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Chapter 1664: Berserk Tuan Zi!

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This cannot go on… the black-robed man thought to himself. I can already sense that Shangguan Yue’s Xuan formation doesn’t seem to be simple. Coupled with the help of these stones…

Without any hesitation, he made a prompt decision and gripped the Glowing Sky Staff tightly.

The surrounding energy surged again, and this time, the commotion was clearly greater than last time!

Immediately after, a second strange rune appeared on the black wooden stick!

The blood-colored totem at the top of the wooden stick seemed to have become clearer!

“Second level of the Glowing Sky Staff—Mountain Sealing!” The black-robed man’s sleeves fluttered, and the aura around him surged crazily!

The second strike landed heavily!


A black stream of light suddenly flew out of the wooden stick and quickly transformed into several thumb-thick black vines.

These vines intertwined with each other and condensed into a huge semicircular dome in the blink of an eye, trapping her inside.

The God Realm around her was shaken again by this force.

Her chest tightened, and the strong taste of blood filled her mouth.

She forced herself to swallow it and gritted her teeth as she continued to outline the last few strokes on the Xuan formation!

The fluctuation of power in the God Realm became even more intense as if it was on the verge of collapse!

The black-robed man sneered. With the help of these God Realms, Shangguan Yue has indeed become difficult to deal with. However, both she and these God Realms are only true gods! To beat me… It’s still early!

“Die!” the black-robed man shouted.

Countless vines instantly tightened!

Some of Chu Liuyue’s God Realms couldn’t withstand the corrosion of this power and began to shatter!

But at this moment, a reddish-gold light suddenly flashed! Immediately after, a little girl—who looked to be no more than three or four years old—appeared in front of Chu Liuyue.

She looked cute wearing a red-gold lotus leaf dress. She also had two buns tied with red string and golden bells on her head.

Those black grape-like eyes were moist, clear, clean, and pure. But at this moment, those eyes were burning with anger.

She pointed at the black-robed man with a furious expression. “You want to bully A’Yue? You’re courting death!”

The sudden appearance of Tuan Zi made the atmosphere strange.

The black-robed man looked at the little girl who had suddenly appeared and almost laughed. “What? Shangguan Yue, you can’t beat me, so you even called out a child to fight? Isn’t this too—”

Suddenly, his laughter paused. That’s not right! The space around Chu Liuyue has been locked down by my Glowing Sky Staff. The people outside can’t enter, and the people inside can’t go out. How did this little girl suddenly appear there? Moreover, when she appeared, there didn’t seem to be any energy fluctuations around her! How could such a child do all this?

He stared intently at Tuan Zi and was suddenly stunned. Hang on! There seemed to be a flash of pure gold when she appeared. Could it be…

“Red-gold heavenly phoenix?!” He almost shouted the words in disbelief.

He knew that Shangguan Yue had a contracted legendary fiend, the red-gold heavenly phoenix. When he suddenly saw this little girl just now, he didn’t think of it. However, everything in front of him was constantly proving his guess!

Before he could react, Tuan Zi had already moved toward the interwoven black vines around it!


With a wave of her small hand, golden flames instantly flew out! They landed on the black vines and began to burn violently!

The black-robed man’s heart sank. She is indeed a red-gold heavenly phoenix! But if a red-gold heavenly phoenix is to transform into a human, they usually look like an adolescent at least. However, this little girl looks to be only three or four years old. How did she do it? 

Moreover, why haven’t I heard any news about this before?

Countless questions flashed across his mind, but he didn’t have much time left. That was because… Under the burning of the golden flames, the layer of black vines was gradually burned away.

Moreover, the fire was actually spreading!

“How… how is that possible?” The black-robed man was shocked to see this. The Glowing Sky Staff is my trump card and is extremely powerful. Ordinary flames can’t withstand it at all, and even a red-gold heavenly phoenix’s flames can barely resist it. How could there be such a one-sided situation?

However, he didn’t know that Tuan Zi’s flames were different from ordinary red-gold heavenly phoenixes. She had the purest bloodline and had inherited the power of her ancestors.

Back then, that ancestor was born when heaven and earth mixed and was a supreme existence in the world. How could it be a problem to deal with him?

While he was in a daze, Tuan Zi pushed off with her toes and ran directly in front of the black vines.

Her small face was filled with anger. She actually stretched out her chubby hand and grabbed the black vine!

“How arrogant!” Seeing this, the black-robed man laughed in anger and mockery. This red-gold heavenly phoenix is indeed capable. Unfortunately, it is too impulsive and brainless! The black vines are covered in sharp thorns. Even if a true god tries to grab them forcefully, they will only end up being stabbed! Not to mention that there is poison on them—

“What!” His smug smile froze on his face before it could fully spread.


Tuan Zi grabbed the vine in front of her and pulled!

The huge vine was actually pulled down by her! This time, even the entire cage woven from black vines became shaky!

At the same time, flames surged in Tuan Zi’s palm and burned it away!

She didn’t even give the black-robed man any time to react! By the time he realized what had happened, most of the semicircular cage woven with black vines had been destroyed by Tuan Zi!

On the other hand, there wasn’t even a scratch on Tuan Zi’s chubby hands.


Tuan Zi kept pulling and venting all her anger on the black vines!

The originally incomparably strong cage was torn apart by her just like that!

Ignoring the others’ gazes, Tuan Zi gritted her teeth and quickly urged the black vines together. Then, a ball of flames appeared with a wave of her hand!


Flames soared into the sky and burned completely!

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