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Chapter 1660: Quick!

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Chu Liuyue looked up.

The dark clouds gathered quickly in the skies.

The shriek came from within the thick clouds, and it was tremendous!

A sharp gaze flashed across Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

Without any pause, this man took action, which caused the skies to change and the force to vibrate! It showed how strong he was!

“Since it has recognized you as its owner, you do have some skills, but… A mere true god thinking that you can directly go against me. I don’t know if I should say that you’re naive or stupid!”

The man’s voice contained shocking anger.

Black mist rapidly gathered in his palms! The surrounding Heaven and Earth Force crazily surged over!

After a slight moment, that black ball of mist gathered into a black palm.

This palm was exactly the same size as his. It was just totally black, but its surface had dark-red veins and looked very terrifying.

Chu Liuyue’s eyes shrunk. This hand… seems especially similar to the one suppressed under Million Wine Mountain! However, the one before me is much smaller than the previous one, and its suppressive aura can’t be compared. Could it… Are they people from the same clan, or do they practice the same cultivation technique? 

Countless guesses flashed across Chu Liuyue’s mind.

“Silent Fire Palm!” the man hollered lowly.

That palm stated flying toward Chu Liuyue. It wasn’t fast, but wherever it passed, the surrounding space collapsed silently.

The key was that as it approached Chu Liuyue, it started absorbing the surrounding force continuously. Its suppression became increasingly stronger!

At the same time, that man whipped his sleeves, and countless black sparks covered the whole sky!

Chu Liuyue instantly felt that her body became heavy and that something had sunk on her. Her every action seemed much harder and slower than before.

God Realm!

A legendary warrior’s god realm was indeed something a true god could not compare with!

Chu Liuyue just stood there and felt that her body was about to explode!

She wanted to wield the Chi Xiao Sword, but she realized that she couldn’t even raise her own sword in the other party’s god realm.

“A supreme Yuan instrument is a decent treasure, but it’s a pity that your cultivation level is so much weaker than mine.” In front of absolute strength, any support was meaningless!

Chu Liuyue was trapped on the ground.

That black palm came increasingly nearer!

Blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth again. Every part of her body seemed to be crushed by something harshly!

The intense pain caused her face to turn pale rapidly. Her body wavered as if she would collapse at any time.

She held the sword with both hands and started to tremble.

Chu Ning, who was standing afar, almost had his heart stop beating when he saw this scene. If not for Rong Xiu taking care of him from the side, he would’ve lost it.

Chu Ning suddenly thought of something and looked at Rong Xiu. At this point, is Rong Xiu still not going to take action? 

Rong Xiu was also staring at the battle with much focus.

There didn’t seem to be shock or anxiety in his eyes. It was as if… he was waiting for something.

That black palm had already reached Chu Liuyue and was about to land on her!

At this moment, the Chi Xiao Sword in her hands finally moved!

A boundless amount of force emerged from the water droplet and spread throughout her limbs! Chu Liuyue’s surrounding aura strengthened again!

She whipped out her sword!


The sharp and bright sword blade harshly slashed down the middle of the black palm!

The hand was instantly split into two parts! But seeing this scene, Chu Liuyue felt uneasy suddenly.

As expected, the two halves of the palm reformed on their own the next moment and became two hands that were exactly similar!

The scariest thing was that the strength and aura on them weren’t reduced at all!

Chu Liuyue’s heart sank harshly.

Then, the two hands surrounded Chu Liuyue from the front and back! The feeling of being restrained came again!

“This Silent Fire Palm can absorb all the attacking forces. Unless you’re also a legendary warrior and can destroy it… your retaliation will only cause it to become stronger.” That man smiled sinisterly. “In this case, do you still want to continue?”

The more she resisted, the worse the outcome!

Chu Liuyue stared at the two hands before her tightly, and countless thoughts flashed across her mind.

She did not doubt the authenticity of the other party’s words. His cultivation level and skills were indeed much better than hers.

With her cultivation level as a true god going against a legendary warrior, she was fighting a losing battle.

It seems like I must think of another way… As this thought surfaced in Chu Liuyue’s mind, she directly inserted the Chi Xiao Sword to the ground! Since I can’t win… I’ll just not fight. 

Her sudden actions caused the man in black to be dazed. Is she surrendering? But it doesn’t seem like it… 


Chu Liuyue held the black shield and placed it before herself!

That black shield seemed broken and insignificant, but the moment the man saw that black shield, he clenched his fists!

Chu Liuyue didn’t notice this. After she placed the shield before her, she swiftly sat down with crossed legs.

She looked at the man in black opposite her deeply and closed her eyes slowly. Then, she raised her hands, and countless rays of light instantly appeared!

“Xuan formation?” At this point, the man in black finally realized what Chu Liuyue was doing. She can’t fight against me with her warrior skills, so she is changing to Xuan formations?

“Pfft.” After figuring out Chu Liuyue’s plan, the man’s first reaction was to laugh. Does she think that she can confidently turn the tides? A Xuan Master can unleash skills that are higher than their cultivation level, but that is limited. Besides, if one wants to execute such standards, they have to craft an extremely complicated Xuan formation. At this point, how would Chu Liuyue have the time—

“What?!” Once this thought flashed across his mind, he saw a palm-sized Xuan formation before Chu Liuyue.

Although the Xuan formation was small, its suppression wasn’t to be underestimated! Once it was executed, it would be formidable!

Shock flashed across the man’s heart. Why is she so fast?! 

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