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1716 Princess Consort

His voice was cold and calm, yet it had a strong, irrefutable suppression!

Everyone present instinctively looked in the direction of the voice.

The surrounding force around the gigantic totem on the black wall suddenly moved!

The air moved! Then, a tall and muscular figure walked out from within!

The incoming person was handsome and charming. He was decked in snow-white clothes and looked dashing.

At that moment, everything in the surroundings seemed to have lost its color as all the spiritual items in the world gathered in this one person alone.

The elders fell silent for a moment.

That man looked up slightly. His pair of eyes that were as deep as the ocean silently looked toward the crowd.

It was clearly an extremely nonchalant glance, yet it encompassed tremendous suppression, causing one to be unable to look at him directly.

When he just appeared, the crowd felt that he was floating like a deity. But when they saw this pair of eyes, they shockingly realized—


Everything previously was an illusion! What deity that flew down from the nine heavens? He was clearly a demon that walked out of the fire in hell!

However, such emotions disappeared in a flash.

Rong Xiu’s gaze moved slightly. That layer of intensely harsh bloody intent silently disappeared!

When they looked over again, that pair of phoenix-like eyes had recovered their usual gentleness and distinguished, yet distant and nonchalant aura.

“Rong Xiu!” Seeing the incoming person, Nan Suhuai and Chu Ning were the first to react, revealing their happiness.

Previously, they were still worried about whether he could come out safely. Now that they saw him come out in one piece and was even untouched by a speck of dust, their tense emotions instantly relaxed.

He lightly nodded toward Nan Suhuai and Chu Ning and asked to leave. Then, he looked up slightly at Shangguan Jing and Yu Hongshan.

Ever since he came out, these two people stopped their brawl.

Detecting Rong Xiu’s cold gaze landing on him, Yu Hongshan’s heart instantly skipped a beat!

Danger! Even Shangguan Jing can’t cause me to have such a strong sense of threat!

A thought popped up in Yu Hongshan’s mind. This man called Rong Xiu looks like he is in the beginning of his twenties, but his skills were untestable! Even I can’t test it! The more important thing is that so many people have come out from the inside, but only Rong Xiu is unscathed!

Yu Hongshan couldn’t help but feel guarded.

“Senior Shangguan, this person is the one you mentioned that betrayed you back then?” asked Rong Xiu lightly.

Shangguan Jing recovered his senses and nodded. He faintly felt that Rong Xiu seemed different, but he didn’t know how to pinpoint it.

Rong Xiu nodded. “Then, go ahead.”

I didn’t expect this person to still be alive, but that is good as Shangguan Jing can personally teach him a lesson and avenge himself for the past matters.

“Don’t worry. Nobody will interrupt you. You can punish them however you like it,” said Rong Xiu lightly.

Shangguan Jing’s heart moved slightly. He finally knew what was wrong!

When Rong Xiu spoke, he was using a narrative tone, and it was too righteous as if he didn’t care that the other party would object to it. To be more direct, Rong Xiu’s words were actually for everyone present!

This was a command!

Shangguan Jing was secretly shocked.

He knew that Rong Xiu’s status was distinguished, and he had always been peerless, high and mighty. But other than him, there was also the Nan family’s head here!

The Nan family’s status is akin to the Sky-Cloud Empire! When he said this, Nan Yifan—Shangguan Jing instinctively looked at Nan Yifan and was suddenly dazed. Why does Nan Yifan’s reaction seem a bit weird?

Nan Yiyi also discovered this.

After seeing Rong Xiu come out, her mood was rather complicated.

Although the previous ordeals had already helped slowly rid her liking toward Rong Xiu, it was very hard for her to go against Rong Xiu completely. However, Rong Xiu clearly disregarded her and even wanted to confront her when she came back.

It was a lie if Nan Yiyi didn’t feel upset. At the same time, she was also annoyed. Hence, she finally decided to ask her own father, Nan Yifan, for help. Rong Xiu and the rest were extremely rude toward me previously. Now that her father is here, how could he still be arrogant?

However, Nan Yiyi called twice, but Nan Yifan didn’t give any reactions.

“Father? Father?” She knitted her brows strangely and pulled Nan Yifan’s sleeves.

Nan Yifan then recovered his senses and looked at her stiffly. “W-what’s wrong?”

Nan Yiyi knitted her brows even more tightly. What? Isn’t this situation obvious?

“Father, are you okay?” asked Nan Yiyi rather nervously.

He had always been over the top of his head, so she rarely saw him reveal such an expression.

“I… Yiyi, why didn’t you previously mention—”

Before Nan Yifan could finish his sentence, Nan Yiyi had already known what to do. Are you talking about Rong Xiu?

Nan Yiyi was about to explain, but her mind suddenly recalled what Rong Xiu said previously and the ball play. Hang on! It seems like my father and Rong Xiu really know each other?!

“Master Nan, long time no see.” Rong Xiu shot Nan Yifan an extremely faint gaze.

Nan Yifan’s expression instantly turned strange! His chin was tense, and his face squeezed out an extremely cold and rigid smile. “L-long time no see… Your Grace.”

When he said this, the surrounding atmosphere immediately became stranger.

Almost everyone looked at Nan Yifan strangely, especially the Nan family people. When they heard Nan Yifan politely call ‘Your Grace,’ it was akin to seeing a ghost.

He was the Nan family’s master! No matter if it is his status, background, or skills, it is all better than Rong Xiu. Why does this seem like I should be the nervous and anxious mum?

Nan Yiyi widened her eyes. “Father!?”

She understood her father too well. For no rhyme or reason, he would definitely not be so polite. And she could even faintly feel the fear and respect for this path.

Even though Nan Yifan had concealed his emotions well, Nan Yiyi—who sat beside him—saw everything.

Nan Yifan glanced at her strictly. Why did this girl leave out such an important matter! If I knew that Rong Xiu would intervene—

Nan Yiyi’s heart turned cold when she saw the massage. No wonder… It was no wonder how Rong Xiu directly guessed my identity in a sudden and quiet manner. We originally thought that he only looked at girls, but now, it seems like… probably not.

However, he is just the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace. Father can be so polite?

A gigantic ripple overwhelmed Nan Yiyi. When she thought of whatever happened earlier, her entire body went downhill.

However, Nan Yifan disregarded her and forced a smile at Rong Xiu, wanting him to get his members on the deconflict sheet. “No wonder His Grace is also here. What a coincidence. Hehe—”

“Not a coincidence.” Rong Xiu’s gaze was cold and sharp as he spoke with a nonchalant tone. “You previously said that you wanted to settle Shangguan Yue, but this person is the Sky-Cloud Empire’s Master—His Highness’s Princess Consort!

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