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Chapter 1612: You Didn’t Find the Rest?

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As ancient legendary beasts, the red-gold heavenly phoenixes had always been very arrogant. This was especially true when in front of humans.

And this was the ancestor of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan! Speaking of which, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call the ancestor a supreme being!

Although this was only a remnant consciousness, the other party’s identity was still filled with oppression.

Even if I have a contract with Tuan Zi, there’s no need for the ancestor to give me face, right? Countless thoughts flashed through Chu Liuyue’s mind, but her expression remained calm as she smiled and said, “You’re too polite. Tuan Zi has followed me for many years and has gone through life and death with me countless times. We’re already as close as family. I know that clan leader Yi Zhao and the others did those things for Tuan Zi’s own good, so I’m overjoyed and gratified.”

This was the truth.

Chu Liuyue admitted that she had a bad temper. If it were the past her, she would definitely not tolerate the many things the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan had done this time.

However, she knew that in the end, they were doing this for Tuan Zi. With that in mind, she could ignore all of it.

To her, none of those things were as important as Tuan Zi.

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt her legs go weak.

She looked down and saw Tuan Zi hugging her thigh and looking at her eagerly. Her black grape-like eyes were glistening with tears.

“A’Yue—” Tuan Zi called her name coquettishly and intimately, filled with longing and dependence. I knew that A’Yue treated me the best!

Chu Liuyue smiled and stroked her head.

“I have a question for you.” The voice sounded again.

Chu Liuyue nodded. “Senior, please speak.”

The other party paused for a moment before saying word by word, “Where did you get that thing in you?”

The hall fell silent.

The moment Chu Liuyue heard that sentence, she understood that it was referring to the water droplet in her dantian.

She paused, knowing that there was no need for her to play dumb at this point. She said frankly, “I accidentally obtained it a few years ago.”

“Oh?” The other party seemed surprised. “Then, you haven’t searched for the rest in the past few years?”

Chu Liuyue suddenly looked up.

Tens of thousands of kilometers away.

The islands were scattered, and the mountains were continuous. This was the territory of the great phoenix dragons.

The highest mountain in the center was even more dignified.

Suddenly, an angry dragon roar came from a cave halfway up the mountain.


The commotion was earth-shattering, causing many great phoenix dragons to look over in shock.

“What’s going on?”

“From the sound of it, it seems to be Elder Miao Yao?”

“Ah… It seems that Elder Miao Yao has finally recovered…” There was a hint of mockery in one person’s voice. “It’s really hard on you to raise him for so long this time.”

“Shh! Lower your voice! If anyone hears you and tells Elder Miao Yao, you’ll have to bear the consequences! Don’t forget what happened to the few people who followed him to Ling Xiao Academy!”

“Pfft, is that necessary? I didn’t say anything, right? At most, I was concerned about Elder Miao Yao’s health! Besides, it’s not just us. Many elders in the clan are criticizing Elder Miao Yao now!”

That was putting it mildly.

Ever since Miao Yao brought people to Ling Xiao Academy to find trouble with Shangguan Yue and Shangguan Jing and returned in a sorry state, the attitude of the great phoenix dragons toward Miao Yao had changed drastically.

As an elder with a noble status and extraordinary strength, he had originally gone to settle scores with them and bring back their clan’s corpse.

But in the end? Not only had he returned with injuries all over his body, but he had also allowed them to legitimately take the corpse for themselves!

The entire great phoenix dragon clan was humiliated! How could they not have any resentment?

But because of Miao Yao’s status as an elder and the fact that he was injured when he first returned, the clan leader never punished him.

In private, however, everyone in the clan was already very dissatisfied with Miao Yao. Even hearing his voice was extremely annoying.

“Let’s talk less! Even if we really have to punish him, it’s the clan leader and the other elders’ business. How can we have a say?”

“Hmph, I want to see how Elder Miao Yao plans to make up for this matter.”

“Alright, it’s useless to be angry now. You’ve just recovered, so don’t be so irritable.”

In the cave, a tall and burly figure stood with his hands behind his back. He looked to be about 50 years old.

His appearance was ordinary, but he was energetic. His hair was purple-gold, and his deep eyes seemed all-encompassing, as deep as a cold pool.

This person was the clan leader of the great phoenix dragon clan, Miao Yang.

In front of him was a huge great phoenix dragon. It was obvious that it had been injured previously. Although its wounds had basically recovered, the new scales were still especially dazzling.

Miao Yao’s eyes were filled with hatred.

These were all regrown after he pulled out all his damaged scales! Nobody else knew the pain he had experienced!

“In that case, Shangguan Yue actually survived that calamity unscathed?!”

Miao Yang said, “Not exactly unscathed. I heard that she had to lie down for nearly a month.”

“Then, she still survived!” Miao Yao shouted angrily, “She’s really lucky!”

Something so big happened in Ling Xiao Academy. Shangguan Yue actually risked her life and forcefully survived!

Miao Yang narrowed his eyes in disagreement. “I think this Shangguan Yue doesn’t just rely on luck. You have to know that she personally repaired Ling Xiao Academy’s Heaven-Locking Formation.”

How could ordinary people do this?

“Either she still has a trump card, or… or someone helped her. But either way, it proves that she’s not simple.”

From the looks of it, it was reasonable for her to beat Miao Yao in that bet.

“You were too careless before,” Miao Yang said bluntly.

Miao Yao was speechless.

Actually, he had long realized this, but he had been unwilling to admit it.

So what if he admitted it? The outcome was set!


With a flick of its tail, the hard dragon scales scraped across the mountain wall! “Next time, I won’t let her have it easy!”

Miao Yang suddenly growled. “Do you still remember that about a month ago, Yi Zhao personally wrote to Ling Xiao Academy’s director—Nan Suhuai—to let Shangguan Yue go to Godly Phoenix Mountain?”

“Of course, I remember!” Miao Yao gritted his teeth.

He had deliberately sent out the news that Shangguan Yue had made a contract with a red-gold heavenly phoenix. In the end, Yi Zhao and the others acted quickly.

“Why? Is there a result now?”

Miao Yang paused. “Not really. However… Shangguan Yue hasn’t come out of Godly Phoenix Mountain until now. The ancestral ceremony of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan is being held during this period.”

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