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1756 Resigned

However, Miao Zhen’s expression was calm as if… he were already used to it.

“Actually, over the years, the Thousand Summit has been held quite a few times. Every time, many good juniors come in. A few of them have found this area like the one just now.” Miao Zhen suddenly spoke, his tone much calmer. “But nobody has walked through the woods and really come here.”

Chu Liuyue actually saw a trace of desolation on his face. Actually, thinking about it carefully, it is understandable. After all, Miao Zhen is a great phoenix dragon. If possible, he should want to leave this heirloom to the most outstanding junior.

As he has said, he no longer has a physical body. There is no point in leaving this heirloom with him. Unless there is really no other way, why would he choose Zi Chen? After experiencing disappointment too many times, his passion will eventually cool down.

“In the battle back then, my body was destroyed, and my strength was exhausted. Although I’m surviving here, I’m also attached to this lake and can’t leave. In addition, opportunities are the most unpredictable and the strongest. Those children aren’t fated with the ancestor and me.”

Miao Zhen had actually thought things through long ago. Although it was inevitable that he would feel regretful, life didn’t go as intended even for him.

He looked at Zi Chen, and there seemed to be waves in his eyes. “These clan juniors have entered this place one after another, but they haven’t discovered my existence. And you… are not a member of my clan. It can even be said that you have nothing to do with the great phoenix dragon clan, but you still came here…”

Perhaps this is really the will of the heavens! Miao Zhen suddenly paused mid-sentence.

Actually, there was no point in saying these words. Zi Chen was unwilling to accept this heirloom and had already contracted with Chu Liuyue.

These two points were enough to make Miao Zhen give up his initial idea. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The only pity is that after today, I still don’t know how long I will have to wait to find a suitable successor…

Rong Xiu suddenly asked, “Senior Miao Zhen, are you really willing to be trapped here forever?”

Miao Zhen was stunned. Of course, I’m indignant! I have yet to take revenge on Miao Yang! I have yet to get back what I have lost! But now that I have almost nothing and have finally found an heir, it is unsuitable. What else can I do?

He looked at Rong Xiu in surprise. “What… do you mean?”

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows slightly. “Nothing. To be honest, Clan Leader Miao Yang was very rude to Yue’er and me previously and made things difficult for us. He said bluntly at the Thousand Summit that if Yue’er and I don’t erase our memories of coming here, we’ll be imprisoned on Godly Dragon Island forever.”

“You’re the heir to the heirloom of the great phoenix dragon’s ancestor. Be it talent or anything else, you’re better than Miao Yang. As long as the truth is clarified back then, the position of clan leader will definitely change hands! At that time, you can take back what originally belonged to you, and we can leave Godly Dragon Island openly. It’s killing two birds with one stone. Why not?”

Miao Zhen narrowed his eyes. “You want to form an alliance with me?”

Rong Xiu smiled frankly. “It would be our honor to be on good terms with you.”

Miao Zhen closed his eyes. Countless images surged from the depths of his mind.

After a long while, he said in a low voice, “…I don’t have a physical body. If I leave this place, my soul will dissipate.”

Rong Xiu said, “What if we can help you reconstruct your body?”

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