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1715 I Will Confront You!

He actually has the cheek to ask this question? Nan Yiyi suddenly chuckled. “Director Nan, do you not know what your precious disciple did?”

She made an agreement with a red-gold heavenly phoenix… She must be tired of living!

Upon hearing this, Nan Suhuai was dazed. He guessed what Nan Yiyi implied, but… Didn’t they already settle this matter? Rong Xiu clearly sent a letter saying that Yue’er had safely brought Tuan Zi out of Godly Phoenix Mountain! I thought that this matter had ended on a good note. Am I… wrong?

Yi Zhao said lightly, “I did come to look for Shangguan Yue and Tuan Zi.”

Nan Suhuai’s heart sank slightly. What exactly happened? If the two parties didn’t reach an agreeable result, Yi Zhao would definitely not let them go. He wouldn’t even allow her to bring Tuan Zi along with her. Why is it suddenly—

Nan Suhuai glanced at the other party.

Yi Zhao’s expression… was calm, and he could not see anything.

At the same time, he was also nervous. If Yi Zhao really came to cause trouble for us, then—

“Hm?” Elder Yi Yu’s gaze landed on Chu Ning, and he was a little shocked.

Nan Suhuai frowned.

The corner of Elder Yi Yu’s lips curled up as he averted his gaze. This man must be the person Shangguan Yue came to the God-Killing Tumulus to look for. Hearing what Nan Yiyi said earlier, and Shangguan Yue addressed him as ‘father,’ they must be father and daughter.

He is just a stage-one warrior, yet he has a God Realm… If I haven’t guessed wrongly, he most likely has an Indestructible Holy Body. Shangguan Yue herself is amazing enough. I didn’t expect her father to be equally extraordinary. This whole family is indeed…

Seeing that Elder Yi Yu averted his gaze and had no intention of causing trouble for them, Nan Suhuai heaved a sigh of relief.

His gaze then turned as he looked toward Chu Ning at the side. However, he realized that the latter was calm as if he didn’t take this incident to heart.

Nan Suhuai couldn’t help but lean in and softly ask, “Chu Ning, are you really not worried at all?”

Chu Ning was dazed for a moment. “Worried? Worried for what?”

Nan Suhuai snorted and shifted his gaze. “…Those two are the red-gold heavenly phoenix’s clan leader and Fifth Elder!”

Chu Ning nodded. “I know, and so?”

So? He still asked ‘and so!’ Nan Suhuai almost could not breathe. Does Chu Ning know how much trouble Yue’er is in because she made an agreement with a red-gold heavenly phoenix?

“T-Tuan Zi!”

Chu Ning blinked. Seeing Nan Suhuai’s nervous look, he suddenly understood something. “Director Nan, is there something you still don’t know—”


Before he could finish his sentence, an intense energy smashing sound suddenly came.

The crowd turned back in unison and saw two figures rush out of the black wall one after another! However, one person’s figure was shallow and half-translucent—it was only a soul.

The person behind was tall, and his appearance was harsh with murderous intent! It was Shangguan Jing!

It seemed like the two of them were fighting. Besides, Shangguan Jing clearly had the upper hand. That soul’s aura was messy, and it obviously couldn’t hold on anymore.

This scene shocked everyone present. Why did another soul suddenly appear?!

“Senior?” Nan Yiyi widened her eyes and couldn’t help but say.

Nan Yifan instantly glanced at her. “You know him?”

Nan Yiyi was at a loss for words.

In the beginning, she thought that only she had made it out, so she left out the part where she met Yu Hongshan. Who knew that these two people were still alive and fought from inside to out!?

At this point, the disheveled Yu Hongshan saw Nan Yiyi.

“Help me!” Without thinking, he shouted this.

Shangguan Jing was indeed capable. Even though I have been bitterly training in the past thousand years, I still pale in comparison when we really fight! If this continues, I will definitely die in Shangguan Jing’s hands!

Nan Yiyi clenched her teeth. “Father, this senior helped me previously. Can we help him now?”

If he can conveniently settle Shangguan Jing, that would be for the best!

Upon hearing this, Nan Yifan nodded almost without hesitation.

But the moment he took a step out, a figure suddenly appeared before him—it was Nan Suhuai! He said in a seemingly smiling manner, “Master Nan, are you making a move on Senior Shangguan Jing?”

Nan Yifan coldly snorted. “Why? Director Nan, are you planning on intervening?”

“Senior Shangguan Jing is our Yue’er’s ancestor and also an important guest of our Ling Xiao Academy. If he’s in danger, I definitely won’t sit still and watch.” Even though Nan Suhuai was smiling, his gaze was determined.

Nan Yifan slowly clenched his fists. “Director Nan, you really want to go against us because of Shangguan Jing?”

Nan Suhuai spread his arms and smiled. “Didn’t your people previously already do that? Isn’t it laughable now that you asked me this?”

His gaze landed on Nan Yiyi meaningfully. “If not for your precious daughter messing with us continuously and causing trouble for us, things wouldn’t have developed to this stage. We haven’t blamed you, yet you’re planning to take action against us?”

Shangguan Jing was Yue’er’s ancestor, so they naturally had to protect him.

Hearing this, Nan Yifan instantly sneered. “It’s clearly Shangguan Yue’s fault, yet you want to smear us out of nowhere, Director Nan? You want to push all the responsibility to my daughter?”

Nan Suhuai raised his brows and roughly knew how Nan Yiyi explained it to these people after she came out.

“Oh?” Nan Suhuai asked in return with much interest, “Nan Yiyi said that it’s all my Yue’er’s fault?”

“She doesn’t need to say it. Anyone with eyes can see what’s going on!”

There seemed to be lava turning in Nan Yifan’s chest as if it would rush out the next minute! Nan Yuxing is handicapped, Elder Bai Tong is dead, and Nan Yiyi and Elder Wu Peng are severely injured! We suffered great losses on this trip!

Nan Yifan suppressed his anger and didn’t know where to unleash it!

However, Nan Suhuai seemed to disregard his intense emotions as he smiled. Of course, Nan Yiyi would beautify all the matters and describe the happenings in a way beneficial for her. Besides, Nan Yifan has always doted on her and deeply believes in her. If we have no concrete evidence, it is useless no matter what others say.

Seeing that Nan Suhuai didn’t speak, Nan Yifan thought that he was guilty and sneered, “What, Director Nan, can’t you continue talking anymore? If you really have the confidence, why don’t we confront each other?”

Nan Suhuai squinted his eyes slightly. Confront? I’m afraid he’s just trying to mess things up!

Nan Yifan increasingly confirmed his guess as he lifted his chin slightly and coldly said, “If you don’t dare to confront us, Director Nan, please move away immediately!”

Once he said this, a cold voice that sounded like gems clashing suddenly sounded. “I will confront you.”

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