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Chapter 1663: Ignore

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The Xuan formation in front of Chu Liuyue was gradually perfected.

A shocking pressure began to spread from above. At the same time, dark clouds gathered in the sky, and wind and lightning howled!

The uneasiness in the black-robed man’s heart intensified.

When he attacked just now, he directly triggered the phenomenon. But after Chu Liuyue’s Xuan formation was formed, he shockingly realized that her summoning of Heaven and Earth force seemed to be slightly better than his!

This made his already anxious heart even more uncomfortable. This cannot go on… It took me an unknown amount of effort to finally lure Shangguan Yue here. If I can’t take her down today, it will be difficult to find such an opportunity in the future! Moreover, this woman’s strength has always increased beyond imagination!

At first, he didn’t take her seriously at all. In the end, as the days passed, she could actually make him feel threatened!

If I delay any longer, perhaps Shangguan Yue will surpass me one day! At that time, won’t my years of planning all be in vain? Thinking of this, he finally made up his mind and raised his hand!

He had no physical body, and inside the black robe was a translucent soul.

At this moment, he extended his hands and brought out black fog!

The strange black fog lingered on his hands before quietly dissipating, but the hands that appeared again were a little different from before. They were even thinner and even looked like bones with an undisguised sinister aura!


A dark light flashed across his palm, and a black wooden stick suddenly appeared!

The wooden stick was about the thickness of an adult’s arm. Its color was dark and heavy, and its surface was a little rough with many scratches.

In addition, the top of the wooden stick was very round and seemed to be engraved with red patterns. The pattern color was extremely dim, making them even less conspicuous against the black color. If one didn’t look carefully, they wouldn’t notice them.

Furthermore, the texture of this black wooden stick was very good, and it looked heavy.

The black-robed man slowly clenched his fists.

The surrounding natural energy suddenly began to surge over quickly! Then, it poured into the wooden stick!

For a moment, dust flew everywhere!

Sensing this commotion, Chu Liuyue quickly looked up. Her eyes lingered on the black stick for an instant longer.

With just one glance, her heart skipped a beat! This thing is probably not simple!

She held her breath and focused, speeding up the outline of the Xuan formation in front of her!

A strange blood-colored rune suddenly appeared on the black wooden stick. The appearance of the rune seemed to have opened a layer of restrictions, causing the aura on the black wooden stick to intensify again!

“First level of the Glowing Sky Staff—Wave Breaker!” The black-robed man gripped the black wooden stick tightly with both hands, raised it high, and slammed it down!


The black wooden stick landed heavily on the ground with a shocking bang!


A gully instantly appeared on the ground. At the same time, a powerful and violent force swept out!

The gully also began to spread toward her at an astonishing speed. Wherever it passed, space collapsed silently because it couldn’t withstand this sudden and terrifying force!

In the blink of an eye, it was already close to Chu Liuyue!


The natural energy around her was greatly affected by this attack and actually began to spread crazily to the side.

The countless God Realms around her were also surging up and down like waves!

The black-robed man stared intently at the scene in front of him.

The Glowing Sky Staff was his trump card and was extremely powerful! But because it would consume a lot of his energy and would take him at least three months to recover every time he used it, he rarely used it.

He hadn’t wanted to use it today. After all, it wasn’t difficult for him to deal with Shangguan Yue. However, he didn’t expect her to have so many trump cards!

Furthermore, she had even taken all the stones that contained God Realms for her own use!

Helpless, he had no choice. As long as I can end the battle quickly, everything else… can be put aside for the time being!

The Glowing Sky Staff has a total of three power levels. Each level is stronger than the previous, but in contrast, the impact on me is greater. However, even the first level is enough to deal with her!


The sound of the waves became clearer!

Chu Liuyue even saw that the God Realms surrounding her seemed to be greatly affected and were on the verge of collapse. It was as if they would be broken through by that terrifying power at any moment!

The surroundings were unstable, and even she couldn’t continue to focus on creating the Xuan formation.

But… Just a little more! She frowned slightly and suddenly thought of something.


Countless stones rolled out of the Cosmic Ring and covered her body in a short while. Several God Realms rushed out of these stones and fused with each other.

Soon, the God Realm that was on the verge of collapse calmed down again. The force was finally blocked completely outside and couldn’t advance at all!

“How is that possible?” The black-robed man was stunned by the scene in front of him. Just now, I had made up my mind to deal with Shangguan Yue directly and didn’t hold back at all. How could she be so strong? No, that’s not right! To be precise, she has too many stones on her! Did she… empty the tombs?!

A smile appeared on Chu Liuyue’s lips. “It looks like this move of yours is only so-so.”

Wave Breaker… If it is a shocking wave, it won’t be so easy for him to break it!


The two forces collided fiercely, but there were no more fluctuations in Chu Liuyue’s God Realm!

On the other hand, the power accumulated by the black-robed man’s strike quickly collapsed!

Looking at everything that was happening in front of him, the black-robed man was first shocked. Then, he trembled with anger. She actually… She actually withstood this attack!

In fact, from beginning to end, she didn’t officially attack. She only threw some rocks!

“Are you crazy!?” In a moment of desperation, the black-robed man finally couldn’t help but shout angrily at the stones. “You’re actually helping her like this?! Have you all forgotten your identities?!”

This shout was clearly directed at the stones. Even though this scene looked very strange, Chu Liuyue—who had interacted with these stones before—knew that they could indeed understand human language.

But no matter how angry the black-robed man was or how hoarsely he shouted, the stones were indifferent and didn’t react at all.

“Are you guys trying to rebel?!” The black-robed man was furious. No matter what, these stones came from the tombs of true gods. However, this is the tombstone area of legendary warriors, and I’m indeed a legendary warrior!

Chu Liuyue’s lips curled up slightly. “It looks like they don’t want to bother with you.”

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