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1722 Leave or Stay


When the scene entered a stalemate, an intense energy-clashing sound was suddenly heard!

Shangguan Jing and Yu Hongshan fought again!

Yu Hongshan was originally at a disadvantage. After seeing the Nan family suffering continuously and becoming the public enemy, he knew he couldn’t rely on them anymore and couldn’t help being angry and anxious!

Originally, he thought that he could win some face by relying on Nan Yiyi and the Nan family. Who knew that the remaining two parties couldn’t be trifled with?

He didn’t know what was so amazing about Rong Xiu. However, Nan Yifan’s attitude proved too much!

Besides, there was also Yi Zhao! The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was clearly standing on Shangguan Yue’s side.

Shangguan Jing was Shangguan Yue’s ancestor, so they naturally would help him!

Now, he was at a point of no return.

As his mental defense broke, Yu Hongshan’s combat skills rapidly dropped, and he was about to break down!

Shangguan Jing chased after him and kept hitting him! He unleashed all the grievances accumulated in the past thousand years!

Not long later, Yu Hongshan made a grave mistake. Shangguan Jing took the chance and gave him a fatal blow!


Yu Hongshan’s translucent figure completely exploded with this sound!

Smoke went everywhere!

The soul was destroyed!

“Hu…” Shangguan Jing exhaled loudly.

He never expected that Yu Hongshan managed to survive in the black wall for a thousand years. But luckily, everything still ended now!

The hint of indignance and anger suppressed at the bottom of his heart finally dissipated silently, alongside Yu Hongshan’s complete disappearance.

At this time, he still secretly felt lucky that he had followed Yue’er over. If not, how would he have the chance to settle the old grudges?

Shangguan Jing looked up at Chu Liuyue. Now, I just hope that Yue’er can come out safely.

Only the Nan family was tortured amongst everyone present.

Nan Yifan closed his eyes. The current situation isn’t beneficial for us. If we do it forcefully, we have no chance of winning. The only thing we can do is tolerate everything!

He walked to Nan Yiyi.

Seeing Nan Yiyi’s current appearance, his heart seemed to be tightly clutched, and it hurt. However, even he couldn’t help but admit that Nan Yiyi’s situation was largely caused by herself.

She could offend anyone, but it had to be Rong Xiu. If she only offended Rong Xiu, I could’ve still fought for her. However… her words completely offended the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan! Nan Yifan felt extreme regret.

If I had long known this, I would definitely not send her over! However, it is too late to say anything now.

“Yiyi, let’s go home.” His voice was low and hoarse.

Nan Yiyi looked at him and his empty eyes. Disappointed? No, it is hopelessness.

I thought that Father would protect me, but no. Everything in the past seems like a joke now. I was treated in this manner, yet he doesn’t want to stand up for me at all.

How would Nan Yifan not know what his daughter was thinking? However, he had his difficulties.

He couldn’t let the entire Nan family go against Rong Xiu and the entire red-gold heavenly phoenix clan for her, right? Besides, she was clearly in the wrong for this incident.

Even if word went out, they weren’t in the right. How could he do anything in such a scenario?!

Nan Yifan clenched his fists tightly and firmed his voice. “Luo Yan, bring her back!”

Luo Yan closed his eyes and could only agree.

But just as he planned to take Nan Yiyi to leave, Nan Yiyi suddenly shook her head crazily! Her face was filled with refusal!

“Wuwu!” She couldn’t talk anymore. This sound was like a heavy hammer that smashed on the hearts of the crowd from the Nan family. I’m not leaving—I’m definitely not leaving! I want to stay here and see what kind of tricks that Shangguan Yue has up her sleeve! Anyway, I’m already in this state. Is there any difference if I stay or leave?!

Detecting her heart filled with vengeance, Luo Yan hesitated for a moment before turning back to glance at Nan Yifan. “Master, if you want to go, you can directly leave. I’ll accompany Yiyi here.”

Nan Yifan was so angry that his chest felt tight. Is Luo Yan also throwing his temper on me? Am I feeling good?!

Nan Yuxing’s pearl of essence is broken, and he completely became a good-for-nothing. Nan Yiyi’s tongue has been cut off, and she is now a mute! As their father, am I not the most heartbroken one?

He suppressed his anger. “Okay, we’ll wait here together then! When she wants to leave, we’ll go!”

At the side, the elder wanted to advise him, but the atmosphere was too cold and stiff. In the end, they chose to keep silent.

Nobody really cared if they left or stayed.

At this point, the attention of Rong Xiu, Yi Zhao, and the rest were all on Chu Liuyue and Tuan Zi.

Everyone came out, only leaving the two of them trapped inside. Besides, this black wall became transparent at some point, causing them to be uneasy.

After a period of time, a large portion of black had disappeared from the black wall before them.

That strange pattern had already revealed its original appearance—it was mysterious.

The rays of light were bright with a heavy suppression!

Chu Liuyue’s current position was incredulous. Looking from the outside, she was coincidentally situated in the middle of the totem.

She glanced at Nan Yiyi and calmly retracted her gaze as if Nan Yiyi’s life or death couldn’t affect her at all.

She threw away the paper in her hands. Her slender and long finger then extended, and a transparent page flew over!

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