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1723 Last Three Pages!

“What’s that?” Elder Yi Yu couldn’t help but ask softly.

In actual fact, it wasn’t only him—everyone present was curious about this.

Even though they could see Chu Liuyue, they couldn’t see where the thrown paper went to and where the new paper came from. The only thing they could tell was that… Chu Liuyue seemed very focused on studying these items.

As for what was written on the transparent paper, nobody knew.

Yi Zhao didn’t reply to Elder Yi Yu’s question as his gaze changed slightly and glanced at Tuan Zi.

Detecting his gaze, Tuan Zi broke out into a smile and smiled brightly. “Thank you, Clan Leader Grandpa!”

Originally, she just felt that this place was very strange. As she was terrified that A’Yue would be in danger and couldn’t handle it, she tried to send out a message for help.

She didn’t expect them to actually come!

Even though Tuan Zi looked young, she had been with Chu Liuyue for so many years, and her mentality was mature. She knew what it meant by Clan Leader Grandpa personally taking action. Hence, she was very moved and grateful.

With that, she revealed her big smile generously.

Seeing Tuan Zi’s adorable face and the bright smile, Yi Zhao’s heart seemed to be harshly hit by something as it felt soft and loving.

His expression didn’t change much, and he was still very stern. “Didn’t I tell you previously that you can just tell me if you’re in trouble? You’re the young mistress. The clan will naturally help you.”

Elder Yi Yu stood at the side and lightly glanced at him. Tsk, he clearly wants to take the chance to get closer to Tuan Zi, yet he said so much… Even if Tuan Zi isn’t the Young Mistress, he still has to come personally!

Of course, he definitely couldn’t say such words to him. He had to leave the clan leader with some face and dignity, right?

Hence, Elder Yi Yu smiled, took a step forward, and said, “Tuan Zi, don’t worry! I will wait for you here!”

Tuan Zi nodded forcefully and clenched her small fists! “Ow! Fifth Elder Grandpa is waiting for me!”

Looking at the smile on that small face and the crisp address, Elder Yi Yu was content. It’s worth it! This trip is really worth it!

Elder Yi Yu couldn’t help but lean toward Yi Zhao as he chuckled and asked without concealing his delight, “Clan Leader, Tuan Zi looks especially happy. Do you think I can directly hug her when she comes out?”

Once he said this, he suddenly felt his nape turn cold.

Yi Zhao glanced at him coldly. “Why are you daydreaming?”

I haven’t hugged her yet. How could it be his turn?!

Elder Yi Yu was speechless. If you want to hug her, say so yourself! If you don’t say it, who would know? You’re embarrassed to say it, yet you don’t let other people think about it?!



Elder Yi Yu grunted and said angrily, “That might not be a dream… Clan Leader, you always have such a black face. You’re too stern! Which kid would like you when they see you?”

As he said this, he retreated to the side. “If I stand beside you, perhaps Tuan Zi won’t even come over when she planned to do so originally!”

Yi Zhao glanced at him again. “Yi Yu, if you don’t speak, nobody will treat you as a mute.”

Elder Yi Yu trembled and stiffened his neck. Who is scared of whom? As long as Tuan Zi is happy, why does it matter if Clan Leader is upset?

Inside the wall, Chu Liuyue threw the paper in her hands again.

The zither sound rang beside her ear!

She looked up.

There were still… three pieces left!

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