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755 You Want to Give It, But I Don’t Want It

“That’s right. I did leave a clue in the cave of Seven Lotus Peak, hoping that a junior would find this place. But after so long, there’s still no progress. Originally, I didn’t have much hope, but I didn’t expect—” Miao Zhen looked at Zi Chen with a deep gaze.

I really didn’t expect a three-eyed legendary eagle to appear…

Chu Liuyue pondered for a moment before saying, “Senior Miao Zhen, ever since you left, almost nobody from the great phoenix dragon clan has entered Seven Lotus Peak. It’s also a coincidence that we were locked up there this time.”

Then, she explained briefly what had happened. Of course, she only said that they came from the God-Killing Tumulus. She did not mention what had happened there.

Miao Zhen sneered. “Miao Yang hates me to the core. Of course, he won’t casually allow the other clansmen to go to Seven Lotus Peak again.”

It is also because of this that I have waited here bitterly for more than a thousand years!

“Could it be that your accident back then had something to do with Clan Leader Miao Yang?” asked Chu Liuyue.

Miao Zhen snorted. “Since you’ve found this place and probably guessed it, there’s no need for me to hide it from you.”

He took a deep breath as if suppressing the surging emotions in his heart.

“That’s right. Back then, I was indeed framed by him and ended up in this state. He was the one who killed those seven people and framed me. It was also him who trapped me on Seven Lotus Peak and tried to take my bloodline power! Unfortunately, he was one step behind, and I escaped in the end!”

Even if he had paid an extremely painful price for it, he had survived in the end!

Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu looked at each other.

Even though they had already guessed correctly, it was still shocking to hear the person involved admit it. This was definitely the greatest secret of the entire great phoenix dragon clan!

“Then… he actually doesn’t know that you aren’t dead?” This was something Chu Liuyue was very curious about. Since Miao Yang was willing to put in so much effort to deal with Miao Zhen, he must want to kill him. Does he really not suspect anything all these years?

Miao Zhen suddenly laughed as if he had heard a joke. His voice was low and rough, and his laughter was like thunder that struck her eardrums heavily, almost shocking her! “Hahaha! Girl, aren’t you overestimating Miao Yang and underestimating me? If not for the fact that I was at the critical moment of breaking through back then, that despicable person wouldn’t have been my match!”

His words didn’t hide his boldness and pride. It was based on absolute strength!

Compared to Miao Yang, who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing and whose emotions couldn’t be seen through no matter what, she admired the person in front of her more. He dared to laugh, curse, be impudent, and be frank!

After being harmed to this extent, he still has such an imposing aura. It’s difficult to imagine what kind of figure Miao Zhen would be now if those things hadn’t happened back then! What a pity…

Seeing her expression, Miao Yang raised his eyebrows and continued, “After our ancestor died, his body changed into this world. The heirloom of the clan is hidden here. Every time the Thousand Summit happens, the younger generation will enter this place to find a suitable heirloom.”

“This is the most sacred place in the entire great phoenix dragon clan. Even if Miao Yang becomes the clan leader, he won’t be able to spy on this place at all! It’s also because of this that Miao Yang hasn’t noticed me even after I’ve stayed here for a thousand years.”

Rong Xiu suddenly asked, “Senior Miao Zhen, the great phoenix dragon clan seems to only have one chance in their lives to enter this place, right? You—”

Miao Zhen laughed. “I have the heirloom of my ancestor on me, so I can naturally enter and leave this place at will! Back then, Miao Yang only thought that I was dead and that my soul had perished. He bitterly searched for the heirloom of my ancestor but couldn’t obtain it. Who would’ve thought that I would be here!”

So that was it! I wonder what Miao Yang’s expression will be when he finds out about this. I’m afraid that the usual calm and fake smile on his face can no longer be faked, right?

Zi Chen suddenly inquired, “Then, why did you lure me here?”

Miao Zhen’s expression gradually restrained. He stared steadily at Zi Chen. “Of course… it’s to find a suitable descendant to inherit the legacy of our ancestor!”

There was silence in the woods. The air seemed to freeze.

It took Chu Liuyue a while to come back to her senses and realize what Miao Zhen meant. Is he going to let Zi Chen obtain the heirloom of the great phoenix dragons’ ancestor?! Isn’t this a joke? Zi Chen is a three-eyed legendary eagle!

However, Zi Chen seemed to have expected him to say this. After a short silence, Zi Chen said indifferently, “Senior Miao Zhen, I’m afraid that’s not appropriate. I’m the clan leader of the three-eyed legendary eagle clan. It doesn’t make sense for me to inherit the great phoenix dragon clan’s heirloom.”

If anyone else was here and heard Zi Chen’s words, they would probably not be able to help but scold him for not thinking straight.

This was the heirloom of an ancient legendary fiend clan’s ancestor! How precious!

How many legendary fiends in the world could not ask for more? Now that it was in front of him, Zi Chen rejected it!

But Zi Chen really didn’t want it. Although he had used the great phoenix dragon’s wing bones to reconstruct his body and fused with its bloodline power for his own use, he had always remembered his identity.

He didn’t belong to the great phoenix dragon clan, not in the past, not now, and not in the future!

Miao Zhen didn’t seem to expect such an answer from Zi Chen and subconsciously frowned. “Are you sure? Only one person in the world can obtain such an opportunity.”

Miao Yang hates me and has risked everything to snatch this heirloom, but he has still found nothing. However, this three-eyed legendary eagle… said no?

Zi Chen nodded. “I can return your power.”

He had only swallowed the blood pearl because he felt that something was summoning him, not because he wanted to obtain something.

Miao Zhen’s expression was a little cold. When he saw that it was a three-eyed legendary eagle, he was disappointed. However, he quickly chose to accept this fact and was prepared to pass the heirloom. But now, he still doesn’t want it?! He really… doesn’t know what is good for him!

Zi Chen’s answer was so unexpected that it took Miao Zhen a while to digest it completely. He snorted and shouted in a deep voice, “I don’t have a physical body now. What’s the use of this inheritance?!”

Waves gradually rose on the lake, and the leaves around them rustled.

The world seemed to be agitated by Miao Zhen’s anger, but Zi Chen was unmoved, and his eyes were indifferent.

“There’s something you might not know yet. Not only am I the clan leader of the legendary three-eyed eagle clan, but I’m also her contracted legendary fiend. Senior Miao Zhen, do you really not mind?”

Miao Zhen was shocked and looked at Chu Liuyue.

“And me! And me! I’m also A’Yue’s contracted legendary fiend!” Tuan Zi waved with a proud expression and tried to make her presence known.

Miao Zhen’s eyes widened even more. “What did you say!?”

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