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1717 Just With This Slap?

Nan Yifan’s mind buzzed! It was as if an invisible hammer had smashed into his head, stunning him on the spot! The Sky-Cloud Empire’s princess consort… Right! I finally remember why I previously felt that the name ‘Shangguan Yue’ was familiar. Isn’t that the princess consort Rong Xiu has chosen?!

This matter had spread like wildfire among the many aristocratic families in the God Residence Realm, but the Nan family had never cared about these things. The people below wouldn’t mention this in front of him at all, and it was only after he asked around in private that he learned something.

However, this matter had been going on for a long time, and almost nobody around him mentioned it much. Over time, he had forgotten about it. This was why he didn’t think of this when he heard the name ‘Shangguan Yue!’

Miscalculated—what a miscalculation! At this moment, Nan Yifan regretted it so much that his intestines turned green! That is Rong Xiu’s woman! What is wrong with me to threaten and cause trouble for her? I even brought so many people from the Nan family to fall out with them?!

Look at these people! Among them are Shangguan Yue’s father, her master, and her ancestor! Offending them is undoubtedly offending Shangguan Yue—doesn’t that mean offending Rong Xiu?!

Nan Yifan finally couldn’t smile anymore. This time, even the stiff fake smile became very forced.

He swallowed hard before he could force out the words. “Misunderstanding… It’s all a misunderstanding…”

“Eh, didn’t Second Miss Nan just say that they are in such miserable states because of that ‘b*tch’ Shangguan Yue?” In the cold and almost suffocating silence, Elder Yi Yu suddenly spoke.

He blinked. “Just now, Master Nan seemed to have said that he wanted to take revenge on them. Why has it suddenly become a misunderstanding now?”

Yi Zhao glanced at Yi Yu. After so many years, his habit of watching the commotion hasn’t changed. But… This time, I’m happy to watch the show.

As soon as Elder Yi Yu spoke, Nan Yifan had a bad feeling. After hearing this, he gritted his teeth in hatred! Why did Yi Yu have to come out at this time to cause trouble? If he didn’t do it on purpose, I would’ve seen a ghost!

But at this moment, Nan Yifan couldn’t be bothered to question Elder Yi Yu. Instead, he looked up at Rong Xiu immediately. “No, it’s not like that! It—”

Meeting Rong Xiu’s gaze, Nan Yifan’s voice suddenly stopped. He felt as if his throat was being strangled by an invisible hand!

The rest of his defense was stuck in his throat, unable to come out.

That deep and cold gaze landed on him, bone-chilling!

“Oh?” Rong Xiu’s voice was soft and indifferent as he glanced at Nan Yiyi. “Is what Elder Yi Yu said true?”

Nan Yiyi felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave! She had never felt so clearly that she was only a step away from death!

A terrifying pressure instantly enveloped her—it almost suffocated her!

Nan Yifan hurriedly took a step forward and stood in front of Nan Yiyi. “Your Grace, it’s not like that! Yiyi didn’t say those words!”

“In that case, Elder Yi Yu lied to me in public?”

Rong Xiu’s question made Nan Yifan speechless.

Elder Yi Yu crossed his arms and raised his chin. “Master Nan, aren’t you being too rude? To think that I’ve been speaking up for you before… Is this how you repay me?”

Nan Yifan wanted to tear Yi Yu’s mouth apart! Who is the one being rude?! He was the first to cause trouble! He even said that he is speaking up for me in Yi Zhao’s place?

I didn’t hear any of this. I only heard him exposing Yiyi in public and putting all of us in danger!

Nan Yifan took a deep breath and forced himself to ignore Elder Yi Yu. “…There are indeed many misunderstandings about what happened today. I can personally explain from the beginning…”

“Father, he’s just the Sky-Cloud Empire’s His Grace! Why are you so polite?!” A voice filled with unwillingness and anger suddenly sounded.

It was Nan Yuxing who spoke. Everything was originally fine, but ever since Rong Xiu appeared, everything seems to have suddenly changed. I really don’t understand why Father is so polite to Rong Xiu. In fact… it isn’t an exaggeration to say that he is in awe and fearful!

Normally, Nan Yuxing would never ask this question.

Anyone with a brain could tell that there was clearly something wrong with Nan Yifan’s attitude toward Rong Xiu, but Nan Yuxing was already in a daze. He was severely injured, and his mind was already a little muddled. Seeing this scene again, he was immediately furious and burned the last string of rationality in his heart!

Hence, he shouted this sentence suddenly and crazily.

“Yuxing!” Nan Yifan was also stunned. Then, endless anger surged in his heart! Does this unfilial son know what he is talking about? This situation already made things difficult for me, and Nan Yuxing has interfered now, making things even worse!

Nan Yifan suddenly raised his hand and shouted sternly, “You—come over and apologize to His Grace immediately!”

These words didn’t serve as any warning to Nan Yuxing. Instead, they agitated him even more.

When he previously faced Rong Xiu, his attitude had always been high and mighty. Even if he wasn’t the other party’s match, he had never taken Rong Xiu seriously.

How could the Sky-Cloud Empire be compared to the Nan family? But now, Father is actually asking me to bow down to Rong Xiu? I will never agree!

“He’s not worthy!” Nan Yuxing straightened his neck and shouted! “He—”


A loud slap suddenly sounded—it was Nan Yifan who slapped him ruthlessly from afar!

Nan Yuxing’s voice instantly disappeared. His cheek was slapped to the side and quickly swelled.

Nan Yifan’s chest heaved violently, and his palms were still trembling slightly.

“Eldest Young Master!” The elder standing at the side was also stunned when he saw this. It wasn’t until he saw blood seeping from the corner of Nan Yuxing’s mouth that he suddenly came back to his senses.

Just as they were about to go over and help Nan Yuxing, they heard Nan Yifan shout, “Nobody is allowed to care about him!”

His voice and expression were stern, and the two elders did not dare to disobey. They could only stand rooted to the ground in embarrassment, allowing Nan Yuxing’s body to sway and fall to the ground.

Nan Yuxing was already seriously injured, and Nan Yifan had used too much strength. It was not something he could withstand.

Almost nobody understood why Nan Yifan’s attitude had taken a 180-degree turn, but they weren’t stupid. They knew that there must be an unknown reason, so they all tactfully shut their mouths.

Nan Yifan closed her eyes and looked at Rong Xiu. “Your Grace, my son has offended you just now. Please forgive him.”

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. “With this slap?”

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