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Chapter 1573: Stay

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It was a simple sentence, but the amount of information it revealed stunned everyone present. Take them to Phoenix Valley? Phoenix Valley is where all the red-gold heavenly phoenix rest. It is normal for the new red-gold heavenly phoenix to go there. However… how can Shangguan Yue go?!

Yi Ran thought that he had heard wrongly and asked hesitantly, “Them?”

Yi Zhao nodded, his expression indifferent. He didn’t seem to realize that his sentence had set off a huge wave.

“Shangguan Yue will also stay there for the month.” He paused. “Just arrange a place for them for the time being.”

Although he couldn’t wait to send Shangguan Yue away immediately, and his eyes hurt when he saw how close she was with Tuan Zi, he naturally couldn’t go back on his words now that he had made an agreement.

As far as that matter was concerned, it was obviously the most appropriate for them to live together.

There was dead silence around Godly Phoenix Hall.

They never expected to hear such words from the clan leader’s mouth!

Some people subconsciously looked at the people next to them and found that everyone was equally stunned.

Wasn’t… Shangguan Yue supposed to terminate the contract?

Wasn’t she supposed to be taught a good lesson?

Wasn’t the clan leader most disgusted with the human race?

What is happening now?!

Shangguan Yue safely came out of Godly Phoenix Hall and is even going to stay at Phoenix Valley? Is the clan leader mad?!

Of course, nobody dared to ask this sentence. Everyone could only respond with a long silence.

“Yi Ran, what are you doing in a daze?” Elder Yi Yu was the first to speak, breaking the almost suffocating atmosphere. “You can’t be more familiar with Phoenix Valley. It’s better to arrange a quiet place for them, understand?”

Yi Ran choked on his words and subconsciously looked at Elder Yi Gong next to him.

Elder Yi Gong frowned slightly inexplicably, but soon, his face returned to normal. “Whatever the clan leader asks you to do, just do it well.”

Yi Ran opened his mouth and hesitated. “…Yes.”

He finally suppressed the surging emotions in his heart, tried to keep himself calm, and looked at Chu Liuyue for the first time. What happened in the Godly Phoenix Hall just now? Elder Yi Gong had mentioned this to me before, and at that time, it was clear that the clan leader planned on making them terminate the contract directly and give them some suffering respectively. But now… Why has the situation suddenly changed?

However, he couldn’t ask in front of everyone.

Yi Zhao glanced at Chu Liuyue indifferently. “Yi Ran is an outstanding figure among the younger generation of the clan and handles many things. During this period of time, just look for him if you have any problems.”

Yi Ran frowned.

Elder Yi Gong had already taken the lead in refusing. “Clan leader, Yi Ran is only just breaking through. I’m afraid he might not be able to deal with these things in time…”

Several elders had various expressions. What could happen in a month? Besides, during this period of time, Shangguan Yue will be busy thinking up methods to make Tuan Zi break through. How could she have the leisure to stir up trouble?

In the past, when he was helping Yi Ran take over, he didn’t say that.

Now, it was troublesome… On the surface, it sounded nice. But in fact, he just didn’t want to waste time and energy on these things.

Yi Zhao’s expression didn’t change.

Elder Yi Yu tentatively said, “The ancestral ceremony is about to take place, and Yi Ran is busy cultivating. If he’s delayed by other things, it’s indeed not very good. It just so happens that I have nothing to do during this time, so it’s better… if I’m responsible for their stay?”

Although he was one of the five elders, all important matters had been divided up by Yi Shang and Yi Gong, leaving some trivial matters for him to deal with.

He was very free.

Elder Yi Gong’s expression changed. “Clan leader, Yi Ran and I didn’t mean —”

Yi Zhao ignored him and only glanced at Elder Yi Yu before nodding. “Then, you can take them there.”

Elder Yi Gong wanted to say something, but he still tactfully kept quiet in the end.

Chu Liuyue turned around and bowed to Elder Yi Yu with a smile. “Then, I’ll have to trouble Elder Yi Yu.”

Elder Yi Yu actually did not have any ill feelings toward her. In his opinion, she was indeed capable to have brought a Nine-Colored Heavenly Pheasant all the way to this day. Moreover, from what had happened before, she was really good to Tuan Zi.

That was actually quite good.

Elder Yi Yu raised his chin at her. “Follow me!”

With that, his figure moved, and he quickly flew in a certain direction!

Just as Chu Liuyue was about to move, Tuan Zi suddenly flew in front of her.

Laughing, she pulled it back. “It’s not like I can’t go over myself. Just stay here.”

How funny. Wouldn’t I be courting death by stepping on Tuan Zi’s back and flying in front of so many red-gold heavenly phoenixes? 

When Tuan Zi heard this, it obediently went back again.

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath and immediately followed Elder Yi Yu.

Under the watch of countless eyes, they finally disappeared behind the rolling mountains.

It was only when their shadows were really gone that everyone who stayed behind came back to their senses slowly. Shangguan Yue is staying here just like that?! Moreover, it is with the red-gold heavenly phoenix! They haven’t terminated the contract at all, right?!

Yi Zhao looked around and said in a low voice.

“What are you all still looking at? The ancestral ceremony is coming up soon. Are you all ready?”

Upon hearing this, the crowd instantly dispersed!

The elders also bade farewell to Yi Zhao and prepared to return to continue preparing for the ancestral ceremony.

Yi Zhao did not say anything else. He turned around and returned to Godly Phoenix Hall alone.

The lively scene quickly quietened down.

Yi Ran couldn’t help running toward Elder Yi Gong. “Master, what’s going on?”

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