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1721 Take This Grievance!

Hearing this order, the puppet immediately bowed respectfully. Then, with a tap of its toes, it headed straight for Nan Yiyi!

It was extremely strong, and with just a strong step, a few cracks appeared on the ground!

Its figure had already flown away like an arrow! In the blink of an eye, it was already not far from Nan Yiyi!

The elder supporting Nan Yiyi was shocked. He immediately set up a barrier in front of him and retreated at the same time!

However, this defense was unable to withstand a single blow from the puppet!


The puppet punched out, and the barrier instantly shattered!

Violent energy surged in all directions! Some of it crashed into the Sky Demon, but they didn’t leave even a mark!

“Divine Puppet!” Nan Yifan’s expression changed.

He immediately rushed forward and tried to stop the Sky Demon, but the Sky Demon was no slower than him! Its movements were even more agile!

In a flash, the puppet bypassed him and rushed in front of Nan Yiyi!

Force surged around the elder, but before he could attack, the Sky Demon had already kicked his wrist!


The sound of bones breaking was especially crisp!

“Ah!” The elder cried out in pain and subconsciously loosened his grip.

Nan Yiyi was instantly taken away by the Sky Demon!

Nan Yifan’s heart sank. “Yiyi!”

The Sky Demon ignored her and used its elbow to clamp down on Nan Yiyi’s neck. Its other hand gripped her chin tightly!

The intense pain woke Nan Yiyi up again. When she came back to her senses, she realized that she was already in a tight grip!

Her jaw seemed to have been dislocated, and the Sky Demon was so strong that it’d shattered half her jaw.

She was forced to open her mouth. Cold air kept pouring into her lungs, making her entire body cold!

She had a bad feeling and began to struggle frantically, but the Sky Demon was extremely powerful. Even in her prime, she would have been no match for the Sky Demon, let alone now.

Then, something quickly flew over—it was sharp!


Nan Yiyi felt her vision blur! Then, she heard something fall out and hit the ground.

Only then did the Sky Demon release her and flash back to Rong Xiu’s side.

Nan Yiyi’s body suddenly relaxed, and she fell to the ground.

Her man seemed to be holding something down.

She turned stiffly to look.

A piece of tongue meat, stained with dark-red blood, was lying quietly on the ground. It was still warm.

Nan Yiyi was shocked. Then, an indescribably terrifying pain came from her mouth!

The strong smell of blood instantly filled her mouth!

Nan Yiyi widened her eyes in shock! My tongue—it is my tongue!

Rong Xiu had really cut off her tongue just now!

A miserable cry came from Nan Yiyi’s throat. She wanted to say something, but all that came out of her mouth was a whimper.

She could not say another word!

Nan Yifan’s face turned pale, and his body swayed, almost falling.

Nan Yiyi had never been in pain since she was young. How could he stand watching her tongue being cut off?

Blood kept flowing from the corner of Nan Yiyi’s mouth, and blood and tears flowed down her face. She looked really miserable.

There was dead silence. There was no other sound but her whimpering wails.

Everyone was shocked by Rong Xiu’s straightforward move. Nobody expected Rong Xiu to do as he said.

Even if Nan Yifan and the others stopped him, he would do as he said!

The shrill voice made Rong Xiu a little frustrated. He narrowed his eyes dangerously. “If you continue to argue, I have ways to shut you up forever.”

Nan Yiyi’s voice stopped abruptly!

Her blood surged, and her chest and abdomen churned. More blood seeped from the corners of her mouth, but after being swept by Rong Xiu’s deep and cold eyes, she did not dare to make a sound.

She had no doubt that Rong Xiu would definitely do such a thing!

“Yiyi!” Luo Yan walked over quickly.

Nan Yiyi gazed at him without saying a word, tears falling incessantly.

Seeing this, Luo Yan’s heart ached.

However, Nan Yiyi’s mouth was filled with blood, and it was extremely painful. She couldn’t swallow the pill no matter what.

Veins popped on Luo Yan’s forehead, but in the end, he could only endure it.

He wanted to take revenge on Rong Xiu, but this matter wasn’t so easy. Not to mention that Rong Xiu had become much stronger and still had many trump cards that he had yet to reveal, making it really difficult to do anything to him, just the family head’s attitude was worth thinking about!

Nan Yiyi was his only daughter, and he had doted on her for so many years! How could his heart not ache? But even now… Nan Yifan hadn’t attacked Rong Xiu!

Coupled with his abnormal attitude toward Rong Xiu previously, it really made people think too much!

Nan Yifan would never be so polite to a person for no reason. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that he would swallow his anger. He seems to be rather afraid of Rong Xiu. What is he afraid of?!

Luo Yan didn’t know, but he knew that the things involved had definitely exceeded their expectations!

As a result, Nan Yifan could swallow this anger!

Besides… Even if they fell out with Rong Xiu at all costs, then… What should they do about the red-gold heavenly phoenixes? They were also on Shangguan Yue’s side!

In other words, all the grievances and pain today… Even if she didn’t want to bear the responsibility, she had to!

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