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Chapter 1613: Your Mission

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How could the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan allow a human to stay at Godly Phoenix Mountain on such an important occasion? Something is obviously wrong.

“You mean—” Miao Yao was delighted at first, but then he hesitated. “But that’s impossible… Shangguan Yue’s status in the human race isn’t low. If the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan really goes overboard with her, then… I’m afraid the human race won’t agree either.”

Miao Yang nodded. “That’s what I find strange.”

According to his speculation, Yi Zhao and the others probably would directly ask Shangguan Yue to cancel the contract with the red-gold heavenly phoenix. Out of various considerations, they probably wouldn’t really take Shangguan Yue’s life.

It wasn’t difficult to resolve this matter, and it really shouldn’t take more than a month.

One had to know that their ancestral ceremony was still in progress.

Shangguan Yue was still there. Could it be that she had also participated in the ancestral ceremony?

It was too ridiculous!

“Shangguan Jing has been waiting outside Godly Phoenix Mountain and didn’t follow her in.” Miao Yang lowered his eyes and pondered for a moment. “Our people can’t get too close, so that’s all we can find out.”

The two ancient legendary fiend races had always had a subtle rivalry and paid special attention to each other’s every move. However, they also had an unspoken rule between them: They would never casually step into each other’s territory.

Moreover, this was the period when the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan was holding the ancestral ceremony, so their people were naturally more careful. Hence, this was all the information they could find.

“If Shangguan Jing is still waiting, it means that nothing has happened to Shangguan Yue…” Miao Yao was frustrated. “What are Yi Zhao and the others doing?!”

“No matter what they plan, the dignity of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan cannot be provoked. This time, Shangguan Yue will definitely break the contract with that red-gold heavenly phoenix, and that three-eyed legendary eagle… I wonder how they will deal with it.”

At the mention of this, Miao Yao’s expression changed slightly before he sneered. “If you didn’t mention it, I would’ve almost forgotten about this. How proud is Yi Zhao? His clansmen contracted with the human race and even worked with a three-eyed legendary eagle. It’s simply a great humiliation! In my opinion, he will definitely kill that three-eyed legendary eagle too!”

Miao Yang nodded thoughtfully. “If that’s the case, it can’t be better. In the future, our clan can also find an opportunity to bring back that corpse.”

Only then could he pick up the face they had lost previously.

“Forget it. Let’s wait a little longer.” Miao Yang shook his head. As long as nothing unexpected happens, things will basically go according to our expectations.

“Rest well.” With that, Miao Yang turned around and planned to leave.

“Clan Leader!” Miao Yao quickly called out to him.

Miao Yang stopped and turned around. “What’s the matter?”

Seeing his reaction, Miao Yao felt a little awkward. “My… my body has almost recovered. I can deal with the Thousand Summit now…”

The so-called Thousand Summit was one of the great phoenix dragon clan’s grandest events. It was mainly to test the clan’s younger generation and choose a portion to enter the ancestral holy land for cultivation.

Depending on their results, they would also obtain different cultivation resources.

Those who could stand out from the crowd had the hope of inheriting the position of elder or even clan leader.

Miao Yao had always been in charge of this aspect.

Miao Yang’s expression was a little subtle.

He smiled. “Miao Zhi and the others are handling the Thousand Summit, and the preparations are basically done. You don’t have to worry; just rest and recuperate.”

Miao Yao’s heart sank, but he saw that Miao Yang had already turned around and left. Is this… seizing my power?

Mad anger suddenly erupted in his eyes! He was filled with deep hatred! If not for Shangguan Yue, how could all of this have happened?!

Miao Yang walked out of the cave and looked back.

It was completely silent.

With Miao Yao’s temper, it is rare for him to be so forbearing.

Miao Yang’s expression was indifferent, and he didn’t stay for long. His figure moved, and he instantly disappeared!

Godly Phoenix Palace.

There was dead silence in the hall.

Chu Liuyue could clearly hear her heart beating.

She raised her head slightly against the shocking pressure and stared fixedly at the mural in front of her. There seemed to be ripples in her black eyes.

In fact, the other party’s words had already set off a storm in her heart!

Tuan Zi sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t right and hugged her leg nervously. This made Chu Liuyue come back to her senses.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath and paused for a moment before saying, “You… know about this?”

For some reason, her throat felt dry, and her voice sounded hoarse.

“You don’t have to be nervous. I’m not fighting with you for this.” The other party laughed with a hint of exclamation. “With your status and strength, it’s quite rare for you to hide it until today.”

Its voice and tone were very sincere, but Chu Liuyue’s heart was still in her throat, and she didn’t dare to let go easily.

She pursed her lips and gave a short answer. “Thank you for your praise, Senior. I’m flattered.”

She paused for a moment before answering his earlier question. “I’m not capable enough, so it’s already very difficult for me to keep this. I don’t dare to hope to find other—”

“This is your luck to begin with. What hope is there? Besides, you’re willing to exchange two lives for it. You’re… quite bold.”

Chu Liuyue slowly clenched her fists and tensed up!

She was only standing there, but the other party had already seen through her completely!

Any lie or cover-up seemed especially weak at this moment.

“Since it recognizes you as its master, it’s naturally your mission to find the rest.” As soon as it finished speaking, a ball of red-gold flames suddenly flew out of the mural and headed straight for her.


The sound of air being torn apart came!

A golden light flashed in front of Chu Liuyue’s eyes.

At this moment, she almost subconsciously wanted to retreat! But at the same time, an ethereal voice sounded in her mind.

She couldn’t hear what the voice was saying, but she knew what it meant. Thus, she held her breath and ordered herself to stand still!

The ball of flames instantly flew in front of her—it was only one fist away!

The heat almost burned the hair on her forehead.

Her face was burning, and the bright fire reflected in her eyes!

Suddenly, an invisible hand seemed to pull Tuan Zi to the side.

Tuan Zi struggled and refused to let go. Unfortunately, this bit of strength was nothing in front of her ancestor.


With an explosion, the ball of flames suddenly blew up and turned into countless sparks that landed around Chu Liuyue.

In the blink of an eye, the flames passed through her clothes and entered her body!

An intense burning sensation instantly swept through her entire body!

“Wu!” Chu Liuyue groaned and almost fainted from the intense and terrifying pain. But at the same time, a stream of light suddenly flashed between her eyebrows!

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