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Chapter 1662: She Must Have Suffered A Lot

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Soon, stones scattered around Chu Liuyue. It was messy and casual, looking unruly.

The black-robed man was even more confused. Why did so many stones suddenly appear? Could it be that Shangguan Yue needs to borrow the power of these stones to cast the Xuan formation? But what is so good about these ugly stones? But for some reason, they look strangely familiar…


A faint sound of waves suddenly came.

The sound was low. If one didn’t listen carefully, they wouldn’t be able to hear it clearly.

But the surroundings were very quiet at this moment, and the black-robed man’s attention was on her, so he happened to catch this sound.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, a blue stream of light suddenly surged out of a stone.

The originally high pressure—which was almost suffocating—seemed to have suddenly been torn apart by this blue stream of light.

The black-robed man finally realized something. “This is… a God Realm?!”

There was a note of disbelief in his voice. It was not only because of the God Realm that suddenly flowed out of the stone but also because… he finally remembered why these stones looked familiar!

Aren’t these the shattered tombstones on the side of the tombs? Why did these things suddenly come to Shangguan Yue?

The black-robed man had a bad feeling and vaguely felt that he had overlooked something important.

While he was hesitating in shock, more and more God Realms surged out of the rocks. Although these God Realms were scattered and almost every one of them was small and weak, every little piece added up.

There were at least a hundred stones around Chu Liuyue. Together, there were more than a hundred God Realms! Most importantly, these God Realms seemed to have some tacit understanding with each other.

They surrounded Chu Liuyue and silently surged, tearing holes in the invisible pressure.

Without a sound, she was already completely surrounded and protected by these God Realms. The pressure around her suddenly lessened, causing her to open her eyes in shock.

When Chu Liuyue saw the stones around her and the God Realms, she was also shocked. This was because she had just been thinking about how to complete the Xuan formation as soon as possible to resist the black-robed man’s attack.

Unexpectedly, these stones actually ran out of the Cosmic Ring by themselves. And… they are taking the initiative to protect me? She blinked and thought for a moment.

She had yet to even summon her God Realm when—

She looked up at the black-robed man again.

Even though his face couldn’t be seen, Chu Liuyue could keenly sense that the other party’s aura had become even more ferocious and dangerous.

Seeing this scene, he is probably not in a good mood… Thinking of this, a smile appeared on her lips. With this huge boost, my chances of winning are even higher.

“You actually… took all of this for yourself?!” The black-robed man suddenly raised his hand and pointed at her. “Shangguan Yue, you’re really impudent!”

His voice became a little shrill with emotion, but he quickly suppressed it as if he had some scruples.

Chu Liuyue raised her eyebrows slightly. “Thank you for the compliment. You’ve known me for a long time. Do you only know who I am now?”

Actually, I didn’t take the initiative to take these stones. Instead, they insisted on following me. I really had no choice but to put them all into my Cosmic Ring. 

At first, I didn’t pay much attention, but now that I look at it… These stones seem to be quite useful?

The black-robed man was furious, and the hand he pointed at her trembled slightly. “You!”

But after holding it in for a long time, he couldn’t think of anything to refute.

Of course, he knew what these stones were. That was why he was so shocked!

Didn’t they all stay well in their places previously? Tens of thousands of years have passed like this. Even if wind and rain come, and even if the world changes, they are still indifferent. They only maintained that state and never changed. Why did they suddenly change after meeting Shangguan Yue?

He could not figure it out. At the same time, he felt a sense of worry for the first time. Such a shocking change is definitely not a small matter. Moreover, with their help, it won’t be so easy to kill Shangguan Yue again!

He began to increase the pressure of his God Realm and tried to attack her again. However, more than a hundred God Realms intertwined and formed an extremely powerful protective net that guarded Chu Liuyue tightly.

If I want to deal with her again, I obviously have to think of other ways… Looking at the countless God Realms floating, the black-robed man fell into a long silence.

“Those… are God Realms?” Chu Ning frowned and asked in a low voice.

Rong Xiu lightly nodded. “We accidentally bumped into them yesterday; they seem to be quite fated with Yue’er. Yue’er couldn’t resist, so she brought them all along. I didn’t expect them to be of such use at such a critical moment.”

Chu Ning said nothing.

Rong Xiu shifted his gaze slightly and saw that Chu Ning was still staring intently at the God Realms. He frowned and thought that the latter was still worried about her, so he said, “Don’t worry. Although these God Realms aren’t extremely strong, they can play a huge role when gathered together. Moreover, Yue’er has her own God Realm, so—”

“She also has… this… God Realm?”

“Yes. Some time ago, Yue’er happened to break through to become a true god.”

The current situation was rather special, so Rong Xiu didn’t explain it in detail.

Her God Realm didn’t appear at that time. Instead, it had existed a few years ago. But during this period of time, she suppressed her God Realm at Fengmin Mountain.

“…So this is a God Realm…” Chu Ning seemed to understand something and looked enlightened.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at his hands. They were bloodstained and battered, but his eyes seemed to be looking at something else through his hands.

Sensing his silence, Rong Xiu felt a little strange. “Lord Chu Ning, what’s wrong?”

Chu Ning looked away and shook his head. “Nothing… I just feel that Yue’er has really changed a lot after this farewell…”

What realm was she the last time we parted? Now, she has actually grown to her current level.

Rong Xiu was about to speak when he heard Chu Ning’s voice suddenly lower.

“She must have suffered a lot, right?” he asked carefully but with unconcealed sadness and affection.

Rong Xiu suddenly choked on his words. Then, he stared at Chu Ning with dark eyes. Everyone can see her radiance. Only those who truly love her can see her hardships.

After a while, Rong Xiu slowly tightened his fists in his sleeves and said, “Don’t worry. As long as I’m around, I’ll protect her.”

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