled with undisguised mockery. “A mere true god can mobilize a supreme Yuan instrument. It’s indeed extraordinary, but… that’s all you can do!”

Even a true legendary warrior wasn’t his match, let alone Shangguan Yue, who was of a lower level.

Immediately after, the puppet bent its elbow and swung out!

The sharp and tough scales drew a cold and short arc in the air.

Chu Liuyue blocked it with her sword!


A force as heavy as a mountain smashed over!

Chu Liuyue’s chest tightened, and the strong taste of blood instantly filled her mouth!

The cultivation method of great phoenix dragons was very different from that of the human race. Most of the energy they devoured would fuse with their bones, tendons, and bloodline, causing their physical strength to often be extremely great.

Human puppets might lose a lot of combat strength because they couldn’t mobilize their force. However, great phoenix dragons didn’t have such concerns.

For example, although this puppet wasn’t as strong as the real Miao Yang, it was not much weaker. This was especially so since this puppet had gathered the power of the elders!

His power was naturally greater!

Chu Liuyue’s close combat ability could be considered top-notch among cultivators who were also true gods. But at this moment, the other party’s attack could still easily injure her.

She swallowed the bloody taste in her mouth and passed the Chi Xiao Sword to her right hand. A black shield then appeared in her left hand!

Just as she summoned the black shield, the puppet’s second punch had already landed!


The impact was dull!

Chu Liuyue’s wrist instantly went numb, but fortunately, she still blocked the force of the punch.

Her feet were already deep in the ground.

“You still have a lot of trump cards. Unfortunately, you’re not strong enough. These tricks are meaningless!”

The puppet approached Chu Liuyue and threw another punch!

The black shield removed a lot of the shocking force, but some of it still landed on Chu Liuyue.

Chu Liuyue’s body flew backward uncontrollably! She flipped her palm and stabbed her sword into the ground!


The Chi Xiao Sword drew a deep ravine in the ground! Relying on this resistance, Chu Liuyue finally stabilized herself.

But before she could catch her breath, the puppet had already attacked again!


Several scales flew out of the puppet’s body and instantly surrounded Chu Liuyue! The sharp whistling sound was ear-piercing!

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