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Chapter 1661: Her Stone

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At this moment, his two black palms were already close to her, and he was about to succeed.

But when his palms were one step away from her, they suddenly stopped in unison and couldn’t move closer. It was as if there was something terrifying ahead that made them afraid.

The black shield stood silently in front of Chu Liuyue.

At a glance, there was nothing special about it. However, the two black palms finally stopped and refused to step forward.

The black-robed man seemed to have expected this. He gritted his teeth and said, “…I actually forgot that you still have this trump card…”

His voice was cold and vicious.

Chu Liuyue was still constructing the Xuan formation with her eyes closed as if she didn’t hear him. That or she didn’t care despite hearing him.

Ever since she experienced the battle at Million Wine Mountain, she knew that compared to the Chi Xiao Sword, this black shield was her true trump card! Back when she faced such a terrifying attack, she had relied on this black shield to survive, let alone now.

The black-robed man was strong, but he wasn’t powerful enough to be invincible! Even if she couldn’t win, it wasn’t so difficult for her to survive!

Under the black shield’s protection, this originally suspenseful battle was paused.

The scene seemed to freeze, letting time pass slowly. Only the Xuan formation in front of her was expanding and becoming more and more complicated.

“Let’s see how long you can hide!”

She can hide behind the black shield for the time being and buy herself some time, but she can’t be like this forever! As for the Xuan formation… I don’t think that she has the ability to do so!

The two parties entered a stalemate.

Chu Ning’s gaze swept across the few of them, his brows furrowed. He could roughly see the current situation, but he still felt that there were many strange things. Why does the black-robed man want to snatch Yue’er’s pearl of essence? It’s unknown if Yue’er can fight the other party with a Xuan formation. Moreover… the black-robed man didn’t look in our direction from beginning to end.

He didn’t attack Rong Xiu, and Rong Xiu has been watching from the side without doing anything. What… is going on with them?

Unable to figure it out, Chu Ning simply gave up. He clenched his hands and prayed over and over in his heart. Yue’er, you must come back safe and sound…

Nan Yuxing and the others—who had already left for a long time—finally slowed down after confirming that nobody was chasing after them.

There were a total of four of them. Nan Yuxing and Elder Bai Tong were seriously injured, and Nan Yiyi was slightly injured.

Only Elder Wu Peng’s situation was slightly better, but the loss of a royal Yuan instrument that he had personally refined had dealt him a considerable blow.

The few of them found a place to rest before carefully treating their injuries.

Nan Yuxing was fine and hadn’t fought head-on. He was just angry, and his internal injuries were a little more serious, but they were still manageable.

Elder Bai Tong’s situation was the worst—a section of his calf was broken. Even though he was a heavenly doctor, all he could do now was barely stop the bleeding and heal his wound.

This calf section had been completely minced, and he didn’t even have a chance to mend it.

This had a huge impact on any cultivator.

They were all silent. The atmosphere was cold and oppressive.

After a while, Nan Yiyi finally couldn’t help but ask, “Who is that man? When did such a person appear in the God-Killing Tumulus?”

His strength was unbelievable, and he actually said that it was his territory.

At first, they thought he was just saying it, but what happened after that made them suspicious.

“He indeed doesn’t look like he came from the outside… But in the battle tens of thousands of years ago, all the legendary warriors have already died. Moreover, the energy here is wild, and ordinary people can’t stay here for more than a year. Otherwise, it’s very easy for them to die from being unable to withstand the violent energy here…” Nan Yuxing frowned and muttered.

Elder Wu Peng suddenly said, “He’s not normal. He’s just a soul.”

“That’s why it’s even more suspicious that he’s so strong, right?” Nan Yuxing rubbed his eyebrows.

Ordinary cultivators without a physical body would have their strength greatly reduced. However, that black-robed man was different…

“And that Rong Xiu. I’ve heard some rumors about him before, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. Now that I’ve seen him today, I know that his strength has actually reached this stage…” At the mention of this, Nan Yuxing couldn’t help but clench his teeth again.

Resentment, jealousy, unwillingness…

He had always prided himself on being outstanding, but in front of that man today, he was bleak. How could he feel comfortable?

Elder Wu Peng said in a low voice, “Rong Xiu is hiding his strength. When we return, we’ll definitely investigate him carefully. Also… on the family head’s side…”

Rong Xiu recognized us directly; it is obvious that he knows us quite well. He even called out Nan Yifan’s name in such a casual tone… This was another layer of worry in Elder Wu Peng’s heart.

They were all quiet for a moment.

If Rong Xiu wasn’t bluffing, then…

“Look! Something’s wrong over there.” Nan Yiyi turned around and suddenly exclaimed.

They all looked over.

At some point, the sky in the distance had become gloomy. There seemed to be lightning flashing faintly.

“Are they… fighting?” Nan Yuxing suddenly realized something and sneered. “No matter how powerful they are, they’re definitely not that man’s match. This time… I’m afraid they’ll all die in that man’s hands!”

The wind and clouds rumbled.

Natural energy surged continuously.

Chu Liuyue’s hair fluttered in the wind. The pressure around her seemed to have become even stronger…

She frowned slightly. Although the black shield could help her block most of the attacks, it couldn’t completely isolate all the power. The black-robed man’s God Realm is indeed too terrifying… If this continues, I’m afraid that before I can finish the Xuan formation, I will—


A stone suddenly fell out of her Cosmic Ring.

The black-robed man was stunned when he saw this. Why did a stone suddenly appear?


Immediately after, the second stone fell. Then, more and more!

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