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Chapter 1611: Polite

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The door slowly closed, completely covering Chu Liuyue’s figure and blocking all the gazes outside—including Yi Zhao’s.

After being stunned for a while, Yi Shang couldn’t help but ask, “Clan Leader, are you… not going in together?”

Yi Zhao nodded expressionlessly.

This reaction was really unpredictable.

Elder Yi Shang frowned. This is clearly not the clan leader’s intention. No matter how much he dotes on Tuan Zi, he wouldn’t summon Shangguan Yue to Godly Phoenix Hall at this time. Unless… This is the ancestor’s intention! Apart from that, nobody in the entire clan can override the clan leader.

“This…” Elder Yi Shang was speechless and did not know how to react.

The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s ancestor had died tens of thousands of years ago, and only a trace of his consciousness remained in Godly Phoenix Hall.

Over the years, this consciousness had basically been sleeping. This consciousness would only wake up when every clan leader ascended to worship their ancestors. However, they would often continue to fall asleep after the ancestral worship.

But now, when Tuan Zi was worshiping the ancestor, this consciousness actually woke up. Moreover… he even let Shangguan Yue in!

How could this not be shocking!?

Elder Yi Jiao asked worriedly, “Then… Clan Leader, is Tuan Zi doing well?”

Could something have happened…

Yi Zhao nodded. “Everything is normal inside. Don’t worry.”

Since the ancestor’s consciousness had awakened, there was naturally a reason. At first, he was also shocked when he realized what his ancestor meant, but now, he had chosen to accept it.

Perhaps it’s just because she still has a contract with Tuan Zi…

Yi Zhao stopped talking and just stood outside the door with his hands behind his back, waiting quietly.

Nobody dared to ask further and could only continue to wait.

A question floated in the hearts of countless people. Shangguan Yue, a human, has entered Godly Phoenix Hall during the ancestral worship. How… should she be considered?

Hearing the door close, Chu Liuyue turned around.

Yi Zhao didn’t follow her in, but the summoning fluctuation she felt in her dantian became stronger.

The fluctuation drove her forward.

Although she had been here twice before, she had come and gone in a hurry both times. She had never been able to take a good look at the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan’s most sacred and solemn place.

Her figure was clearly reflected in the black jade slabs and the specks of starlight on the dome. Although the sky was already bright, it still didn’t hide the brilliance.

Walking here would often give one the illusion of strolling in the night sky filled with stars.

As she passed through the hall and crossed the threshold, she could clearly feel the fluctuations in her body becoming stronger.

The summoning power seemed to be nearby.

She composed herself and continued inside.

This place was clearly no longer open to ordinary people.

As she walked, she thought to herself, Among the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan, only a handful can enter. And I actually came in at this moment…

The deeper she went, the stronger the fluctuation in her dantian, and the faster her heart beat.

But miraculously, she wasn’t worried at all in such an unknown situation.

She didn’t know if it was because the power that had summoned her was too gentle, or if it was because she knew that Tuan Zi was also here, but she felt at ease.

After walking for about 15 minutes, she arrived at another door.

She stood in front of the door and steadily looked at it as an extremely clear thought flashed through her mind. This is it!

She took a deep breath and raised her arm.

Just as she was about to push open the door, it opened automatically again.

She pursed her lips slightly and stepped in.

There was a universe inside the hall.

When she walked in, the first thing she saw was Tuan Zi standing in the middle of the hall.

Hearing the sound, Tuan Zi turned around and saw that it was her. She immediately ran over happily, opened her round arms, and pounced into her arms. “A’Yue!”

Hearing her clear and happy voice, Chu Liuyue was immediately relieved. She smiled and bent down to pick her up.

Tuan Zi was so soft.

“A’Yue, you’re finally here!” Tuan Zi wrapped her arms around Chu Liuyue’s neck and rubbed happily against her cheek.

Chu Liuyue’s brows twitched slightly. “You… knew I was coming?”

“That’s right! Our ancestor just said he wanted to see you. I was waiting for you to come!”

Only then did Chu Liuyue look up.

The hall was a little empty, and there was no sound in the surroundings.

The ground was still paved with black jade, but the dome above was no longer filled with specks of light. Instead, it had become balls of blooming red-gold flames.

In the deepest part, on the wall directly in front of her, was a huge painting.

In the intense flames, a pure-gold phoenix spread its wings and soared into the sky with a shocking aura!

This painting was very realistic. The feathers on the golden phoenix’s body were almost completely visible, and it seemed as if it would rush out of the painting the next moment!

Only the eyes were empty, and it looked like something was missing.

But with just a glance, she felt that the force in her body was about to boil, and the water droplet in her dantian actually started to spin slowly!

Chu Liuyue was secretly shocked. This… must be the ancestor of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan!

She was about to control the water droplet to stop moving when a distant voice suddenly sounded in her ear. “You… are the contract master of Tuan Zi?”

The voice came from the mural and sounded as if it had been through 10,000 years.

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat. She put down Tuan Zi, cupped her fists, and bowed respectfully. “Greetings, Senior.”

“No need to stand on ceremony.” There seemed to be gentle smiling intent in that voice. “Tuan Zi has already told me everything about the two of you. You’ve indeed treated her extremely well.”

Chu Liuyue sighed in relief. From her tone, the other party seems to like Tuan Zi very much and even treats her much better.

“I let you in today because I want to see what kind of person can make Tuan Zi so dependent on them and even willing to give up the position of clan leader.”

Chu Liuyue’s heart skipped a beat as she asked warily, “Senior also wants me to break the contract with Tuan Zi?”

“Of course not.” The other party smiled. “You don’t have to be nervous. Since I gave that soul to Tuan Zi previously, I won’t care about this. No matter what, the position of clan leader will be hers in the future.”

Only then did Chu Liuyue feel at ease and say in embarrassment, “I misunderstood. Please don’t mind me, Senior.”

“Yi Zhao and the others were quite rude to you previously, so it’s normal for you to be like this. On the other hand… if you have any grievances, I hope you can let them go.”

Upon hearing this, a very subtle feeling surged in Chu Liuyue’s heart. This ancestor of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan… seems to be too polite to me?

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