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1757 Your Way

Outside the holy hall, everyone was still waiting.

More than 20 days had passed now, and there was still one person inside who hadn’t come out.

Miao Yang sat in his chair with a faint smile on his face.

The atmosphere in the square was also very lively. This was because the three people that came out not long ago had also obtained very good heirlooms.

Including the first one, four of the last five people had already achieved good results.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

As long as nothing went wrong and the heirlooms were successfully passed down, the Thousand Summit would end smoothly. Although it wasn’t as good as the previous Thousand Summits, it was already much better than everyone’s initial worry that they would obtain nothing.

Most of the people in the square looked relaxed and happy. They were talking to each other in groups of three to five.

“It’s been so long, but Miao Su hasn’t come out yet. He must’ve obtained a top-notch heirloom!”

“I think so too! In the past, the last person to come out of the Thousand Summit was basically the most outstanding! Miao Su will definitely be no exception this time! In comparison, Miao Shang—who was the first to obtain an heirloom—isn’t that outstanding…”

Someone suddenly snorted sarcastically. “That might not be the case!”

The crowd fell silent.

The person who spoke was a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance and an unhappy expression.

“Whether or not you can obtain a good heirloom in the holy hall will indeed affect a person’s future to a large extent. However, that’s not absolute! Some people are destined to become experts. Even if they don’t perform well once, they will definitely become stronger in the future! There are also some people who, although they will have a moment of glory, the final outcome might not be certain!”

Quite a few people secretly exchanged glances. They were all from the same clan, so they were naturally familiar with each other.

This man was Miao Shang’s biological father.

After Miao Shang received the inheritance, he had always been very happy and smug. Now that he heard these words, he naturally found them very jarring.

“Don’t forget that our clan leader wasn’t the last to come out back then, but now—” He snorted a laugh but didn’t go on.

However, everyone understood the meaning behind his words.

Some people’s expressions changed slightly, and they subconsciously looked at Miao Yang.

Actually, there was nothing wrong with the first few words, but the key was… Back then, Clan Leader Miao Yang participated in the same Thousand Summit with that person and also entered the holy hall together! Most importantly, the last person to come out of that Thousand Summit was that person—Miao Zhen!

This name had already become taboo in the great phoenix dragon clan. Everyone subconsciously ignored this name as if that person had never existed. Even some things related to him were especially sensitive and wouldn’t be mentioned.

Now that the clan leader heard this…

As if sensing that the atmosphere wasn’t right, the person who spoke was suddenly shocked. Then, he looked at Miao Yang uneasily.

Miao Yang looked over and smiled faintly. “That’s right. Until the end, nobody knows who will win. Those who can laugh in the end are the true experts.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Nobody was more qualified to say this than Miao Yang.

Back then, Miao Zhen was extremely talented and was undoubtedly the number one among the younger generation of the great phoenix dragon clan! At that time, all his peers were enveloped by his halo—even Miao Yang was the same. But who would’ve thought that so much would happen later…

This small commotion quickly subsided, and everyone quickly chatted about other topics.

Miao Yang leaned back in his chair and looked away with lowered eyes.

Miao Zhen… Even though that person had been dead for more than a thousand years, when he thought of this name, he couldn’t help but feel disgust and jealousy!

He remembered living in Miao Zhen’s shadow for many years.

Speaking of geniuses, heirs, and the future, the first person the entire clan mentions will definitely be Miao Zhen! As for me, Miao Yang, nobody even remembers my name. I have lived like this for too long, and I have had enough! Fortunately, Miao Zhen died in the end, and the position of clan leader became mine. Everyone gradually forgot about that person and now regards me as the best.

Everything has gone according to my plan except for one thing—I have yet to find the ancestral heirloom!

He had been brooding over this.

Actually, the heirloom he had obtained back then wasn’t bad. Unfortunately, it was worlds apart from what Miao Zhen had obtained. After all, in the entire great phoenix dragon clan, only Miao Zhen had obtained that ancestor’s heirloom in tens of thousands of years!

Of course, Miao Yang was very jealous. He had used almost all kinds of methods to obtain this thing. It was a pity…

Miao Yang put away his thoughts and looked up at the holy hall in front of him. Perhaps after the Thousand Summit ends, I should personally make a trip to Seven Lotus Peak.

“Great phoenix dragons are ancient legendary fiends. Once their body is destroyed, it can’t be restored. Even the great phoenix dragon clan can’t resolve this. As a human, where did you get the courage to say that you can help me reconstruct my body?”

After Rong Xiu finished speaking, there was silence.

Miao Zhen was silent for a moment before retorting. He clearly didn’t believe that Rong Xiu had the ability.

Rong Xiu had actually expected this reaction. He took a step forward, his expression calm and indifferent. “Just because the great phoenix dragon clan can’t do it doesn’t mean I can’t.”

At this moment, a thought flashed through Miao Zhen’s mind: Preposterous!

Instead, he laughed and said, “Oh? Tell me then—what ability and confidence do you have to make me believe what you’re saying?”

Rong Xiu raised his hands.

A cluster of golden flames surged out of his palm! The surrounding temperature instantly increased significantly!

Miao Zhen’s expression froze as he stared intently at the flames!

“You probably don’t know yet, but the first to condense the remaining blood traces you left in the cave at Seven Lotus Peak wasn’t Zi Chen but… me.”

Of course, Zi Chen could also do this, but he was one step ahead.

When Miao Zhen heard this, his expression finally changed.

Rong Xiu continued, “In addition, when Yue’er and I came, we accidentally stepped on the jade disk used for testing during the Thousand Summit. But don’t worry; I’ve already completely repaired it.”

At this point, a smile appeared on his lips. “Everything I said just now is true. I wonder if this is enough to convince you?”

Of course, Miao Zhen didn’t doubt the authenticity of Rong Xiu’s words.

Those who could do these two things weren’t ordinary people. Moreover, the truth would be revealed once he investigated, so there was really no need to lie.

Then… Does he really have the ability? Miao Zhen was silent for a long time before saying, “Even if I believe you, what do you plan to do? You have to know that there’s no fiend skeleton in this world that can replace the great phoenix dragon’s and help them reconstruct their body!”

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